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HORIZON SOLAR. Technologies.

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horizon solar



why solar
Solar is a terrific starting point for reducing your carbon footprint. In our changing climate, investing in solar can allow you to make a difference in our high consuming society. In conjunction with an environmentally friendly perspective, solar systems allow you to save money by reducing electricity costs, especially in light of soaring energy prices and the new carbon tax government initiative.Why Solar
how it works

Solar Panels are mounted on the roof and angle towards optimal sun exposure. The solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into DC power.

  • The series of panels are connected to an inverter which converts the DC electricity to AC.
  • Most residential systems are geared under a net feed-in system, which means that the produced AC electricity is distributed around your property and any un-used electricity is fed back into the electricity grid through your electricity meter.
How it Works
commercial solar panels

Commercial Solar Panels are the smart and cost-effective alternative of fulfilling the growing energy needs of today.  This solar power system helps you to save your money drastically on those costly electric bills.  You can cut down on your bills by 50% to even 100%. 

  • Because solar panels are also highly durable, they are capable of lasting for decades. Also, if your commercial solar panels produce more than the required energy, the excess power can be sold to the government. 
  • Due to these highly appealing aspects; commercial solar power systems are gaining a lot of attention.  
Commercial solar Panels
advantage of commercial solar panel

Solar is a Clean Power, It doesn't pollute or produce any harmful emission in your environment.

  • There is one time investment on Solar panels, once it is paid off it is great residual source of revenue.
  • The commercial Solar energy plant can generate 80 megawatts of energy and Solar farm will generate enough energy to power 20,000 homes.
Advantage of Commercial Solar Panel
solar package
The Solar Plan starts from $2990 to $11000.There are companies who provide consultancy and suggest you the plan according to your requirement and budget.Solar Package
contact us
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