publishing an e journal what are they n.
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Publishing An e-Journal What Are They? PowerPoint Presentation
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Publishing An e-Journal What Are They?

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Publishing An e-Journal What Are They? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pres 3. Publishing An e-Journal What Are They?.

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Publishing An e-Journal What Are They?

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publishing an e journal what are they

Pres 3

Publishing An e-JournalWhat Are They?

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what are webzines e journals and web magazines


What Are Webzines, E-Journals and Web Magazines?
  • In small groups attempt exercise A-3 (if time)
  • If no time give some quick differences between:
    • An E-Journal
    • A Web Magazine
    • An Electronic Newspaper
    • A Web site
electronic publications
Electronic Publications
  • Electronic publishing is a term that can refer broadly to the publication of any document in electronic media
    • Webzines
    • E-Journals
    • Web Magazines
    • Electronic Newspapers
what is a publication
What Is A Publication?
  • To qualify as a publication a document should conform to the following characteristics:
    • It must be fixed
    • It should be publicly available
    • It should be persistent
    • Authenticity must be guaranteed
    • A bibliographic record that describes the work should be available
    • There should be a commitment to access and retrievability through archiving

Based on “Defining and Certifying Electronic Publication in Science” at <>



Vanity press


Added to continually

Content may be fixed

No notion of issues, volume, etc.

Can be professional, social, etc.

  • Web Site

Consistent look-and-feel

Issues of “Quality”:

Are “published”

Contain “articles”

Have a “publication date”

Have (an external?) publisher

Peer reviewed /

Editor / editorial board

Author-defined quality

Electronic Publication



Can be professional, social, etc


Professional (academic / scholarly) online publications will have notions of fixed content / permanent record



Web magazine


Online journal


Publicity / promotion

electronic journal
Electronic Journal
  • A journal is a serial.
  • A serial can be defined as:

"A publication, in any medium, issued in successive parts, usually having numerical or chronological designations and intended to be continued with no predetermined end."

  • ISO 3297 standard
  • <>
e journal characteristics
E-Journal Characteristics
  • An e-journal is a journal, usually scholarly, that can be read in an electronic form
    • though further divisions can be made into scholarly and non-scholarly or scientific and popular-scientific
  • Within it articles by different authors are published
  • Usually a full text journal
  • ISSN
e journal names
E-Journal Names

Online journal


Internet journal

Electronic Journal

Cyber journal


web magazine
Web Magazine
  • Informative - content is king
  • Articles should be original
  • The magazine is likely to be mainly static and not change after publication
  • Identifiable look

  • A shorter, more snappy version of a Web Magazine
  • Usually written by and for fans like fanzines
  • Quite often only one writer

  • NOTE
  • The boundaries between these definitions are very blurred. You need to decide what purpose your publication should have and set yourself guidelines prior to publishing.
  • Any questions?