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Guidelines for ULSG (Local Support Groups) and LAP (Local Action Plans)

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Guidelines for ULSG (Local Support Groups) and LAP (Local Action Plans) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Guidelines for ULSG (Local Support Groups) and LAP (Local Action Plans) to be created by each partner city of NeT TOPIC. Regarding first ideas and presentations by each partner Kick-off meeting in Barakaldo . 4-5 february 2009.

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for ULSG (Local Support Groups)

and LAP (Local Action Plans)

to be created by each partner city of NeT TOPIC

Regarding first ideas and presentations by each partner

Kick-off meeting in Barakaldo. 4-5 february 2009


This is a first exercise than each partner has to carry out as a first step of the network activity. It deals with sharing first ideas and approaches on ULSG-LAPduring the kick-off meeting.(So, this is a “home-work” previous to the meeting)

Each city should participate in the meeting presenting its own approach, ideas and proposals on this issue……

To go further in this topic you can look in The URBACT II

Local Support Group Toolkit. A guide on creating Local Action Plans, that has been already distributed among the NeT TOPIC partners.


A Local Action Plan (LAP) should provide for each partner a concrete roadmap and a range of solutions to tackle the core issues identified at the start of the URBACT project.

A Local Support Group (LSG) is a Group of key stakeholders and project champions who help to produce a Local Action Plan, validate and/or input local knowledge, and disseminate to and mobilise stakeholders

producing our own lap
Producing our own LAP

The Local Action Plan should include a clear outline of the nature and scale of the problems relating to the project topic in the Local Action Plan area. A fresh and comprehensive understanding of the existing situation and the problems that exist is essential to enable the right solutions to be found.

  • Please summarize a first presentation of the main problems & solutions in your project area related to NeT- TOPIC issues. (revising your baseline study)

Look in the next slide

remember that the themes of net topic are the following
Remember that the themes of NeT TOPIC are the following:
  • From mono functional to multifunctional cities
  • Building an urban identity
  • Recovering abandoned and obsolete industrial areas
  • Integration and urban cohesion, avoiding fragmentation and urban division
  • Enhancing new forms of metropolitan governance

In the framework of the Main goal and core theme of our Network:

Building New models of urban development in peripheral cities of metropolitan areas

stakeholder analysis and composition of our ulsg
Stakeholder analysis and composition of our ULSG

Stakeholder analysis will have been carried out as part of the baseline study in order to constitute the Local Support Group itself.

In preparing and developing the LAP it will be very important to identify who are the stakeholders of the Action Plan and what their interests are.

As stakeholders have different interests, it is useful to define their

involvement with the project and how their interests differ.

  • Identifying stakeholders and their interest, motivation, capacity… (concerning their involvement in the project
composition of the ulsg
Composition of the ULSG
  • Who?
  • Size
  • Composition
  • In URBACT II Networks:
  • The LSG go from 4 to 43 members
  • Core groups – broader groups
  • Core groups contribute with knowledge and responsibility
  • Role: sounding broad, identifying needs, engine of the LAPs.
regarding local action plan lap

About the LAP, taking into account what the Local Support Group Toolkit (A guide on creating LAPs) says about the issue:

  • There is no rigid definition of what a LAP has to be
  • The composition, territorial level addressed, and format, will differ according with the local context and the type of partners.
  • A LAP may be put in place early enough so that its implementation can be monitored during the project, or it may be produced as a final output of the project.
  • Where there is already and advanced Master Plan in place, the LAP might be more likely to evaluate and propose adjustments to that plan.
  • The LAP may be comprised of the research component of an action project that is tackling the network issues and themes.
regarding local action plan lap1
  • Added value of the LAP regarding what already exists
  • A clear contribution of URBACT II to each local context
  • The LAPs should be addressed to those specific themes of the network, with a more specific and deeper treatment.
  • It may be a big or a small contribution, it depends the development stage of the city
  • It should improve local policy
  • Ensure the dissemination of this added value
  • The project should be a catalyst for several cities (LAP + ULSG)
  • The LAP can be an actualization and updating of the baseline study
  • May be it can facilitate the identification of new challenges for the city on the themes or sub themes of the network
  • The identification of existing constraints in the local urban strategy can be also a function of the LAPs.
  • The LAP can be a strategic framework where several plans and projects that already exist can be located.
regarding local action plan lap2
  • The LINKS between the LAPs and the activities of the NETWORK
  • The LAPs must be bonded/linked to the activities of the Network (learning, exchanges and knowledge production…)
  • The network (lead partner + lead expert) has to play the role of monitoring each LAP.
  • The LAPs (as results of the local activities of the LSG in each partner city of NeT TOPIC) become effective final (or interim) outputs of the network.
please answer the following questions regarding your local action plan i
Please, answer the following questions regarding your LOCAL ACTION PLAN (I)
  • Which are the specific goals, objectives and expected results of your LAP?
  • Which are the foreseen activities planned to achieve those goals and results?
  • How is geographically-defined your local action plan?
please answer the following questions regarding your local action plan ii
Please, answer the following questions regarding your LOCAL ACTION PLAN (II)
  • Is your LAP a mean to reinforce citizen participation and involvement of key stakeholders?
  • Is there already a Master or Strategic Plan in place, (advanced or just in a starting point) so your LAP will be a complement to that plan? How do you foresee the links between them?
please answer the following questions regarding your local support group
Please, answer the following questions regarding your LOCAL SUPPORT GROUP
  • Are the strategic stakeholders (regarding the issues of NeT TOPIC) already involved in the ULSG? Who is missing?
  • How are you foreseeing the objectives and tasks that your LSG can carry out during the project? (look at the Guide on creating LAPS of Urbact Programme. Page 11)
  • Can you give first ideas on how is the ULSG going to work (meetings, communication, outputs, dissemination, research…)
  • How your ULSG is going to be involved in transnational exchange and learning activities of NeT TOPIC?