mentoring experience and technology observations n.
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Mentoring Experience and Technology Observations PowerPoint Presentation
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Mentoring Experience and Technology Observations

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Mentoring Experience and Technology Observations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mentoring Experience and Technology Observations . Edu 535a. Mentoring. Google Docs- most successful Wordle Wikispaces and Edublog Zamzar Jing and learn360 Smart board Activities 1.0. Google Docs for Middle school Teaming. team writing project assigned by our PD at our school

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Presentation Transcript
  • Google Docs- most successful
  • Wordle
  • Wikispaces and Edublog
  • Zamzar
  • Jing and learn360
  • Smart board Activities 1.0
google docs for middle school teaming
Google Docs for Middle school Teaming
  • team writing project assigned by our PD at our school
  • Four team 6-1 team members collaborated in writing to specific questions posed by the PD team during paid team collaboration
  • First step, I instructed each team member how to get a google docs account and we all did
  • Second, I put an outline of the questions required onto a google docs and then sent an invite to other team members
  • Third, we collaborated together in the same room as one team member typed into our google docs to start the rough draft of the Pd paper

Because google docs allowed us the flexibility to work from home we were able to edit and work on the paper even when our schedules would not allow us all to meet together at school.

  • I did wordle with my science class and the social studies teacher saw all of the science wordles displayed in the hallway and asked to learn how.
  • I made a 2 sided instructional how-to document to explain wordle to my own students, I gave this to her with about 15 minutes of instruction and she was off and running.
  • I Developed a science wikispace for myself and the other accelerated science teacher.

She is willing to give it try next semester after I work out all the bugs.


To get this video to play in school was the first bug. I had to get some help on that, because fortiguard won’t let youtube videos through even on a wiki, duh !

  • Used this a couple of times myself so I made a instructional handout using jing to pass out to anyone who wanted the information.
  • So far only 4 teachers have taken me up on it, ( I gave them brief verbal instructions along with the handout.) I think too many teachers don’t have time fight the fortiguard and the fortiguard has won too many times so they didn’t want to try anything else.
  • Zamzar holds the video for a short time and the videos take up a lot of space to download are also some other reasons this system is limited in its use
ict class observation at phms
ICT class Observation at PHMS
  • Sycron-eyes
  • Lifecareermatchmaker
  • Internet safety software “Missing”
  • Technology assessment, pre and post test
harrisburg observation
Harrisburg Observation
  • Interwrite board use in 1st grade,

“Brainpop” and teacher created lesson on graphing

  • Interwrite board use in 5th grade math,

“grab it math” with long division

  • Interwrite board use in 5th grade social studies,

“Earth Google” and the silk road

  • Tour of the school and technology updates
7 th grade life science observation at phms
7th Grade Life Science Observation at PHMS

This is a cell!

  • Lesson laid out entirely on ppt
  • Transitions had a point
  • Went smoothly between ,ppt, scans and smart board
  • Note taking facilitated through cover, tap, and reveal
  • Activities, worksheets were explained using highlighter
  • Used engaging graphics, graphs and things the students could connect with


Smartboard Activities

overall and finally
Overall and Finally!
  • Wiki – great ! Using it once a unit works!
  • Google docs- best mentoring success
  • Wordle-nice to use once or twice
  • Zamzar- good tool ,showed meteor showers etc.
  • Websites-with virtual labs, great!
  • Blog- ok
  • Smartboard activities- great when combined with personal whiteboards for additional responses