what is engineering n.
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What is Engineering?

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What is Engineering? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is Engineering?
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  1. What is Engineering? Engineering is the profession of applying mathematical and scientific knowledge to build structures and machines which creates an invention the engineer wanted. A person who studies and practices engineering is called an engineer. Engineers have many formal names also as: Professional Engineer, Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer, and European Engineer.

  2. How much $ does an engineer make? Engineers each get paid by the field of study they chose. For example, a Mechanical Engineer and a Chemical Engineer each get paid differently according to their study. • Software Engineer: Makes about $80,519 per year. • Chemical Engineer: Makes about $55,296 per year. • Mechanical Engineer: Makes about $55,400 per year.

  3. Are there jobs available as an Engineer? There are currently 39,060 available jobs as an engineer. So there are jobs available as an engineer. The available jobs depend on which type of Engineering that person is studying. So each job, has different available spots based on the Engineering being studied.

  4. What is Asee? Asee was founded in 1893. A-S-E-E stands for American Society for Engineering Education which is a nonprofit organization of individuals and institutions committed to furthering education engineering and engineering technology.

  5. What is PLTW? P-L-T-W stands for “Project Lead The Way” which prepares students to be the most innovative and productive leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics(STEM) and to make meaningful, pioneering contributions to our world.

  6. What is JETS? J-E-T-S stands for Junior Engineering Technology Society which is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to promoting engineering and technology careers to our nation’s young people. JETS engages students in various engineering educational programs that are an essential part of fostering the engineering profession.

  7. What colleges offer engineer degrees? There are a lot of colleges that offer engineering degrees. Colleges all over the world are offering students to come study engineering to become an engineer. The colleges on the side plus more offer degrees in engineering. • Alabama A & M University • Arizona State University • Boston University • California Institute of Technology • Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art • Georgia Institute of Technology • Florida A & M University(Agricultural & Mechanical) • University of Bridgeport

  8. What is President Obama doing for more Engineering degrees? President Barack Obama is emphasizing the importance of technology all over the world. President Obama is making sure that kids have the right technology for school. The President wants more skilled engineers because its less likely that America will benefit from the next generation. He believes that increasing the number of science and engineering will retain and grow jobs. So, Obama wants people everywhere to study engineering and create new inventions because it’ll benefit America throughout the years.

  9. Software Engineering Software Engineering is the application of a quantifiable approach to the maintenance of software. Software Engineering was started in 1968 at a NATO Software Engineering Conference. The current definition of software engineering is still being debated by practitioners today.

  10. Why do I want to be a Software Engineer? I want to be a Software Engineer because I like how the engineers create new technology that a lot of teenagers love today. Software Engineers create computers, phones, iPods, and a lot of other technology. Software Engineers get paid about $80,519 per year. So to me, being a Software Engineer is a very fun type of Engineering field to be studying.