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Prostitution. Haley Kolbeck Gen Winegar Mary baumanN. What is prostitution?. The act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money . Not to be confused with “Sleeping Around” because promiscuity does not necessarily define a prostitute .

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Haley Kolbeck

Gen Winegar

Mary baumanN

What is prostitution
What is prostitution?

  • The act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money

Not to be confused with “Sleeping Around” because promiscuity does not necessarily define a prostitute

History of prostitution
History of prostitution

  • 2400 B.C. – Sumerian- Mesopotamia

  • Ishtar- Goddess of Love and War

How do others view prostitution
How do others view prostitution?

  • Conservative (Traditional): Morally Wrong

  • Liberal: Nothing wrong

  • Feminist (Anti-Prostitution): degrades women

  • Feminist (Pro-Prostitution): overlaps with Conservative and Liberal views

U s prostitution
U.S. prostitution

  • Illegal EXCEPT in select counties in Nevada

  • Punishment includes large fines and prison sentences

  • Prostitution needs to be made safer

  • -organized crime

  • -rape

  • -drug abuse

  • -poverty

  • -STI’s

  • Threat to women’s status and health



The mann act 1910
The mann act- 1910

  • Used to combat forced prostitution

  • Makes it illegal to transport any woman or girl across state lines for any immoral purpose

  • Made crime out of consensual sexual activity

  • Protects men, women and minors of sexual exploitation

  • If charged under this law- punishment includes felony and potential imprisonment

International prostitution
International prostitution

  • Legal in many countries

  • Widely accepted, illegal in some areas, but regulated

  • Not safe, violence occurs often


Legal International Prostitution

  • Asia

  • -Singapore

  • Europe (Widely accepted)

  • -Netherlands (Amsterdam)

  • Canada

  • North America

  • -Mexico

Red light district
Red Light district

  • What is it?

A place in a city where commercial sex is isolated and/or encouraged

How did it get its name?

In between shifts…Rail workers left red lanterns outside the doors of houses of prostitutes

Amsterdam red light district
Amsterdam- Red Light district

  • Began in the 14th Century

  • In the middle ages prostitution was not so much considered to be a moral issue.

  • Prostitutes had a dress code and were not allowed to be married.

  • It was prohibited for married men to visit prostitutes and prostitution was confined to certain spots in the city (this later became The Red Light District)

  • Local authorities allowed prostitutes to ply their trade as long as they didn’t solicit in doorways. This is how the “window trade” began.

  • In the year 2000 prostitution was legalized. The main objective of this new law is to prevent forced prostitution and exploitation of women.

Facts about prostitution
Facts about prostitution

  • One of the most dangerous professions in the country

  • To bust prostitutes, it costs tax payers $200 million

  • Researchers have identified over 25 different types of prostitution (by location, solicitation, and/or sexual practice

  • In the United States (Nevada), 1988 marked beginning of mandatory condom use in brothels

  • Although many say prostitution is the oldest profession, it is not.

  • In the United States, according to federal law, children under the age of 18 that engage in commercial sex are considered victims of human trafficking.

  • 65%-95% of prostitutes report history of sexual abuse as a child


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