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City of Taj

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City of Taj - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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City of Taj. Prepares for Commonwealth Games 2010. XIX Commonwealth Games - 2010. Scheduled to be held in Delhi between 3 Oct and 14 Oct, 2010 72 nations plan to participate Approximately 1 lakh additional tourists expected (survey done by Ministry of Tourism, GoI )

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City of Taj

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    1. City of Taj Prepares for Commonwealth Games 2010

    2. XIX Commonwealth Games - 2010 • Scheduled to be held in Delhi between 3 Oct and 14 Oct, 2010 • 72 nations plan to participate • Approximately 1 lakh additional tourists expected (survey done by Ministry of Tourism, GoI) • Maximum tourist inflow expected in golden triangle (Delhi – Agra - Jaipur). • Important dates in Delhi 3,7,8,14 Oct 2010. Therefore, maximum arrivals expected in Agra & Jaipur on 4th to 6th & 9th to 13th .


    4. Objective To prepare the city for the influx of tourists both national and international in the backdrop of Commonwealth Games 2010 by : 1- upgrading existing infrastructure 2- replenish manpower requirements 3- restoration/beautification of identified features/areas 4- information and communication 5- tourist facilitation

    5. 1. UPGRADING EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE • Widening and strengthening of roads • Southern by-pass NeharPatri road (joining NH-2 and NH-3) • NH-2 Shahadara – Nunihai – Etmad-ud-daula road • NH-3 Agra – Gwalior Road (Avantibai crossing to Rauhata) • FatehpurSikri - Davur • Etmadpur - Khandauli road • Agra – Shamsabad – Rajakhera MDR 113 • Agra – Bah KachoraGhat Road • Shikohabad – Bah • Kiravali – Kagarol road • Kheragarh – Sainyan road • Khandari crossing on NH-24 • Sikandra crossing • Broadening of Collectorate culvert on M.G. Road

    6. 1. UPGRADING EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE • 25 auto shelters • Water works Crossing • SikandaraTiraha • St. John crossing • Naal band crossing • Collectorate • Club Crossing • SaraiKhwaja (Malpura Turn) • GobberChowki • SursadanTiraha • Ram Nagar kiPulia • Bodla crossing • Ram Bagh Under Bridge • Sultan Ganj Culvert • Khadari Crossing • Hariparvat crossing • Raja Mandi Crossing • Dhakaran Tri-Crossing • SaikiTakia Crossing • Idgah Bus Stand • Taj View Tri-Crossing • TDI Mall • Bhogipura Crossing • Maruti estate Crossing • Anjana Talkies


    8. 1. UPGRADING EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE • Bus shelters for city bus service in Mughal style

    9. 1. UPGRADING EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE Completed – 7 In progress – 2 Proposed – 15 1. Nalband Crossing 2. Collectorate T-Point 1. Soorsadan Crossing, 2. Sant John’s Crossing, 3. Sai ki Takiya, 4. Pratap Pura Crossing, 5. Taj View Hotal, 6. TDI Mall, 7. Rambagh Crossing 1. Emergency Crossing 2. Shamsabad Crossing 3. Speed Color Lab 4. Basai Police Chauki T-Point 5. Basai Fatehabad Road T-Point 6. Amar Hotel 7. Howard Plaza 8. Ramnagar Pulia Crossing 9. Bodla Crossing 10. Madia Katra Crossing 11. Tedi Bagiya Crossing 12. Sriram Hospital Crossing 13. Water Works Crossing 14. Gurudwara Crossing 15. Khandari Crossing Solar Traffic Lights on PPP

    10. 1. UPGRADING EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE • Subways, foot over bridges, by-passes at busy intersections e.g. St John’s intersection foot over bridge - completion by 31 May, 2010 • Traffic booths in Mughal style

    11. 1. UPGRADING EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE Completed – 10 Proposed - 11 1. Subhash Park 2. Water Works Crossing 3. Vibhav Nagar 4. Opposite Ramtej Hospital 5. Opposite Dr. Nehru, 6. Idgah Bus Stand 7. Sri Ram Chauk Kamla Nagar 8. Purani Mandi-Circuit House 9. Purani Mandi- Gateway Hotel 10. Panchkuiya Crossing 1. Opposite Jain Battery Yamuna Kinara, 2. Near Chattta Thana Yamuna Kinara 3. Balkeshwar Crossing 4. Jaipur House 5. Maruti Estate 6. Et-mad-daula 7. Sai ki Takiya 8. Kheria Crossing 9. Ramnagar Pulia Shahganj 10. Kargil Petrol Pump 11. Khandari Crossing • Solid waste management- Dhalavghars on PPP

