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Denmark. Basic History and Politics. Government. Became a Constitutional Monarchy in 1849 Queen Margrethe II Unicameral Parliament (Folketing) Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt (Social Democrat). Government. Executive Branch: Monarch and P.M.

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Basic History and Politics


  • Became a Constitutional Monarchy in 1849

    • Queen Margrethe II

  • Unicameral Parliament (Folketing)

    • Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt (Social Democrat)


  • Executive Branch: Monarch and P.M.

  • Legislative Branch: Members are elected and serve four year terms

    • Since 1909, no party has had majority control!

  • Judicial Branch: Supreme Court members appointed by monarch to serve lifelong terms

Royal family
Royal Family

  • The role of the monarchy is largely ceremonial now- represents Denmark abroad and acts as a figurehead at home

  • Danes are proud of their queen

  • The recognize her intellect and artistic abilities

Royal family tree
Royal Family Tree

Queen Margrethe II

Royal Consort Prince Henrik

Crown Prince Frederik

Crown Princess Mary

Princess Marie

Prince Joachim

Countess Alexandra

Prince Nikolai

Prince Felix

Princess Christian

Amalianborg palace
Amalianborg Palace

The Royal Couple reside at Amalianborg Palace.

Fredensborg palace
Fredensborg Palace

The Royal Family uses the palace for three months in the spring and three months in the autumn. It is the setting for important celebrations.

Sorgenfri palace
Sorgenfri Palace

Designed as the “country seat” for the Royal Family.

Grasten palace
Grasten Palace

Traditionally the summer home for the Royal Family.

The hermitage palace
The Hermitage Palace

Traditionally the center for royal hunts, currently it is used for official lunches and other small gatherings.

Marselisborg palace
Marselisborg Palace

Royal couple reside at the palace during the summer. It is not open to the public, but the gardens are open when the Queen is not in residence.

Chateau de cayx
Chateau de Cayx

Located in the south of France, the Chateau belonged to R.C. Prince Henrik. It serves as a meeting place for the Danish royals and their French family members.

Schackenborg castle
Schackenborg Castle

Prince Joachim took control of Schackenborg in 1995. As a wedding gift, the citizens of Denmark collected almost DKK 13 million to be used for restorations and renovations.

The royal yacht dannebrog
The Royal Yacht Dannebrog

The yacht serves as private residence for the Queen when she is on official visits overseas.

Modern history
Modern History

  • June 5, 1849: Danish Constitution passed

  • 1933: the beginning of Denmark, the “modern welfare state”

    • 55% of state income comes from taxes

  • 1940-1945: Denmark declared neutrality but was occupied by Nazi forces

    • Active resistance: 7,200 Jews escaped to Sweden in Sept., 1943.