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Industrial and Systems Engineering @ Rutgers University PowerPoint Presentation
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Industrial and Systems Engineering @ Rutgers University

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Industrial and Systems Engineering @ Rutgers University
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Industrial and Systems Engineering @ Rutgers University

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  1. RU S I E 1947 Engineering Orientation Lectures 14:440:100 Industrial and Systems Engineering Industrial and Systems Engineering @ Rutgers University

  2. Are you a Natural IE? • Do you like to optimize? • Can you make decisions under uncertainty? • Do you like math?

  3. Industrial Engineering is Designing, operating and improving the performance of systems of people, materials, and equipment. IEs use their skills in mathematical, physical and social sciences together with their special knowledge in design, computer modeling and manufacturing. IE’s regularly interact with people on projects and teams to solve industrial problems. They often have opportunities to quickly move into management positions.

  4. Where do IEs work? • (Automotive, Pharmaceutical, chemical, and others) • Design & operate production lines, manufacturing processes, and inventory systems • Make production plans • Control and assure quality

  5. Where do IEs work? • Consulting Industry • Assisting companies in solving their people, material and equipment related problems using • Computer simulation models for performance analysis • Statistical and optimization models for system design and • control

  6. Where do IEs work? • Transportation Industry • (Airlines, Port Authorities) • Airport operations - monorail • Container port terminals, maritime transportation • Highway operations planning

  7. Where do IEs work? • Distribution Systems • (UPS, Fedex,Postal Service) • Designing efficient package delivery systems • Package sorting systems • Managing distribution networks

  8. Where do IEs work? • Health Care Systems • (Hospitals, Insurance Companies) • Hospital management • Scheduling and capacity planning • Health care cost reduction and quality improvement

  9. Where do IEs work? • Information Technology • (Automation, E-Commerce) • Designing factory automation • Controlling systems and processes using computers • Designing computerized distribution center operations

  10. RU S I E 1947 Industrial and Systems Engineering at Rutgers

  11. RU S I E 1947 Industrial and Systems Engineering at Rutgers • 11 Faculty • 87 undergraduate students • 60 graduate students (MS and PhD)

  12. RU S I E 1947 Areas of Strength • Systems Engineering • Quality and Reliability Engineering • Production/Manufacturing Systems Supply Chain Information Technology Automation Inventory control Quality control Manufacturing Warehousing Distribution Transportation Research Projects with Industry, NSF, DOD, FAA,

  13. Sophomore Year (16 cr. Hrs) (17 cr. Hrs.) 14:540:213 IE Lab 1M 01:220:200 Eng Prn & Prob 3 14:540:201 Work Des & Ergo 3M 14:540:210 Eng. Probability 3M 14:540:202 Work Des Lab 1M 14:640:244 Diff Eqns Eng & Ph 4 14:180:243 Mech of Solids 3M 14:440:222 Eng Mech-Dyn 3 01:640:251 Multivar Calc 4 01:750:228 Analytic Physics IIB 3 01:750:227 Analytic Phys IIA 3 01:750:230 Anal Physics II Lab 1 01:750:229 Anal Phys II Lab 1

  14. Junior Year (17 cr. Hrs) (16 cr. Hrs.) 14:540:343 Eng. Economics 3M 01:355:302 Sci & Tech Writing 3 14:540:338 Prob. Models in OR 3M 14:540:384 Simulation in IE 3M 14:440:407 Mech. Prop Materials 3M 14:540:311 Deter. Models in OR 3M 14:332:373 Elements of EE 3M 14:540:303 Mfg. Processes 3M 14:540:382 Comp. Contr Mfg Sys 3M 14:540:304 Mfg. Processes Lab 1M 14:540:383 Comp. Contr Lab 1M 14:540:399 Design of Eng Syst I 3M 14:180:215 Eng. Graphics 1

  15. Senior Year (16 cr. Hrs) (15 cr. Hrs.) 14:540:453 Prod Plan & Control 3M 14:540:462 Fac Layout & MH 3M 14:540:433 Quality Eng & Stat 3M __:___:___ Dpt/Tech Elec(List A) 3M 14:540:434 Quality Eng. Lab 1M __:___:___ Dpt/Tech Elec(List B) 3M 14:540:400 Design of Eng Sys II 3M __:___:___ Hum/Soc Elective 3 33:010:310 Account for Eng. 3M __:___:___ General Elective 3 __:___:___ Hun/Soc Elective 3