    12. 1. UPGRADING EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE • Urinals and Public Toilets on PPP

    13. 1. UPGRADING EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE • Proper Signages and Direction Boards for: • National and State Highways, District Roads • Heritage sites • Other (lesser known)tourist sites • Hospital • Hotels • Police stations • Schools and Colleges • Religious places • Market places

    14. 2. REPLENISHING MANPOWER REQUIREMENTS • Training of staff • Licensed guides • 1000 taxi / auto drivers. • 2000 Waiters. • 2000 Other hotel staff. • 500 Policemen. • Dedicated cleaning of streets and urinals/toilets

    15. 2. REPLENISHING MANPOWER REQUIREMENTS • Security concerns • Identification of vulnerable security places e.g. top hotels, main tourist sites • Response planning- QRTs, anti sabotage checking etc • Training of personnel for rescue, aid • Establishing communication channels, control rooms • Emergency medical aid- S.N. Medical college, District Hospital, Pushpanjali etc • Traffic Management plan • Pilot vehicles, equipment for police • Emergency firefighting equipment, cranes, etc

    16. 3. RESTORATION/ BEAUTIFICATION OF IDENTIFIED FEATURES AND AREAS • Beautification of crossings/ roundabouts/ traffic islands Sikandra crossing Waterworks crossing Khandari crossing Bhagwan talkies crossing State bank crossing Dhakran crossing Nalband crossing Collectorate crossing

    17. 3. RESTORATION/ BEAUTIFICATION OF IDENTIFIED FEATURES AND AREAS Lighting of monuments- Sikandra and Fatehpur Sikri Lighting of roads and pathways- Sikandra, Rambagh to Chhalesar, Red fort from Yamuna bank, Avantibai Crossing to Sadar Bazaar

    18. 3. RESTORATION/ BEAUTIFICATION OF IDENTIFIED FEATURES AND AREAS • Proposal for fixing toughened glass over white marble slab to protect the carved & inlaid panels of Taj Main Mausoleum

    19. 3. RESTORATION/ BEAUTIFICATION OF IDENTIFIED FEATURES AND AREAS • Cleaning of Taj Mahal campus through Battery operated vehicles • Carpeting, dustbins- Diwan-e-Am to Agra gate, Jodha bai Mahal and adjacent parking lot.

    20. 3. RESTORATION/ BEAUTIFICATION OF IDENTIFIED FEATURES AND AREAS • Development, rejuvenation of parks • Shahjahan Park • Taj Nature Walk • Butterfly Park (development of BasaiMustakil eco-tourism centre near Taj eastern gate as a Butterfly park) • Joggers Park • Paliwal Park • Solid Waste Management- sanitary wards selected by ANN for high level of cleaning 1. Tajganj 2. Lohamandi 1,2&3 3. Shahganj 1,2, 4. BunduKatra

    21. 4. INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION • Commonwealth hoardings, Glow signs

    22. 4. INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION • Exclusive website for TajMahal • Directories of : • Hotels • Travel agencies • Hospitals • Emporia • DVDs on Tourism in Agra Region • Tourist-related information at monuments- e.g. Scroll screen near gates and booking counters, video camera lockers, multi-point ticketing • Publicizing help lines and transport reservation contacts • Popularizing lesser known tourist destinations e.g Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

    23. 4. INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION • Ten Information kiosks at : • Shilpgram • I.S.B.T. • Tourist Bungalow • Information desk at U.P. Tourism • Agra Cantt. Railway Stations • Taj Mahal • Agra Fort • Fatehpur Sikri • Idgah Bus Stand • Taj East gate parking

    24. 4. INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION • Popularising and signaging alternative routes for heavy traffic (bypassing the city) • E.g Delhi to Gwalior – instead of NH2 NH3 route, Runukta-Malpura-Rohta route can be used(pic on right) • E.g Delhi to Kanpur – instead of NH2(474km), NH91(435km) or SH43-NH41 route(462km) can be used Courtesy : SHARE

