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Research Titles Workshop

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Research Titles Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Research Titles Workshop. February 28, 2013. Academic Research Titles: Definitions. Postdoctoral Scholar Specialist Project Scientist Researcher. A Postdoc or not? Postdoctoral Scholar Classification flowchart: A Postdoctoral Scholar

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Research Titles Workshop

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    1. Research Titles Workshop February 28, 2013

    2. Academic Research Titles: Definitions • Postdoctoral Scholar • Specialist • Project Scientist • Researcher

    3. A Postdoc or not?Postdoctoral Scholar Classification A Postdoctoral Scholar • A program of mentorship and training • Five years or less since PhD • Initial appointment of at least one year • Appointment is 100% time Not A Postdoctoral Scholar • Support position on research team • Independent researcher • Short term visitor • Appointment is part time

    4. New Appointment: Scott Evil Dr. Evil, a Researcher in the Department of Physics received a grant to work on the development of a giant laser to take over the world. He is a PI on the grant and needs to hire members of the research team to assist him with the research. He wants to hire a project scientist April 1, 2013. He has someone in mind: Scott Evil, who is his son and who is working as a “postdoc”at KITP, and whose appointment is ending June 30, 2013.

    5. New Appointment: Things to Consider • Current appointment • Hire of a near relative • Which series to use • Academic vs. staff research titles • Level of proposed appointment (rank, step, salary) • Search requirements • Visa Considerations • Prevailing wage

    6. Current Appointment • Represented vs. Non-Represented • Current salary • End date

    7. Proposed Appointment • Which series to use • Academic vs. Staff • Level of appointment (rank, step, salary) • Rank is based on qualification • Salary is based on experience • Departmental standard

    8. Academic vs. Staff Research Titles

    9. Search Requirements • Open Recruitment Policy: • Required for any position that is 50% or more of full time and for more than one academic or calendar year (RB VII-1) • If initial appointment does not require search based on above, but reappointment or modification makes the appointment meet the criteria, must do a search • Exemption: • If appointee is the PI or co-PI on the contract/grant or is named in the grant • Without salary appointments • Postdoctoral Scholars • Visiting titles • Exceptions: • Unexpected Circumstances • Spousal or domestic partner hire • Unique fit to the position

    10. Miscellaneous • Hire of near relative • Visa issues • Prevailing Wage

    11. Appointment cases • Researchers on-line, others not • Key items • Temporary Academic Appointment form letter • Section “M”—especially if moving from represented to non-represented appointment • “N” and “O” should be analytical and evaluative, and complete by the faculty member, not by the staff • External letters and other related items • Requirements vary by title: • Researcher, required at Associate, Full appointment • Project Scientist “desirable” at Associate, Full appointment • Sample letters (RB I-49) with wording modified as appropriate for research title (RB III-12)

    12. Appt cases (cont) • Publications • Representative sampling for Research series • UCSB Bio-form and CV • No set format for CV; make sure no SSN • UCSB vs. UC version of Bio-form • Search Paperwork • Academic Recruitment Packet, or approved exception to open recruitment must be included if required by policy

    13. Reappointment: Scott Evil Scott Evil is a Project Scientist in Physics who was appointed for 6 months (duration of the grant), April 1, 2013-September 30, 2013. The grant funding is being renewed for another year, October 1, 2013-September 30, 2014. Dr. Evil would like to reappoint Scott for a whole year at 100%. What are the main points to consider?

    14. Reappointment: Things to Consider • What changed and what is the same? • Is search needed? • Documents to submit • All on paper at this point; working on solutions for on-line reappointment

    15. Reappointment • Extension of Existing Appointment • Renewal of Funding • Use same form letter, only section I is needed • Modification: for changes in items E-I

    16. Advancement: Dr. Austin Powers Dr. Austin Powers, who is an Associate Researcher III, is eligible for promotion to full Researcher 7/1/14. He comes to your office to discuss his options.

    17. Options: • Promotion • Acceleration • Deferral • Merit to special step • Change to Project Scientist

    18. Ranks, Steps, and Normal Period of Service ASST RESEARCHER ASSOC RESEARCHER FULL Stepperiod of serviceStep period of serviceStep period of service II 2 III 2 IV 2 V 2 I 2 II 2 III 2 IV 3 I 3 II 3 III 3 IV 3 V 3 VI 3 VII 3 VIII 3 IX 4

    19. Differences in the series • Researcher reviews have same standards as Senate faculty • 8 year limit as Asst. • Time off the clock • Mandatory review every 5 years • No special steps or off-scale for Specialists • No mandatory review for Project Scientists and Specialists • Requirements for letters are different

    20. Eligibility Online • Insert screen shot here

    21. Case Deadlines • All actions are effective July 1 • Specialist & Project Scientist • April 1 to Office of Research • Hard deadline; exceptions rare • Researcher • March 1 to Office of Research • Hard deadline; exceptions rare • Need for internal deadlines for submission

    22. Contents of a case- Advancement • Research Title Review Form for Specialist and Project Scientist • Departmental Letter Analytical evaluation of the case • Safeguard Statement • For all merit or promotion actions • Assures candidate rights • Follows steps outlined in “Departmental Checklist for Academic Advancement” RB I-22

    23. Contents (cont) • Biobib and publications • Bio-Bib must follow format in Red Binder (I-28) • Research • Cumulative (others since last review) • oldest = lowest number • Changes since last review • Publications numbered to match bio-bib • All, or representative sampling of publications depending on case type and series

    24. Contents (cont) • External letters • Requirements vary by title: • Researcher, required for promo to Assoc or Full • Project Scientist “desirable” for promo to Assoc or Full • Sample letters (RB I-46) with wording modified as appropriate for research title • Confidentiality requirements • Statement • Redaction and access for employees • Identification in departmental letter • List of evaluators, copy of sample letter

    25. Letting someone go • PI comes in and says he wants to fire _____ , a Specialist in the lab. What do you do?

    26. Things to ask • What is the reason? • Layoff/reduction of time (RB IX-30) • Disciplinary action (RB IX-20) • How long has the person been employed? • When does their current appointment end? • Consult with Academic Personnel • If postdoc, consult with labor relations

    27. Other issues • Visiting prefix • Research Professor appointments • Recall Appointments (TC 3802) • Intercampus appointments

    28. Academic Personnel Contacts Karen Social Sciences, Education, Creative Studies, Humanities and Fine Arts (except those listed below) Physical Sciences, Bren School, Engineering, Depts. of Art, History of Art and Architecture, Theater and Dance, MATP

    29. Office of Research Contacts Beverly Lutz x8316 Academic Departments Norma Marquez x4180 ORUs

    30. Written Resources Red Binder- campus Academic Personnel policies and procedures Academic Personnel Manual (APM) – systemwide Academic Personnel policies and procedures Both online

    31. Campus Contacts for Postdocs Graduate Division: Melanie Hoven,, x4652 Labor Relations: Caroline Adams,, x4669 Benefits: Mayra Magana,, x4263

    32. Other contacts Elizabeth Rogers Office of Equal Opportunity x3294 Office of International Students and Scholars Tanya Plant x2354 (Employment/Visa issues) Billy Ko x2211 (J-1 visas) Accounting SonaBaboolal x3259 (Tax questions)