the rise of european dictators n.
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The Rise of European dictators

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The Rise of European dictators - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Rise of European dictators . 15.4. Joseph Stalin. Soviet Union/ Communist Totalitarianism : complete government control of peoples’ lives Industrialized society where everyone worked for the government Farmers gave up land to work on government-owned farms. Benito mussolini.

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Presentation Transcript
joseph stalin
Joseph Stalin
  • Soviet Union/ Communist
  • Totalitarianism: complete government control of peoples’ lives
  • Industrialized society where everyone worked for the government
  • Farmers gave up land to work on government-owned farms
benito mussolini
Benito mussolini
  • Italy/ Fascist
  • Fascism: strong government control by one person; government is much more important than individuals
  • Italy is still upset that they did not get land promised to them by switching sides in WWI
  • Italy expanded into Northern Africa
adolf hitler
Adolf hitler
  • Germany really upset about WWI loss; especially Hitler
  • From Austria
  • Became fascinated with war and politics during WWI, where he fought as a soldier
  • Wrote “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle) in prison, where he was arrested for trying to overthrow the German government
  • Blamed many people for Germany’s problems (Jews, intellectuals, communists)
  • Book talked about how he was going to take over the world
  • National Socialist Party formed by Hitler
  • Got idea of swastika from church, where it was a Hindu symbol for good fortune
  • Nazis gained political power; Hitler took over Germany in 1933
  • Formed the Third Reich and took absolute power
builds german power
Builds German Power
  • Stopped making debt re-payments to other countries
  • Lowered unemployment
  • Helped farmers greatly and increased state spending to help German people
  • Violated Treaty of Versailles (WWI) by rebuilding German military
hatred of jews
Hatred of jews
  • Not completely sure why this is
  • Lower-class citizens in Germany; took or destroyed property
  • Hid this discrimination during the 1936 Olympics in Berlin
  • Axis Powers: formed an alliance with Italy and Japan
  • “Night of broken glass”
  • Made Jews leave professions and kept them from universities; but still wouldn’t leave
  • November 9th, 1938 went on a rampage and killed more than 90 Jews
  • Destroyed many businesses and synagogues
  • This really enhanced the persecution of Jews
  • Also started to use military force to expand power in the Pacific and not rely on imports
  • Took over much of northern China as well, which was condemned by the League of Nations and the U.S., but they didn’t want to go to war; also built a powerful Navy
japan instigates the u s
Japan Instigates the u.s.
  • U.S. wanted to remain neutral
  • Japanese planes destroyed a U.S. gunboat, killing 2 and injuring 30
  • Roosevelt wanted Japan to apologize, pay, and promise won’t do that again, which they agreed
u s neutrality
U.S. neutrality
  • U.S. just didn’t want to get involved in European affairs
  • Did everything they could to keep this goal
  • Trying to recover from The Great Depression