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SharePoint Learning Kit

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SharePoint Learning Kit. Overview October 6, 2006. What is SharePoint Learning Kit?. SLK is a simple and powerful SharePoint tool that gives educators the flexibility to deliver almost any computer document as an eLearning resource. SLK: Simple, Flexible, Powerful. Simple

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sharepoint learning kit

SharePoint Learning Kit


October 6, 2006

what is sharepoint learning kit
What is SharePoint Learning Kit?
  • SLK is a simple and powerful SharePoint tool that gives educators the flexibility to deliver almost any computer document as an eLearning resource.
slk simple flexible powerful
SLK: Simple, Flexible, Powerful
  • Simple
      • Easy installation, configuration, and scale-out
      • Single web-part UI
      • Extends SharePoint, no separate provisioning
  • Flexible
      • Add e-learning assignment workflow to any SharePoint site
      • Multiple roles per user and learner self-assigning
  • Powerful
      • Full support for eLearning (SCORM 1.2, 2004, .lrm) learning resources
      • Robust tracking supports many reporting scenarios including item level analysis
      • Assign any non-e-learning content
typical slk scenario
Typical SLK Scenario

Learner accesses assignment via Assignment List Web Part

Instructor uploads content into Learning Resource Library

Learner attempts assignment

Instructor assigns content

Instructor accesses assignment via Assignment List Web Part

Learner submits assignment

Instructor reviews, grades, and returns assignment

when will it ship
When will it ship?

Pre-Launch announcement at Online Educa in Germany in late November, 2006 (release candidate)

Launching SLK at BETT in London in early January, 2007.

does it work with learning gateway
Does it work with Learning Gateway?

Yes, SLK can be a component in the SharePoint 2007 Learning Gateway

SLK was designed from the beginning to be a SharePoint 2007 Solution

  • SLK installs like other SharePoint solutions
  • SLK provisions on SharePoint data
  • SLK scales programatically with SharePoint

SLK is Compatible with both:

  • Windows SharePoint Services 2007 (free)
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (not free)
can slk replace my current lms
Can SLK Replace my Current LMS?

SLK is not a Learning Management System

  • It can be a component in a partner-delivered Learning Management system
  • It can be a stand-alone eLearning tool for SharePoint 2007
how much will we charge for slk
How much will we charge for SLK?


SharePont Learning Kit is a Community Source project.

Both non-commercial and commercial modification and redistribution are allowed.

what community source means
What Community Source means


  • The source code and product specs are yours (Go to
  • The code is fully documented for ease of use
  • The date and scope of future releases are up to the community
  • You can check in code to add to the community project
  • You can develop and sell new code that compliments or extends SLK
  • You can distribute SLK as part of your commercial project


  • Support is provided by the community
  • Bugs can be reported on the community site, and can be fixed by any community member

More details about Microsoft and Shared Source are online at Microsoft Shared Source Initiative

can i get a copy prior to launch
Can I get a copy prior to launch?

We are releasing Community Technology Previews (CTP) as we develop the code.

You can get a link to the latest CTP from:

Please report issues, make suggestions, and let us know what you think!

authoring tools
Authoring Tools

Any authoring tool can create basic resources for SLK!

For resources that can be shared across the broadest range of Learning Management systems, IMS/SCORM compliant resources are recommended.

Here are some IMS/SCORM compliant tools of note:

  • Hunterstone (
    • Rich SCORM 2004 authoring support
  • nSite (
    • Rich SCORM 2004 authoring support
    • Supports smart content branching
  • Learning Resource Editor (from the Microsoft Class Server product)
    • Works with SLK
  • SumTotal (
    • Rich SCORM 2004 authoring support
  • Articulate Quizmaker (
    • Rich SCORM 2004 authoring support
easy for it managers
Easy for IT Managers
  • No Provisioning required
    • SLK takes it’s provisioning information directly from SharePoint
  • Easy Set-up
    • Easy single-screen installation
    • One web part with no configuration required
  • Content Neutral
    • Supports any file format for which the learner has a content reader
    • Web-only support for SCORM and IMS format resources
appendix index
Appendix Index

Appendix 1 – For Class Server users

Appendix 2 – About SCORM

appendix 1

Appendix 1

Of interest to current Class Server users

what s happening to class server
What’s Happening to Class Server?

Class Server is replaced by SLK, and will be removed from the price list in January 2007

Steps taken to protect Class Server users investment:

  • Class Server content will run on SLK
  • Class Server authoring tools will create SLK compatible resources
  • Professional Development investment preserved by making sure the SharePoint use case is similar (though simplified).
  • Reduced cost access to Class Server licenses until users can migrate.
  • Class Server support will be provided by a Learning Gateway/Class Server specialist vendor for free through 2006, and for a fee after that.
about product support for class server
About product support for Class Server

From now until June `06

PSS will continue to support CS4

After June `06

Users worldwide will use an international vendor for Class Server and Learning Gateway support.

  • Support incidents are pre-paid by Microsoft until 12/31/06
  • The same model as EMEA and APAC use on weekends
  • Vendor has years of Class Server and Learning Gateway support experience

Switching to pre-paid vendor support means:

CS4 users will now get Learning Gateway support

The community newsgroup status will not change

licensing support for class server users
Licensing support for Class Server users

Technology Transition Period

Many institutions may not upgrade to SLK & SharePoint 3 for a year or more.

How will we support institutions that want to use Class Server and SharePoint 2 beyond 2006?

After June ’06

For owners of a Class Server – Server license, we will:

  • Waive the requirement for Class Server CALs
  • Allow licensee to replicate and use the Server in perpetuity
  • All licenses and rights are non-assignable
appendix 2

Appendix 2

All about SCORM

a note about scorm elearning content
A Note about SCORM eLearning Content

The most broadly accepted eLearning content format is SCORM 1.2 and 2004

(Sharable Content Object Reference Model)

scorm benefits
SCORM Benefits


  • SCORM content is compatible will all major LMS vendors


  • Students can:
    • Answer questions
    • Manipulate objects
    • Watch videos, hear music
    • Work on documents and spreadsheets
scorm benefits cont
SCORM Benefits, cont.

Detailed or Basic:

  • Basic: reporting only a finished score
  • Detailed:
    • reporting student answers to each question
    • reporting the curriculum standard aligned to that question.
  • It’s all about letting you invest the right amount of effort for the purpose of the content.
scorm benefits cont25
SCORM Benefits, cont.


  • Content can branch depending on student selections to customize resource for each learner.


  • SCORM resources contain educationally relevant metadata that lets teachers search for resources using familiar terms.
scorm adoption
SCORM Adoption

SCORM is required for:

  • US Department of Defense
  • NATO
  • All publically funded learning resources in the UK

SCORM content is portable. It works with all major LMS systems:

  • Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, etc..
scorm authoring
SCORM Authoring

Many third party vendors make SCORM authoring tools.

  • Adobe
  • Hunterstone
  • Articulate
  • nSite
  • SumTotal
  • Microsoft (light support)
  • And more…