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Why Choose UFO LED High Bay Lighting for Warehouses? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Choose UFO LED High Bay Lighting for Warehouses?

Why Choose UFO LED High Bay Lighting for Warehouses?

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Why Choose UFO LED High Bay Lighting for Warehouses?

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  1. UFO LED High Bay Lights

  2. W lights have been in use for more than a century, they have become no longer fit enough to compete with the new range of LED lights which are not only eco-friendly, but also a durable and energy efficient option. ith the increased patronage of LED lights everywhere, the dependency of people on traditional incandescent bulbs is witnessing a downside. In fact, several environment protection activists have also been stressing the importance of using LED lighting solutions to cater to various lighting requirements. Even though incandescent UFO High Bay LED Light are Durable and Save Energy A fluorescent or halogen bulb with higher lumen would be close to 200 or 250 watts. At the same time the same amount of brightness can be accessed by using a High Bay LED Light which needs only 150 watts power. It is evident that both these lighting solutions provide the same amount of brightness, but they consume varying amount of power. To be clearer, a 250w incandescent bulb consumes five times more power than a 150 UFO LED High Bay Light even though both these lights give the same units of lumens (Brightness). In this way, users of the High Bay Led Lights can save as much as five times in their power bills. The result is that users of UFO Led High Bay Lighting solutions will be able to witness a reduction in their monthly energy bills and it

  3. Users of these High Bay LED Lights can, no doubt, save money because of the heightened life of these led lights, unlike the traditional incandescent bulbs which lasts for comparatively shorter period and then burn out. In addition, these LED High Bay Lights decrease in lumen only very gradually, thereby helping these LED lights to function for a pretty longer period without any hassle for nearly twenty years, which is something difficult for the traditional incandescent bulbs. Thus, it is the longevity of these High Bay LED Lights which help cut down on your costs of frequent replacement and maintenance in the long run. High Bay LED Lights Offer Better Light Uniformity and Vision Friendly The UFO LED High Bay Light can offer a uniform light distribution of nearly 8 percent compared to others traditional alternative lighting solutions. The High Bay LED Lights are pleasing to human eyes for the very reason that these lights do not flicker while turning ON, and offer light instantly, unlike the fluorescent light that flickers at least, for a little while causing disturbance to the human eye.

  4. High Bay LED Lights - An Eco-Friendly Option LED lights help to eliminate harmful emissions, but the disposal of used incandescent bulbs, which contain toxic substances like mercury and other toxic substances are detrimental to the environment. On the contrary, the long- lasting UFO LED High Bay Light does not require frequent replacement and are free of any harmful chemicals and can be disposed of safely, once the life of the bulb is over thus, are an eco-friendly lighting solution.

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