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Great Mathematicians

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Great Mathematicians . By: Allie Heaton 4 th Block . Simon Stevin . Born in 1548, Died 1620 was born Bruges, Flanders ( and what is now called Belgium). When he was born his parents were all ready divorced.

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great mathematicians

Great Mathematicians

By: Allie Heaton

4th Block

simon stevin
Simon Stevin

Born in 1548, Died 1620

was born Bruges, Flanders ( and what is now called Belgium).

When he was born his parents were all ready divorced.

at the age of 35 he attended the University of Leiden.

simon stevin geometry physics and trigonometry
Simon Stevin Geometry, Physics and Trigonometry

in the book “The Principal works of Simon Stevin. He talked about the condition for the balance of forces on inclided planes, by using ingenious and intuitive diagram.

simon stevin s notation
Simon Stevin’s Notation

He put the circles around the exponents of the different powers of one-tenth.

The ones that weren't circled meant that the exponents were clear form the face that he employed the same symbol for powers of algebraic quantities.

As for negative numbers he knew about them but was never show in his work.

simon stevin mathematics
Simon Stevin Mathematics

He wrote his arithmetic in 1594, it contain the first general solution of the Quadratic equation.

Stevin’s general notion of a real number was accepted by all the later scientists.

Few years later he proved the value theorem for polynomials.

rene descartes1
Rene Descartes

born March 31,1596, Died February 11, 1650.

Spend most of his life in the Dutch Republic.

Has been called the “father Of Modern Philosophy.


Descartes influence math in many ways.

the theory “Cartesian coordinate system”. This allowing algebraic equation to be expressed in geometric shapes.

infinitesimal calculus
Infinitesimal Calculus

Descartes theory provided the basic for the calculus for Newton, by applying infinitesimal Calculus. This permitting. The evolution of that branch today of modern mathematics

This Method also commonly determine the number of positive and negative roots of a polynomial.

cartesian geometry
Cartesian Geometry

He also developed the Cartesian geometry, which is uses algebra to describe geometry.

Also invented the representing of the unknowns in equations by X,Y,Z and also know as A,B,C.

sophie germain1
Sophie Germain

Born- April 1, 1176, died June 27, 1831.

She was a French Mathematician, pyritic and a philosopher.

Her parents didn’t help her with any of her education she learned all from the book in her father library.

Because she was a girl she could not have a career in Math.

ecole polytechnique

or a state-run institution of higher education

when this open she was 18, she wasn’t allowed to attend because of her gender.

But a man named Lagrange, didn’t care that she was a women and he came to her house to teach her at her house.

germain s first attempt for a academy price
Germain’s First Attempt for a Academy Price.

This contest was a experiment vibrating metals plates.

The first time she didn’t win but she tried again and she won.

She won under her name and didn’t have to change it, she because the first women to win the Pairs Academy Of Sciences.

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