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The right piece to the Puzzle…

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November 2010. The right piece to the Puzzle…. Henry E. Hansch III, MBA – Resume 2.0. What makes me tick…. A little bit about me…. Dynamic Business Management and Customer Service Professional with an

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The right piece to the Puzzle…

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the right piece to the puzzle

November 2010

The right piece to the Puzzle…

Henry E. Hansch III, MBA – Resume 2.0

a little bit about me
A little bit about me…

Dynamic Business Management andCustomer Service Professional with an

MBA and Master of Marketing, delivering outstanding returns through hands-on experiencein

sales operations, manufacturing resource planning (MRP) and functional business analysis in a global organization.

Leverage broad business acumen and analytical skills to achieve strategic objectives

and articulate a future vision. Known as a collaborative, integrative

and critical thinker, masterful at making rapid assessments of business challenges

and for developing and leadingthe resulting action plans.

Proven professional of high integrity, passionately striving for innovative ways to drive revenue to new and exciting levels of performance. Exceptional ability to develop & maintain corporate relationshipstowards the attainment of strategic goals, resulting in bottom line profits and organizational excellence.

what can i do for you


What can I do for you?








some things i have accomplished
Some things I have accomplished…




Proven track record for successfully managing day to day operationsInternational Flavors & Fragrances, Whippany Fire Department, Hansch Landscaping, University of Newcastle, Monmouth University

Partner closely with both internal & external stakeholders

Willing to get my hands dirty with my entrepreneurial mindset and also understand how to work with executives on a wide

array of levels

Re-defined job responsibilities, procedures and projectsSpearheaded multiple projects and currently working to become PMP Certified

Developed a vast network of contacts & resourcesContinually collaborate with my peers and have built an extensive global network

Marketed multiple organizationsUse both traditional & non traditional means to spread the word

Experiential look into my life

A quick glance at where I’ve been, where I am and where I’m going

Goals & Objectives – I live by them!!

Proficient in creating & maintaining goals without losing momentum



Goal Driven



Over 15 years of experience managing day to day operations in various roles within the following organizations…

Current Board of Alumni Director, Mentor, Senior Class President (00), SGA, Chosen as one of the top 5 that did the most for Monmouth University in 2000, Awarded Distinguished Senator…

North America Team Leader, IFF Credit Union Advisory Committee, SAP Super User, Employees Activities Committee, IFF First Aid Squad…

Publicly Elected Fire Commissioner (Chairman), Fire Fighter, Hazmat Technician, Swift Water Technician, Incident Command…

Post Graduate Student Association, NGSB Social Club President, Scholarship for highest contribution by an International Student…

Founder / Operations Manager: Built highly successful company from the ground up and operated for 10 years before selling organization…


A proven track record of re-allocating resources and defining procedures and projects for multiple organizations….

Led North American phase of the project combining the fragrance ingredients customer service, planning, forecasting and sales support into one group creating a synergy to better support stakeholdersat IFF.

Played central role on project team managing physical move to two new distribution centers resulting in 34% cost savings in North American distribution center budget & received the “Gold Star Award” at IFF.

Developed a structure to take advantage of untapped skills and abilities and worked with members to clearly define roles and responsibilities. Each member is now empowered and understands how they contribute to the organization’s success. By providing clarity and direction we have increased participation, enthusiasm and involvement, and have harnessed the energies of the firefighters to pursue common goals.

Ensure smooth flowing, two-way communication between customer service, sales, distribution centers, production plants and freight forwarders resulting in improved efficiency, synergy and a reduction in customer complaints (less than 2.7% annually). Create dynamic, high energy culture of excellence that makes it possible to attract and retain high quality employees (0% turnover rate in 4 years).


Concentrate on networking and working closely with all stakeholders both internal & external to ensure growth and development….