  16. Laboratory Activity in Research and Teaching Simulation of Large Scale Systems

  17. Laboratory Activity in Research and Teaching Design of AS/RS Systems Automated Storage/Retrieval System A student design project

  18. Laboratory Activity in Research and Teaching Computer Aided Manufacturing - Automation Automated knife assembly A student design project

  19. Laboratory Activity in Research and Teaching High Precision Layered Manufacturing Faculty research project in collaboration with Department of Material Science and Engineering Funded by the Office of Naval Research

  20. Laboratory Activity in Research and Teaching Folding Sheet Metal for Increased Strength Funded by The national Science Foundation and industrial sponsors Faculty research

  21. Laboratory Activity in Research and Teaching Quality and Reliability Laboratory

  22. Laboratory Activity in Research and Teaching Senior Design Projects getserious media attention ! NJN News Home News

  23. RU S I E 1947 Quality and Reliability Engineering Center Department faculty is involved with a mission to advance the theory and practice in controlling quality of products and processes and improving their reliability. Funded by the National Science Foundation and the member companies.

  24. RU S I E 1947 LOGISTICS INITIATIVEat Rutgers University • Mission • Improve and develop new approaches to theory and practice of logistics in the areas of supply chain, warehousing and distribution across industry and government organizations. • Industrial/Government Collaboration • Education , Research and Development

  25. Designing Production Lines A production line is a collection of machines put together in a logical sequence to produce a product in the most economical manner.

  26. Tablet Filling/Packaging Line J&J Bristol Myers Squibb Novartis funded projects in ISE at Rutgers

  27. Manufacturing Simulator J&J Colgate Palmolive funded projects in ISE at Rutgers Animation by Rockwell Software

  28. Micro/Nano Manufacturing Using Laser Technology Focus is to conduct research on developing, experimenting, simulating and controlling laser based micro/nano machining processes. Laser Beam Intensity Laser-Based Micromachining Microhole Metal-polymer bonding with laser Sponsor • Rutgers U. Research Council

  29. RU S I E 1947 Modeling Port Operations To justify design and capacity decisions Port Authority of NY/NJ, Bureau of Customs and Border Protection of DHS funded research projects at the ISE @ Rutgers.

  30. Capacity Planning for Communication Systems Modeling of a client-server system for better Performance! Funded by BEA Systems

  31. Rule Layout Data Base Base Fuzzy Engine Process Builder Visio User Visio User Visio User Interface Interface Interface Simulation Layout Layout Engine Builder Builder Evacuation/Surge Simulation Models/animations/statistics Hospital Evacuation In collaboration with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Development of a generic system simulator for modeling and analysis of evacuation/surge capacity of healthcare systems

  32. Optimum Flight Scheduling and Minimization of Risk of Collision…..Funded by FAA Increase in traffic volume requires better scheduling for aircraft over the pacific ocean while maintaining separation standards that minimize the risk of collision Faculty research

  33. Annual ISE Biking DAY IEs take time off to relax! Annual ISE Picnic Class gatherings

  34. Some of the Companies Hiring IEs(as well as interns) • Bristol-Myers Squibb • J & J • Colgate Palmolive • Merck • Proctor and Gamble • Deloitte Consulting • Hershey • Liz Claiborne • SS White • L’Oreal • UPS • Fedex • Barnes & Noble • FAA • AT&T • American Express

  35. Salaries in 2005 Avg: 49.8KMin: 40K Max: 56K

  36. Let us hear from an ISE student

  37. Student Chapter Institute of Industrial Engineers Rutgers University Fall 2005 Calendar September 13… Social September 27… Group Dynamics October 11… Supply Chain/Logistics October 25… Alumni Night November 8… Networking Night November 29… Study Break

  38. Fellowships for Undergraduates • National Science Foundation Fellowships • Transportation Systems Fellowships GPA >3.0 in Freshmen is a requirement