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New ways of being Church for the sake of the gospel PowerPoint Presentation
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New ways of being Church for the sake of the gospel

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New ways of being Church for the sake of the gospel
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New ways of being Church for the sake of the gospel

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  1. SESSION 1 Bob & Mary Hopkins + Sally Gaze New ways of being Church for the sake of the gospel Intro to Fresh Expressions

  2. Anglican Church Planting Initiatives Where do we/you come from?

  3. Where do you come from?

  4. New ways of being Church Fresh Expressions of Church • Our themes will be: • UK experience • Some mission theology • Your emerging story • Practical insights • Lessons of ‘how to’ • Lots of stories • Q & A and discussion Intro to Fresh Expressions

  5. Theological foundations EFS website: A collection of sources and quotations giving background in missiology and ecclesiology for Fresh Expression of Church Intro to Fresh Expressions

  6. Church always renewing • Ecclesia semperrefrormandaest: • SvenskaKyrkan • Lutheran – born in reformation • EFS • Born in renewal of mission • “Returning to the founding dream” Intro to Fresh Expressions

  7. New mission movement in the UK part one Intro to Fresh Expressions

  8. Mission shaped Church Report • Sold over 25,000 copies • Explored the changing context • Stories of what God had initiated • Term “Fresh Expressions of Church” • Examined missionary practice • Developed missionary ecclesiology • Made radical recommendations Mission shaping church v. church shaping mission Intro to Fresh Expressions

  9. school-based multiple/midweek network church seeker café church cell/BEC/cluster new monastic alt. Worship man church! surfers church workplace church youth congregations under 5s and parents student church community initiative church plants skateboarders church church of vulnerable rural freshX ladies church! So many types of freshX Intro to Fresh Expressions

  10. Celebrating and building on what is mission-shaped in traditional forms of church… Key theme: ‘mixed economy’ …and finding new, flexible, appropriate ways to proclaim the Gospel afresh to those who do not relate to traditional ways Intro to Fresh Expressions

  11. Key theme: ‘mixed economy’ AND BOTH MIXED LAKE ECONOMY RIVER Intro to Fresh Expressions

  12. Vitally important fact! In the mixed economy, all fresh expressions of church are part of the diocese and parish system. 98% of the 500 fxc’s came under the existing pastor and church council. Intro to Fresh Expressions

  13. definition? What is a ‘fresh expression of church’? An evolving answer! Intro to Fresh Expressions

  14. Vad är fresh expression? • Fresh expression (ettnyttsättattvarakyrka) är en form avkyrkaförvårföränderligakultur, etableradfrämstförmänniskorsomännuinteär med i någonkyrka. • Detväxerframgenomlyssnande, tjänande, konkretvardagsmissionochlärjungaträning • Detharförutsättningarattbli en gudstjänstfirandegemenskapsomärformadavevangelietochkyrkanskänneteckenoch till fördetaktuellasammanhanget. Intro to Fresh Expressions

  15. definition? What are the marks of a ‘fresh expression of church’? five defining characteristics! Intro to Fresh Expressions

  16. 5 kännetecken på ett nytt sätt att vara kyrka • Missionellt till nytta för de som inte redan är med i kyrkan. • Kontextuellt försöker passa in i målgruppens sammanhang • Jesusfokuserat ord och handling talar om Jesus • Formande tränar till lärjungaskap • Kyrkoförankrat är kopplat till den befintliga kyrkan och har för avsikt att fullt ut bli kyrka. Intro to Fresh Expressions

  17. No. of fxc in 10 dioceses Intro to Fresh Expressions

  18. Some Fresh Expressions stats • In one diocese 30% of congregations are fxc’s - the average is 15% • Over 1,000 Anglican & 1,000 Methodist fxc’s • Fxc’s are being planted in all social contexts • Over half the fxc’s are lay led • The average size of a fresh expression is 40 • The greatest growth has been in last 3 years Intro to Fresh Expressions

  19. freshX – practical examples 1. freshX among young families together! Intro to Fresh Expressions

  20. Welcome with games; activities and crafts together! Intro to Fresh Expressions

  21. Preparing food & eating. Bible dramas, learning, praying and worshipping together! Intro to Fresh Expressions

  22. A Messy movement! Over 1000 examples Regional “Messy Fiestas” Intro to Fresh Expressions

  23. Our changing mission context part two Intro to Fresh Expressions

  24. Mission responses Visualisations of the changing context and responses: • George Lings, Encounters on the Edge • Robert Warren, Being Human, Being Church Intro to Fresh Expressions

  25. baptism education marriage festivals Sunday sickness crisis bereavement death The mission task: From door,to font / baptistery,to communion table / altar, out to the world Church in the valley… Intro to Fresh Expressions

  26. A few still drawn to church doors by the culture The mission task: Go to where people are and make disciples there But current culture draws many away from, not towards church . …to the side of a hill Fresh expressionof church Intro to Fresh Expressions

  27. Context - Secular pluralism Engage – sit & listen Church Form new church? Intro to Fresh Expressions

  28. Changing Sundays Changing relationships Changing cultures Less faith knowledge Religion to spirituality Church at different times Church for different networks Church in different cultures Church for beginners Church for disconnected explorers Five shifts in society Intro to Fresh Expressions

  29. What’s up for change? • day and time • who leads • buildings • style of meetings • group size • priority of worship • basis of membership or commitment • parish and place Practitioners making it up as they go along Intro to Fresh Expressions

  30. Incarnational mission • The word became flesh and moved into the neighbourhood… John 1, The Message Intro to Fresh Expressions

  31. mission stories 3 minute – intro + 5 mini stories It is happening in Sweden Intro to Fresh Expressions

  32. Discuss in 2’s & 3’s • Identify someone in your neighbourhood or network who has no real contact with church • Do you have any meaningful contact with them? 5 mins Intro to Fresh Expressions

  33. The mission journey part three Intro to Fresh Expressions

  34. The normal journey Worship Service Community, Discipleship, Mission Traditional Church Plants We need a change of MINDSET Intro to Fresh Expressions

  35. Starting a fresh expression prayer – by the sent and the senders loving & serving forming community evangelismand discipleship evolvingworship listening and following God’s call it’s all about listening and following God’s call living connection between the sent and the senders Intro to Fresh Expressions

  36. Compassion - our motivation God is Love God’s love for the world 2 Cor 5:14 Intro to Fresh Expressions

  37. Listening for mission • The context is everything • But there are more areas to be investigated • And the key question is “where is God at work?” Intro to Fresh Expressions

  38. Double Listening • Listening in two directions • to the context • to the inherited tradition Intro to Fresh Expressions

  39. 360° listening TRADITION • discerning God through all these • know your context; gospel and church Intro to Fresh Expressions

  40. mission stories 9 mins – Fika Church It is happening in Sweden Intro to Fresh Expressions

  41. freshX – live case study Kerstin Oderhem, in the village of Rydaholm Small village Messy church in 2014 In Sweden! Intro to Fresh Expressions

  42. Discuss in 2’s & 3’s What encourages or inspires you? What ideas are there that could apply in your situation? 5 mins Intro to Fresh Expressions

  43. Different mission methods part four Intro to Fresh Expressions