listing of apprenticeship programs with active apprentice s in state or local governmental entities n.
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Division of Registered Apprenticeship Department of Labor and Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Division of Registered Apprenticeship Department of Labor and Industry

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Division of Registered Apprenticeship Department of Labor and Industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Division of Registered Apprenticeship Department of Labor and Industry
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  2. Occupations utilized in Apprenticeship • Automobile Mechanic • Bricklayer • Carpenter • Carpenter, maintenance • Electrician • Electrician, maintenance • Environmental Control • Groundskeeper, • Industrial • Housekeeper, Commercial • Landscape Technician • Maintenance Mechanic • Painter • Plumber • Safety Inspector/Technician • Welder, Combination

  3. Some examples…… • Virginia Department of General Services • HVAC technicians • Plumber • Electrician

  4. Examples….. • Virginia Military Institute • Maintenance Mechanic • Maintenance Carpenter • Industrial Groundskeeper • Safety Inspector

  5. Chesterfield Co. GovernmentDepartment of General Services • Automobile Mechanic • Industrial Truck Mechanic James Madison University • Police Officer • Service Dispatcher

  6. University of Virginia • HVAC technician • Electrician • Plumber • Bricklayer • Carpenter UVA was the first State agency to become an apprenticeship sponsor. 98 people have completed various programs in the 25 years of sponsorship. 14 of the first graduating class are still employed at UVA.

  7. Testimonials "Wooldridge Heating & Air, Inc. has been a sponsor of the Virginia Apprenticeship Program since 1978. Our experience with apprenticeship has been very positive in retaining well trained personnel in our organization. Our current Assistant General Manager started as an apprentice. In order to have the competitive edge in your industry, offer Registered Apprenticeship to your new hires; you both will benefit." Trisha Wooldridge Wooldridge Heating and Air, Inc.

  8. Testimonials “Apprenticeship training has helped our company produce qualified and knowledgeable electricians for over 25 years and it assures the customer that they are getting a safe electrical system. We have found that apprenticeship training gives individuals a huge head start with their career in the electrical industry. Many of our apprentices have advanced to become key personnel.” Eric DuBose L.E. Ballance Electrical Service, Inc.

  9. Testimonials In our industry, we need competent helpers and skilled tradespersons as well as supervisors and managers who know and understand our work, our business and our customers. We appreciate the support we have received from the Division of Registered Apprenticeship and look forward to an even more rewarding future. Bill Skelley, Human Resources Colonial Webb Contractors

  10. From Bill Burge, Assistant CommissionerDepartment of Labor and Industry The Registered Apprentice program has helped us tremendously in the training of our Compliance and Consultation Officers. It has allowed us to standardize our training programs, to enhance skill development and to establish best practices for our agency. Our Apprentices have developed into a skilled team whose members share potential for highly successful careers within our inspection and consultation programs.