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Bug Tracking System

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Bug Tracking System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bug Tracking System. Presented By: Shashank Bhadauriya Varun Singh Shakti Suman. Abstract:. This project is aimed at developing a tracking system useful for application developed in an organization.

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Bug Tracking System

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Bug Tracking System Presented By: ShashankBhadauriya Varun Singh ShaktiSuman

    2. Abstract: • This project is aimed at developing a tracking system useful for application developed in an organization. • The BugTrackingSystem (BTS) is a application that can be accessed throughout the organization. • This system can be used for logging defects against an application/module, assigning defects to individuals and tracking the defects to resolution. • There are features like email notifications, user maintenance, user access control, report generators etc in this system.

    3. Bug tracking is the process of finding defects in a product (testing), and making new versions of the product that fix the defects. • Defects are managing, evaluating and prioritizing these defects is a difficult task: Bug tracking systems are computer database systems that store defects and help people to mange them.

    4. Introduction: • For many years, bug-tracking mechanism is employed only in some of the large software development houses. • Most of the others never bothered with bug tracking at all, and instead simply relied on shared lists and email to monitor the status of defects. • This procedure is error-prone and tends to cause those bugs judged least significant by developers to be dropped or ignored.

    5. Introduction: • Bug Tracking System is an ideal solution to track the bugs of a product, solution or an application. • Bug Tracking System allows individual or groups of developers to keep track of outstanding bugs in their product effectively. • This can also be called as Defect Tracking System.

    6. Features: • Product and Component based. • Creating & Changing Bugs at ease. • Query Bug List to any depth. • Reporting & Charting in more comprehensive way • User Accounts to control the access and maintain security. • Simple Status & Resolutions. • Multi-level Priorities & Severities. • Targets & Milestones for guiding the programmers. • Attachments & Additional Comments for more information. • Robust database back-end.

    7. Modules: • User Registration • Login • Search • Defects Addition • Update • Reports • allocation

    8. Modules: User Registeration:- A new user who wants to login has to be registered by entering all the details like username, password, email, phone etc. Login:- Every user who wants to view or edit should login into the system by entering the username, password and will be validated from the database

    9. Modules: Search:- In this module, we can search the particular defect id, defect particulars, defect description and displays all the details of the defects in grid format. Defects Addition:- In this module, the user can add defects by entering defects description and what type of defects will be recorded in this module

    10. Modules: • Update:- in this module, the user can update the previous defects by modifying the details of the defects, fix the defects and close the defects if he wish. • Reports:- In this module, various reports can be generated what all the defects are pending, what are the defects are to be fixed can be viewed by the user. • Allocation:- all the defects will be allocated to the different user by the administrator.

    11. User User Bugs Bugs Bugs User Registration Register Validate Login Login Administrator Finish Bugs Assign User Bugs Updation Assign Edit Bugs View Bugs View Updation Reports

    12. DFD:

    13. Hardware Specification: • Processor : intel corei3 • RAM : 512 MB • Hard Disk : 40 GB • Monitor : 14” • Keyboard • Mouse

    14. SOFTWARE SPECIFICATION: • Operating System : Windows 7 • Front End : J2EE • Back End : Sql Server 2005

    15. Existing System: • The client does not system which is controlled only through manual or they are using it in the excel file for solving the problems. • The existing system does not be controlled and cannot be customized for allocation of problems to the users. • Manual entries in the excel and the reports generation is not possible as if they like.

    16. Proposed System: • They need to computerized the system and to be shared to all the system they want to be local use only not in web based. • The application will look and feel and GUI based friendly usage of the system. • Allocation of problems to the users can be assigned easily, reports generation of fixed bugs etc can be taken. • Efficient ways of testing through this project is very easy and quiet easy handling of errors and fixing bugs made easy.

    17. Refrences: • www.bugzilla.com • www.bugsolution.com • www.bug.com • www.trackbug.com • www.bugvilla.com

    18. THANK YOU