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Good Morning !!!!

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Good Morning !!!!. NVC WWI Begins Intro to WWI Research Project Essential Question : How did WWI become a stalemate? Homework : Select a topic for WWI Research Project. War Begins. Schlieffen Plan: German plan to avoid fighting a Two-Front War

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Good Morning !!!!

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good morning
Good Morning!!!!
  • NVC
  • WWI Begins
  • Intro to WWI Research Project

Essential Question: How did WWI become a stalemate?

Homework: Select a topic for WWI Research Project

war begins
War Begins
  • Schlieffen Plan: German plan to avoid fighting a Two-Front War
    • Quickly invade France and defeat them, then concentrate on Russia
    • August 1914 Germany invades Belgium to get to France
  • The Miracle at the Marne
    • First Battle of the Marne: German army defeated by 7 combined British and French armies only miles from Paris
    • Stalemate ensues: no new land gained or lost by either side
wwi research project
WWI Research Project
  • This project will be THE big assignment for this Semester.
  • It is worth about the same amount as 3 test grades.
  • This is a Menu Project, which means you have many options to choose from so take some time to choose wisely.
project parts
Project Parts

There will be 3 parts to this project:

  • Research Paper with In Text Citations- Every project will have an research paper that will include in text citations.
  • Product-Every project will have some thing creative that you make, create, produce or compose to help teach the class about your topic.
  • Presentation- Every project will include some kind of formal presentation to the class.
project parts essay
Project Parts: Essay
  • Every project has a Research Paper.
  • Each Paper should follow this rough format:
    • Introduction and Overview of Topic and Argument: Give the reader a general sense of what you will discuss and prove which should be based on your prompt. Give the reader some context, and finish this paragraph with your THESIS STATEMENT. (1 paragraph).
    • Evidence: Discuss the details about your topic making sure that each paragraph relates back to your argument. Provide quotes from your sources to analyze as well. (3 – 4 paragraphs)
    • Summary/Significance: Have you done what your prompt has directed you to? Is it clear why your topic is important in the big picture of WWI? Summarize how your research paper has proved your argument. (1 paragraph)
    • Works Cited Page: You will need at least three sources. Cite these sources on a separate works cited page. This page DOES NOT COUNT towards your page limit.
project parts product
Project Parts: Product
  • Every Project has a Product that you will make and turn in.
  • Each Project has a Suggested Product but some options include: A children’s book, a CD of songs, a board game, a play or video, a set of paper dolls, a box of old letters, a diary, a sculpture, a collection of artifacts, a diorama, and a painting.
  • Your product will be presented in class as part of your formal presentation.
project parts presentation
Project Parts: Presentation
  • Every Project has a Presentation that you will give the class.
  • Presentations will be short and formal as you show off your product to the class. Some presentations will be performances, of a play or song.
  • Presentations will be done in Formal Clothing as part of this assignment.
  • Your presentation will be made in class the week the project is due.
  • You MAY work with ONE other person that is doing the SAME TOPIC as you during the research process. You can work with this person to create a single, shared PRESENTATION PRODUCT and you CAN PRESENT with this person. However, EVERYONE MUST WRITE THEIR OWN PAPER!