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NEWSLETTER Ms. Campbell Ms. Holt Ms. Harper PowerPoint Presentation
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NEWSLETTER Ms. Campbell Ms. Holt Ms. Harper

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NEWSLETTER Ms. Campbell Ms. Holt Ms. Harper - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Monday, April 22, 2013. Anchorage Public School. Reading/Language/Writing

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newsletter ms campbell ms holt ms harper

Monday, April 22, 2013

Anchorage Public School


Students will have a make up lesson in the library on Monday and their regular library class time on Wednesday. On Tuesday, students will have an Art Discovery lesson featuring Alexander Calder. On Thursday, students will have a Junior Great Book Lesson on the story “The Nightingale.” Students will write an On Demand timed prompt this week and will continue to review prepositions. Please remember, students competing for the Newbery Award at the end of the year, need to complete their 10 books by the end of the school day on May 3rd.


In math this week students will be showing what they know on their Geometry Unit Test on Tuesday, the 23rd.  This test will include 27 multiple choice questions, 2 short answer questions, & 1 extended response, fro a total of 35 points.  There will not be a vocabulary portion to this test, however- it is crucial that students have the vocabulary words for this unit memorized.  Many of the test questions will require students to apply their knowledge of these words in order to answer the questions.  The remainder of the week we will focus on determining area & perimeter of rectangles.


Students will begin force and motion. This week we will introduce the key target and vocabulary associated with this lesson. In conjunction with daily lessons, we will begin 4th Grade Science KPREP Review. Students will work a flashback lesson daily by reading the lesson review and answering the accompanying questions. Flashbacks will be graded and recorded daily.

Social Studies

This week in social studies we will be studying factories in the Northeast.  Students will discuss the fishing industry and other economic resources.  Finally, we will finish up the Northeast region with a test on Thursday, April 25th.  The test has 15 multiple choice questions, five (5) short answers,  a map for identifying the states that make up the Northeast region, and a capitals and states abbreviation page like the one the students did with the Southeast region. The study guide is on my website and has been e-mailed to the parents on Friday, April 19th. 

  • Upcoming Dates:
  • Tuesday, April 23rd Pictures
  • Thursday, April 25th- STEM Club from 3:15-4:15
  • Friday, April 26th Midterm ends
  • May 8th- Art Fair
  • May 13th Science Study Island Extra Credit Due.
  • May 14-20th KPREP
  • May 21st- 4th Grade Field Trip
  • May 28th Student Assembly
  • May 29th Field Day
  • June 3rd Last Day of School

NEWSLETTERMs. Campbell Ms. Holt Ms. Harper

Just a Reminder:

Extra Credit! Read All About It!Students will have an opportunity to earn extra credit in Science by working the Study Island Assignment on Physical Science. There are 10 lessons. Points are awarded as follows:

* 10 Completed lessons= +15 point

* 10 Completed lessons with blue ribbons= +30 points.

Accelerated Reader Points! By the end of the third trimester, students will need to earn their 12 AR points. Reports are going home today.

Spelling / Vocabulary

This week’s spelling and vocabulary words are from neither workbook. They are Part 1 of 3 lessons on Homophones. Test Friday!























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