University Partnerships:

(both undergrad & graduate) working with all levels ranging from the clubs on campus to the University’s President’s Cabinet both in the US and Australia…

Entrepreneurial Partnerships:

Built a large network of contacts through creating new ventures and cultivating them…

Business Partnerships:

Continually grow my network through participating in industry events, seminars, training and being involved with various committees within my organization…

Professional Partnerships:

Member of multiple associations: I.E. Project Management Institute, American Society for Training & Development, NJ Young Professionals, etc…

Social Media Partnerships:

Continually utilize technology to increase my network and regular participate in online forums to increase both my knowledge…

Community Partnerships:

Member of the Whippany Fire Department and publicly elected to the Board of Fire Commissioners along with volunteering with multiple other organizations & activities…


Developed businesses and organizations into new markets…

  • Managed and directed all business operations of Hansch Landscaping. Spearheaded all business development initiatives, resulting in strong sales growth. Designed and rolled out creative advertising campaigns, leading to a steady stream of qualified prospects.
  • Led development of online catalog for the IFF North American fragrance ingredients, resulting in a 22% reduction in order errors and 35% reduction in order entry time. Spearhead major improvements to enhance customer satisfaction, including 24 hour ordering, improved return policy and streamlining the distribution center operations.

Proven track record marketing organizations via both traditional and non traditional media avenues for both internal & external stakeholders…

  • I believe in personal marketing where you spend the time & effort to actually reach out and touch someone….
  • Work with multiple organizations to develop and maintain their online and social media presence along with their traditional marketing methods
goal driven
Goal Driven:

Formulation and development of both personal and business objectives and goals to achieve continuous results and improvements…

  • I’m a firm believer in writing out both your short term and long term goals so that you have a direction in life…
  • I work with both my team and organizations to help them create “S.M.A.R.T.” objectives and personal development plans that we review on a regular basis to ensure we’re moving in the right direction and measuring against the correct metrics…
  • I review my goals on a regular basis and update what I’m going to accomplish the next day each evening on MS Outlook…
  • I review my goals on a regular basis and update what I’m going to accomplish the next day each evening on MS Outlook and then review what I learned for the day…


  • University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia
  • Master of Business Administration (2003)
  • Master of Marketing (2004)
    • NGSB Social Club (Various Positions)
    • Newcastle University Postgraduate Association
    • NGSB School Advisory Board
  • My speech at the Monmouth University Commencement, May 2000
  • Monmouth University, Long Branch, NJ
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing (2000)
    • Senior Class President
    • Student Government Association (Various Roles for all 4 years)
    • Emerging Leader of Monmouth University
    • Currently on the Alumni Board of Directors
    • Currently a Mentor
  • Member of the Project Management Institute and certificate from International Institute of Learning…

Qualifications & Awards….

  • Dale Carnegie Certificates and a Dale Carnegie Leadership award…
  • SAP SuperUser and proficient in the MS Suite…
  • Certificate from IFF’s People Leadership Program and the “Gold Star” Award for our Distribution Center moves…
  • NJ State Certified Fire Fighter / Hazmat Tech / Swift Water Technician and the Chair of the WFD Board of Fire Commissioners…
experiences continued
Experiences Continued:

Hobbies, Interests….

experiences continued1
Experiences Continued:

Books and Continued Education….

henry hansch iii

My Mission Statement….

I will enjoy life the best I can. I will be as proactive as the circumstances allow and then try to surpass them. I will take advantage of each and every moment of life and learn something from it. I will make the best of what the situation provides. I will not only think about things, I will accomplish them. I will not be lazy. I will not let gossip consume me or jump to conclusions. I will be involved. I will think positive.  I will look for a win/win outcome. I will cherish my family and friends. I will help everyone I can and not forget those who have helped me. I will use my imagination and dreams to be successful. I will think of the glass as half-full and not be consumed by an imperfection. Box, what box? I will encourage others. I will smile and do what I can to make others smile. I will broaden my horizons by studying abroad. I will marry a blonde. I will leave a legacy of a good person, a person who cared about others, a person who loved life itself. I can accomplish anything.

"Carpe Diem"

H3 - May 2000

How can I help you?

Henry Hansch III

Whippany NJ, 07981

M: 973.428.1010

henry hansch iii1

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Henry Hansch III

Whippany NJ, 07981

M: 973.428.1010