    25. 5. TOURIST FACILITATION • Exclusive tourist-transport services: • Pre arranged tours with pick and drop from hotel • To and Fro between Sikri and Idgah bus stand • Hop On – Hop Off bus service for tourists who do not have prior tour reservation, will be available every hour from 6 a.m to 6 p.m • Link services with nearby destinations like Jaipur, Delhi, Bharatpur • UPSRTC buses to be available from Agra Cantt station and ISBT to TajMahal, Agra Fort, Dayalbagh and Sikandra • Pre-paid taxi services – starting point at CanttRly. Station, under supervision of Rly. Police

    26. 5. TOURIST FACILITATION • Upgradation & Creation of way side amenities- e.g Gokul restaurant, public conveniences at petrol pumps • Tourist Facilitation Centres/ Interpretation centres • Prefabricated toilet complexes like that in Taj Complex

    27. Local sub committees • Accommodation Committee • Signage Committee • Travel facilities Committee • Cleanliness Committee • Encroachment removal Committee • Traffic islands Committee • Cultural Committee • Delhi arrangements study Committee

    28. PUBLIC PARTNERS • Drive against encroachments • Traffic routing and management • Health management • Uniforms for guides, volunteers , etc with sponsor logo • Uniform look of business establishments along key tourist routes esp. M.G Road, Fatehabad road • Resource mobilisation for cultural events • Controlling touts, middlemen and beggars • Check on usage and proper disposal of plastics, polythene bags • Bed and Breakfast options for tourists • Tourism volunteers (Paryatanmitra) • Feedback and Suggestions

    29. PUBLIC PARTNERS • Adopting and maintaining assets such as road medians, islands, roundabouts- visibility of sponsors shall be ensured: • Panchkuia crossing • Shankargarh Puliya crossing • Kothi Meena bazar petrol pump • Pratappura Avanti bai crossing • Pratappura Gandhi statue crossing • DM Compound crossing • Chippitola crossing • Raavli bazar crossing • Subash park crossing • Soor sadan crossing

    30. Suggestions given by the citizens and other participants in the Workshop held on 23 April, 2010 Installation of public announcement system at all important monuments and places frequented by the tourists Training of deployed forces/ personnel in dealing with the tourists ADA ticket covering major monuments to be valid for 2 days in place of current one day. Battery operated vehicles to go right upto Taj entrance. Crowd management at East/ West gate

    31. CCTV surveillance on important crossings in the city Construction of underpass between Sikandra and Waterworks for smooth traffic flow Removal of university side encroachments Removal of 2 electricity poles in the middle of road near Jeevni Mandi which obstruct traffic flow Permission for industrial exhibition in Shilp Gram ASI/ADA- souvenir CD with tickets- to be arranged by hotel and travel associations Coordination with embassies- flyers, CDs etc Volunteers for first aid to tourists Alternative site for relocation of transporters from Yamuna Bank Suggestions given by the citizens and other participants in the Workshop held on 23 April, 2010

    32. Limiting the size of advertising hoardings/ boards Removal of encroachments from Bijlighar Crossing Night market at Sadar Bazaar / Jhalkari Bai lane Scout schools/ colleges for various volunteers List of approved money exchangers to be put on website Link new Taj website to CWG website Development of a green belt from Vedant temple to Puliya Raising the height of railway crossings on all important byepasses to the city to permit heavy vehicles to use that route Suggestions given by the citizens and other participants in the Workshop held on 23 April, 2010

    33. Restart beggars house in the city Give flyers of lesser known monuments with Taj/ railway tickets Check hyper publicizing of small incidents by media which affects tourist reservations Signage, benches, toilets in Tajgang area Pre- paid taxi service from Fort/ ISBT Ticket window at Eastern Gate Ensure proper timings at South Gate Special Badges to tourists on their arrival for their easy identification Use of scanner in place of frisking for security check in Taj complex Suggestions given by the citizens and other participants in the Workshop held on 23 April, 2010

    34. Set up a separate Hawker- zone Polythene free city drive to be started Local tourists to be also given shoe cover/ Brochures in Taj area Suggestions given by the citizens and other participants in the Workshop held on 23 April, 2010

    35. Thank You