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Tonight’s Agenda PowerPoint Presentation
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Tonight’s Agenda

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Tonight’s Agenda
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Tonight’s Agenda

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  2. Support OSSB • Visit the canteen prior to our meetings, and buy a hotdog, chips and pop. • This helps the school funding, as we receive this facility free of charge.

  3. UPCOMING MEETINGS • February 12 • Tim Timmons speaking on umpire professionalism and etiquette, along with communication with partners. • Please come with questions for him concerning these topics. • February 19 • Rule 5: Dead ball: presented by Walt Freiling

  4. Meetings cont. • February 26 • Review game day procedures • Rule 3 and 4; presented by Andy Gum • February 27 • STATE MEETING AT 6:00 PM • DUBLIN SELLS MIDDLE SCHOOL • ON ROUTE 161, just east of Frantz road • CHANGED FROM DUBLIN JEROME

  5. Dan Steiner is scheduling spring games • All dates on website are automatically closed • Must update you availability • Dan will not schedule w/o updating • Email Dan when you have done this and are ready to schedule • No access, then you owe money! • $40.00 with late fee • Dan will be here later to accept if not paid

  6. Summer conference • July 20-22,2007 • Block these dates out from summer schedules if you wish to attend • All sports are represented and can receive credit for state meetings. • There is a cost • More information will be sent to all officials in good standing with OSHAA

  7. Library • Jerry Crabtree in charge • Completely redone • New materials including many new DVD’s • Online ordering/reservation of materials • All old cassettes will be removed and given away to anyone wishing these tapes

  8. New retirees from COBUA Fred Shaw Carl Williams Gary Snyder Carl Bartelt

  9. Required Equip. & New Signal forUmpires, page 5. • Fleming’s Referee and Sport at the next 2 meetings (2/12 & 2/19) • Rule 10-2-1 • Working the plate • Including but limited to: Chest protector, facemask, throat guard, plate shoes, shin guards, and protective cup. • Duh! • There is no penalty for not wearing these items nor should the game be cancelled.

  10. Umpire equip cont. • The umpire is just an idiot for working the plate without the proper equipment. • If you are missing something, borrow it but don’t go without an important piece of equipment and get hurt.

  11. Equipment and uniforms cont. • Uniform page 25 of yellow 2007 pamphlet. • IT IS NOT PERMISSABLE TO WEAR RED LONG SLEEVES UNDER A SHORT SLEEVE BLUE SHIRT AND HAVE THAT COMBO EXPOSED! This look is so unprofessional. • Crews must be dressed alike! • Can be $100.00 fine.

  12. “New” signal for plate umpire • Putting the ball into play • It was open hand, arm extended and then hand moved towards umpire, while saying “Play”. • New, point with one finger towards pitcher and “Play” verbalized. • Not just at the beginning of the game • At ALL dead balls!

  13. Coaching boxes (Clarification), page 1. • A.K.A. The Yinger rule. • Rule 3-2-1 states: A base coach must be in the coach’s box from the time the batter enters the batters box to the release of the ball by the pitch, IF REQUESTED BY THE OPPOSING COACH. • Once requested, it applies to both coach’s, for the rest of the game.

  14. Coach’s box cont. • A subsequent violation: restriction to the bench • To prevent balks and stealing signs.

  15. Malicious contact addressed, page 1. • Offensive, still the same, immediate dead ball, runner out (unless runner has already scored) and ejected. • Defensive: page 4 Immediate dead ball • Most common scenarios; play 2 and 3 on page 4 • After malicious contact, kill the play and make ruling.

  16. Pitcher going to the mouth, page 3. • Rule is set to align with upper levels of baseball (pro). • It was a balk, with runners on base, when pitcher, while in contact with rubber, went to his mouth or if he failed to properly wipe off his hand. • It is now only a ball on the batter, no matter with or without runners on base.

  17. Teams returning to full strength, page 2. • Rule 4-4-1, the word “not” has been dropped, therefore allowing teams to return from 8 players back up to 9. • Must start with 9 players. • Reason for team dropping to 8 players is not relevant. • Until a sub can be replace the player out of the line up, an out will be recorded. When a sub becomes available, then he can go into the….

  18. Returning to full strength cont. • ….vacant slot, to become a proper player. • Rule put into place to promote participation. • Player can come from a JV, Frosh, or player coming to the game late for whatever reason.

  19. NFHS: 6 points of emphasis, page 7 • 1. Face protection for defensive player. • Must be non-glare surface • No NOCSAE standard except for catcher, which we are required to check. • Offence; has the NOCSAE imprint.

  20. POE cont. • 2. Non-adult bat/ball shaggers andpitcher/catchers protectors. • Make sure catcher is wearing proper head gear when warming up relief pitcher and have a 3rd person watching the catchers back. This person should have head gear, helmet on by rule and be facing playing action. • Any young batboy must wear head gear.

  21. POE cont. • 3. Malicious vs. incidental contact. • “If the contact is the result of intentional excessive force and / or there is intent to injure.” • If the runner drops his shoulder, always ruled as malicious contact, even if no contact actually occurs.

  22. POE, cont. • 4. Game management. • List of items on page 7, most of which we do not have much control over. • What we do have control over: • Arriving at field, about 10 min prior to game time. Get game balls, conference. • Getting the game started on time. • Making sure the pitcher gets 8 and 5 warm-up pitches. Tell the pitcher and or catcher..

  23. POE cont. • 4. …when only 2 more pitches are left for warm-up between innings. This can cut down game time by 10 min. • Stand on the defensive foul line during this time. • If you know of pinch hitter, ask that teams coach if any other subs are involved, this helps to speed up the game.

  24. POE cont. • 4. Know when the catcher comes to bat, and if he was left on base, walk over to the defensive dugout and get someone up and warming up the pitcher. • Get more game balls during half inning breaks, and let the home team know when you only have 1 game ball left, so you don’t run out of game balls to slow the game down.

  25. POE cont. • 5. Umpire professionalism. • High school environment is set for the players and not us (we had our time to play.) • Allow the coaches to teach the players when necessary, but not at the expense of the game flow. • Umpires are not permitted ignore rules and are expected enforce rules that are in place.

  26. POE cont. • 6. Good sporting behavior. • Opportunity to promote good sportsmanship. • Don’t let poor sportsmanship get out of hand, get the head coach involved and let him handle a situation.

  27. 2006 Changes • Review all changes from last year on pages 8 and 9.

  28. Motto for the year. • UMPIRE THE GAME AND NOT THE TEAMS.

  29. All are invited to Villa Nova on High street. No secret hand shakes or code words to get in. • There is a cost for food and beverage, usually around $10.00 for all you can eat and drink.