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Unit 1: The English Language

Unit 1: The English Language. Patricia Diaz peralta Lexical analysis . The English Language. The English Language. 1. Origins and History : The B ritish Isles have been inhabited by different people for at least 5.000 years English was influenced by :.

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Unit 1: The English Language

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  1. Unit 1:The English Language Patricia Diaz peralta Lexical analysis

  2. The English Language

  3. The English Language 1. Origins and History: TheBritish Isles havebeeninhabitedbydifferentpeoplefor at least 5.000 years English wasinfluencedby: English (British) Latin Germanic Celtics

  4. The English Language English is a Germanic Language with influences of The Angles, The Saxons and Jutes. However the word “English” derives from the Angles. English has borrowed words from other languages such as French and Latin.

  5. The English Language Modern English compared to earlier English and otherLanguages: Old English Differences in: Modern English Sounds Words Sentences

  6. The English Language Differencesbetween English and otherlanguages:

  7. The English Language 3. External and Internal Change ExternalChange InternalChange • Politically • Geographically • Socially motivated • Linguistically motivated

  8. The English Language External changes: (unpredictible) Causes: Language contact. (between speakers of different languages) Innovations by speakers. Issues of political and social identity.

  9. The English Language Internal change: (more predictable) Causes: Children’s different way to analyze the language they hear. The previous idea may result in changes in vowels or consonants. The category of a word is reanalyzed.

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