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  2. Life skills are a set of tools and guidelines that prepare you for living as a mature adult in a complicated world.

  3. The salon is a creative workplace *artistic talent • Requires strong self-discipline • Excellent • people • skills

  4. Make solid connections with each client • Stay focused • Feel competent and enthusiastic

  5. Your livelihood, as well as your personal feelings of success, depend on how well you do this

  6. ***Life skills are your foundation ***A common characteristic shared by most people is: they love what they do Your passion shows in your work.


  8. Some of the most important life skills are: • Being genuinely caring and helpful to other people • Successfully adapting to different situations • Sticking to a goal and seeing a job to completion.

  9. Being consistent in your work • Developing a deep reservoir of common sense • Making good friends • Feeling good about • yourself • Maintaining a • cooperative attitude

  10. Defining your own code of ethics for yourself and living within your definition • Approaching all your work with a strong sense of responsibility • Mastering techniques that will help you become more organized •

  11. Having a sense of humor to bring you through difficult situations • Acquiring one of the greatest virtues known as: patience • Always striving for excellence •

  12. Rules For Success • To be successful, you must take ownership of your education • Commit yourself to: • Attend all classes • Arrive for class early •

  13. • Have all materials • Listen attentively • Highlight important • points • Take notes • Pay close attention during summary and review questions

  14. When something is not clear, ask, ask, ask • Continually seek further education • Never stop learning • New trends, techniques, products, and information available •

  15. The Psychology of Success • Put in extra effort, enthusiasm, and excitement into your studies • Be fueled by passion

  16. Guidelines for Success • Defining success is a very personal thing • Following principles form a foundation of all personal and business success

  17. Build self-esteem • Self-esteem is based on inner strength and begins with your ability to reach your goals.

  18. Visualize • Imagine yourself working in your dream salon • Practice visualization • Turn possibilities into realities


  20. Build on your strengths • Practice a positive self-image • Activities that you love, • allow you to feel good about yourself

  21. Be kind to yourself • Put a stop to self-critical and negative thoughts • If you make a mistake, tell yourself that it is okay and you will do your best next time.

  22. Define success for yourself • Be a success in your own eyes.

  23. Practice new behaviors • Because creating success is a skill, you can help to develop it by practicing new behaviors • ~ speaking with confidence • ~ standing tall • ~ using good grammar •

  24. Keep your personal life separate from your work • People who talk about themselves or others at work is personally counterproductive, and causes the whole salon to suffer.

  25. Keep your energy up • Successful cosmetologists • *do not run yourself ragged • *do not eat, sleep and drink beauty • Take care of personal needs • *family, friends, activities

  26. Respect others • Relate to everyone with a feeling of respect. • Exercise good manners • Do not interrupt people and be a good listener

  27. Stay productive • Three habits that can keep you from maintaining peak performance *procrastination *perfectionism *lack of a game plan

  28. Procrastination • Putting off until tomorrow what you can do today. • Poor study habits

  29. Perfectionism • Unhealthy compulsion • Success is not simply always doing things right • Success: do not give up, even when things get really tough.

  30. Game Plan • The conscious act of planning your life instead of just letting things happen • Large chunks of time (five or ten years ahead)


  32. Motivation and self-management • Motivation propels you to do something • Self-management is a well- thought- out process for the long haul

  33. A motivated student finds it much easier to learn • Motivation comes from an inner desire to grow your skills as a professional • If your motivation comes from an external source-you will have a difficult time finishing school

  34. ***Satisfying Your Basic Human Needs • Add all to side bar-write small: • 5 Basic human needs in order from lowest to highest • Physical • Shelter • Clothing • Food •

  35. 2. Emotional • Loving environment • 3. Social • Good people around you

  36. 4. Mental • Don’t worry or stress • 5. Spiritual • Morals

  37. Your Creative Capability Creativity is an unlimited inner resource of ideas and solutions • To enhance the skill of creativity: • Do not be self-critical • ~ blocks the creative mind


  39. Do not look to others for motivation • ~ tap into your own creativity • Change your vocabulary • ~ positive vocabulary

  40. Do not go it alone!!!!! • ~ you will be more creative in an environment where people work together and share ideas • ***self managers ask for help

  41. Add: One trait essential to reach and remain at the highest level of professionalism is…commitment

  42. Add: Motivation-is the ignition for success Self-management-is the fuel that keeps you going

  43. Design a Mission Statement • Establishes the values the business plans to live by and that establishes future goals • Individuals can also have a mission statement.


  45. Prepare a mission statement that communicates who you are and what you want for your life in your goal book. Keep a copy of your mission statement where you can see it and read it every day.

  46. Goal Setting • Helps you decide what you want out of your life • Focuses your attention


  48. How Goal Setting Work Two types: Short term goal ~ what you wish to accomplish in a year or less

  49. Long term goal ~ measured in sections of time such as five years, ten years, or even longer

  50. Goal setting is to have a plan and reexamine it often to make sure you are on track • Adjust your goals and action plans as you go