Atlassian voice of the customer webinar jira super sized
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Atlassian Voice of the Customer Webinar JIRA super-sized - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Atlassian Voice of the Customer Webinar JIRA super-sized. Joanna Thurmann JIRA Systems Administration. December 10, 2008. Agenda. Why JIRA – before and after Living Large / Vital Signs JIRA Strengths / Weaknesses (at Polycom) Best practices (deployment, project setup, sys admin, ownership)

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Atlassian voice of the customer webinar jira super sized

AtlassianVoice of the Customer WebinarJIRA super-sized

Joanna Thurmann

JIRA Systems Administration

December 10, 2008


  • Why JIRA – before and after

  • Living Large / Vital Signs

  • JIRA Strengths / Weaknesses (at Polycom)

  • Best practices (deployment, project setup, sys admin, ownership)

  • Demo

    • Polycom Customizations

    • Bidirectional integration with Siebel CRM

    • Integration Framework

  • JIRA Scalability

  • About our partner CustomWare

  • Q & A

About polycom
About Polycom

  • Polycom is the global leader in telepresence, video, and voice solutions

  • Polycom allows you to connect anytime, anyplace and with any device in a virtual experience as natural as being there


Before JIRA - Challenges

  • Too much of everything

    • Multiple acquisitions in a short timeframe

    • Large geographically dispersed userbase

    • Varying business practices

    • Plethora of tools: DevTrack, Bugzilla, Mantis, small JIRA, Test Director, spreadsheets & emails

  • Resistance to change in silo organizations

  • Knowledge Gap

  • Poor Communication

  • Duplication

  • No integration

Satisfied Customers – visibility into their feature requests

Great communication (within engineering and service)

Efficient & clear processes



Accountability (through unified metrics)

Cost Savings

Fewer resources to do the same job

Fewer tools

Low maintenance cost

After JIRA

Environment Overview requests

  • Single Global Instance

  • Accessible externally

  • Bug-tracking & Feature Requests

  • Enterprise 3.7.4 (migrating to 3.13.2 in Jan 09)

  • Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition 64-bit

  • SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition

  • Internal Users, Partners, Customers

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Living Large – JIRA Vital Signs requests

  • Issues = 115,000

  • Projects = 120 

  • Custom Fields = 310

  • Workflows = 70

  • Total Users = 3000 Groups = 300

  • Growth of ~2,000 new issues / month

  • 250 concurrent users at peak times

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Jira strengths at polycom
JIRA Strengths - at Polycom requests

  • Feature-rich and robust

  • Intuitive and user-friendly

  • Extensive configurability to suit varying business needs

  • Easy to install, support and customize

  • Inexpensive!

  • Great support from Atlassian

  • It just works -- ‘as advertised’

Jira weaknesses at polycom
JIRA Weaknesses - at Polycom requests

  • Search

  • Permission/Security

  • Globalization: no local user time zones

  • Limitations on granularity of Product data

    • No subcomponents or subversions

    • Cascading select field - cannot be displayed on graphs, charts or have a multiselect searcher template

  • System Administration ‘hassles’

  • User/Group Administration

  • Scalability

Best practices large deployment
Best Practices – Large Deployment requests

  • “Just get them in and let them play”

  • Embrace ‘brute-force’ migration

  • Do Barn raising

  • Buy Enterprise Edition

  • Invest in ‘enterprise-worthy’ hardware and environment

  • Determine ‘must-have’ versus ‘nice-to-have’ features

  • Get familiar with the top most requested JIRA feature list

  • Find a good partner up front (CustomWare)

  • Consider scalability up-front: size grows quickly & performance and memory can become a problem

Best practices project setup
Best Practices – Project Setup requests

  • Develop Standards: project naming, notifications, use project roles

  • Pre-determine Project Structure :

    • many small projects (i.e. one per product)

    • fewer bigger projects with more components, versions, & cascading select custom fields to group issues by ProductLine~Product and Release~Build

  • Understand the Resolution field!

  • Custom Fields

    • Limit Context by Project/Issue Type

    • Reuse

Best practices system admin
Best Practices – System Admin requests

  • Limit schemes – use Project Roles

  • Don’t go crazy with plugins

  • Preventative Health - schedule routine restarts & reindexes

  • Good cop/ Bad cop - be generous on ‘standardized’ options

  • Pre-record training & link it in JIRA

JIRA/Siebel Integration requests

Post Function to set a Group Interested-Party field based on the Component selected during issue creation

Post Function to set Resolution based on value of a custom field

Post Function to Set Custom Fields during workflow transition

Post Function which links issues and copies Reporter & Interested Parties to linked issue

Change Reporter during Cloning

New issue operation to send ad-hoc emails

Set Default Comment Visibility (to a group vs. “All Users” )

Custom Search Page – search custom fields by LastUpdate time

Demo – Polycom Customizations

Solution overview crm jira integration
Solution Overview: CRM / JIRA Integration requests

Call Center / Tech Support






JIRA/ Siebel


Jira Issues

Service Requests (SR)

Solution detail siebel jira integration
Solution Detail: Siebel / JIRA Integration requests

  • Real-time integration

  • Siebel user clicks button to escalate Service Request to Engineering

  • Siebel sends XML message to JIRA

  • A JIRA custom plugin reads the msg, maps various system and custom fields and creates an issue with comments

  • Siebel response message is presented to the user

  • Bidirectional updates are sent ‘on-demand’ between Siebel and JIRA

  • Attachments are extracted out of Siebel and put onto separate server, accessible via custom field link in JIRA

  • Appropriate Notifications are sent by both systems

  • Java servlet over HTTP

Scalability goals
Scalability Goals requests

  • Improve JIRA performance – esp. remotely

  • Long-term stability

  • Redundancy and increased uptime

Scalability Options

  • Archiving (custom solution)

  • JIRA Clustering from WANdisco

  • JIRA MultiSite from WANdisco

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Clustering multisite by wandisco
Clustering & MultiSite by WANdisco requests

  • Clustering balances workload across servers at a single site over a LAN

  • MultiSite balances workload across multiple sites over a WAN and resolve WAN latency issues

  • Both solutions can be implemented in combination

  • Provides self-healing & eliminates risk in disaster recovery

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Archiving customized solution
Archiving – Customized Solution requests

  • One-way archiving

  • Archiving as an “issue operation” on per-issue basis

  • Archiving ‘in bulk’ via page similiar to bulk operations

  • JIRA Archive becomes read-only

  • JIRA Archive has fixed project schemes (i.e. same permissions and workflow across the board for all issues)

  • JIRA Archive and JIRA Production run same version

  • Issue keys may or may not be preserved

  • Issue stubs may or may not be preserved

  • Attachments would be archived separately behind the scenes

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Gold Atlassian Partner based out of Australia

CustomWare is an Atlassian Partner providing rapid implementation, training and support to Atlassian customers worldwide

They worked on and offsite

Strong Enterprise Integration background, understanding of Web Services, Siebel etc.

Fast, reliable & thorough – they *really* know the Atlassian products

Have a large team and 7 x 24 support

Helped us with some complex custom Bugzilla migrations

Have lots of plugins for JIRA and Confluence, including integration for both products.

Partner - CustomWare

Q & A requests