correlative conjunctions l.
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Correlative conjunctions

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Correlative conjunctions. To learn more about correlative conjunctions, click on the buttons on the next page. by Patricia Galien. Correlative conjunctions. correlative Conjunctions both __ and.

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Correlative conjunctions

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correlative conjunctions

Correlative conjunctions

To learn more about correlative conjunctions, click on the buttons on the next page.

by Patricia Galien

correlative conjunctions both and
correlative Conjunctionsboth __ and

I live in Chicago, but both my sister and my brother live in New York.

Correlative Conjunctions

correlative conjunctions not only but also
correlative Conjunctionsnot only __ but also

The kiwi is not only fat-free but also contains fiber.

Correlative Conjunctions

correlative conjunctions either or
correlative Conjunctionseither __ or

I can only take one science class this semester, so I will take either chemistry or biology.

Correlative Conjunctions

correlative conjunctions neither nor
correlative Conjunctionsneither __ nor

Note -- The verb has to agree with the closest noun.

Plural Verb

Neither the cat nor her kittens are eating.

Singular Verb

Neither the kittens nor the cat is eating.

Correlative Conjunctions

correlative conjunctions whether or
correlative Conjunctionswhether __ or

I don’t know whether I should take a jacket or leave it at home.,-DC/Noah_leaving_Ben_s_House.jpg

Correlative Conjunctions

correlative conjunctions as as
correlative Conjunctionsas __ as

Danny De Vito is not as tall as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Correlative Conjunctions