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Ms. JeanBaptiste

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Ms. JeanBaptiste
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Ms. JeanBaptiste

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  1. Ms. JeanBaptiste Rules, Consequences, and Procedures

  2. Rules • I will follow directions the first time they are given. • I will raise my hand and wait for permission to speak. • I will stay in my seat unless I have permission to do otherwise. • I will keep hands, feet, and objects to myself. • I will keep my voice to an inside working level. • I will not drink, or eat food in the classroom.

  3. IF YOU CHOOSE TO BREAK A RULE • Warning. • Conference with the Teacher and the Student. • Conduct cut • Loss of special classroom privileges • Letter sent home to parents/ Call the Student’s parent • Detention Slip • Exclusion from special activities (No field trips, field day, etc.) • Referral

  4. IF YOU CHOOSE TO BREAK A RULE • Severe Disruption: Student sent immediately to office. • Bullying • Theft • Vandalism • Battery/Physical fight • Profanity • Drugs or weapons involvement • Threat of harm • Extreme disrespect toward others • Inappropriate sexual behavior • Repeated, misconduct

  5. REWARDS • Praise • Positive note home • Be the helper • Student of the week nomination • Student of the Month (Entire School) • Treasure Chest

  6. Entering the classroom • Enter the classroom quietly, and take your seats. • Take all the materials that you need out of your book bags, and put your book bags on the shelf. • Make sure your pencils are sharpened. • If you need a pencil, raise 2 fingers up. If you need paper raise 3 fingers up. • Write down your HomeLearning in your planner. • Do your Do Now Activity.

  7. Raising hands • Hold up a broken pencil= I need a pencil. • 2 fingers in the air = need a pencil • 3 fingers in the air = need paper • Balled up fist = restroom • Raise your hand properly and sit still. Do not yell out, make strange noises, and shake your hands.

  8. Trash • Keep your area clean. • No pencil shaving in the desk. Don’t not sharpen pencils in your desk, unless you have a sharpener with a lid. • Keep your trash until I tell you it’s time to clean up, and get ready to leave. Do not get out of your seats to throw away trash.

  9. Visitor's In the Classroom • No talking • Stay on task

  10. Bathroom • Use the restroom before you come in my class. • You will be allowed to use the restroom one time, unless its in emergency. Using the restroom will be allowed only during center time only, not during instruction. • Keep the bathroom clean. Remember to flush the toilet, and wash your hands. One paper towel per student. Don’t waste paper.

  11. Hallway • Must be quiet in the line. No talking, unless you have my permission to speak. • No yelling, or talking out in the line. • No hitting, arguing, playing in the line. • The line must be straight. Look at the head in front of you.

  12. Lunch Procedures • Keep your area clean. • No screaming, arguing, fighting, etc. • If you need to report something, speak to the staff that’s in charge, don’t handle it yourself. • If your misbehaving in the cafeteria, you will have lunch detention.

  13. Recess • Play safely. • No arguing, fighting. • Stay in your designated area. • No throwing (any objects)

  14. Fire Drill • No playing, talking, running at any time during the drill. • Stay in line and walk safely to our designated area. • Teacher will call role when we get outside.

  15. During a Quiz/Test • Stay focus • No talking • No cheating • Do your best

  16. Class Work/Make-Up Work • Make sure I get all of your assignments. Do not leave it in your desk. • If you have a excused absent, please see me to get your make up work.

  17. Exiting the classroom • Make sure you wrote your HomeLearning down in your planner. • Make sure you throw all of you trash in the trash can. • Make sure your area is clean. • Pack up quickly. (No talking, or playing)