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Oracle for August 24, 2006 PowerPoint Presentation
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Oracle for August 24, 2006

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Oracle for August 24, 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oracle for August 24, 2006. 1. Introductions - Oracle. Tim Tarkington – Regional Director Diana Richie - Industry Director, K-12 Glenn Miller – Regional Manager, Solution Architects Tom Strite – Principal Sales Consultant Enterprise Applications Matt Petrauskas – Account Manager

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Oracle for August 24, 2006

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Oracle for August 24, 2006 1

    2. Introductions - Oracle • Tim Tarkington – Regional Director • Diana Richie - Industry Director, K-12 • Glenn Miller – Regional Manager, Solution Architects • Tom Strite – Principal Sales Consultant Enterprise Applications • Matt Petrauskas – Account Manager • Keith Wallace – Insight Program Director 2

    3. Agenda • What is the Oracle Insight Program? • Benefits • Focus Areas for DISD • Methodology • Sponsorship • Next Steps 3

    4. Business Transformation via IT Enablement What is Oracle Insight? • Complimentary strategic planning service:DISD Business Objective + Oracle Insight Recommended Roadmap ======================================= DISD Roadmap To Achieve Business Objective • Exclusively for Oracle’s key customers • Executive sponsorship by Oracle and DISD • Maximizes DISD leverage of: Industry best-practices Your existing personnel expertise Your existing investments in Oracle solutions 4

    5. “Whole new way of doing business with Oracle” – City of Chicago Customer Testimonials “The Insight Study has provided a comprehensive review to improve Sandia's utilization it's ERP system as well as to identify significant cost savings.” Gary Concannon, Manager, Business Technologies Department,Sandia National Laboratories “"A lot of vendors have promised engagements like this however Oracle is the first to actually deliver it." Mike Ressler , Deputy CIO North Dakota “I was really impressed with the recommendations the Insight team provided in the presentation, particularly how it focused on the issues and did not have Oracle and products all over it.” Mark Breckenridge, Deputy Division Chief,Identity Authentication Office, Defense Manpower Data Center 5

    6. Do More Rapidly Deploy and Optimize Business Flows Know More Optimize Business Performance Spend Less Reduce IT Operating Costs Worry Less Improve Reliability and Security DISD Decides – Which Direction Do You Want To Go? Customer Benefits 6

    7. Discovery Workshops: Executive Goals Key Business Requirements ValueChain Consequential Pains Tactical Pains Findings Presentation: SolutionMap DiscoveryMap Structured Collaboration & Defined Deliverables Methodology 7

    8. Which Focus Areas Align with DISD Strategic Objectives? Focus Areas • DISD Potential Areas: • Improve end-user experience with Oracle Applications • Maximize DISD ROI on Oracle Technology and Applications investment • Develop DISD IT architecture to accommodate short-term and future growth • Position DISD to be the IT thought leader in K-12 • Others? 8

    9. Create Highly Available Utility Computing Capability StandardizeDatabase & Middle-tier Re-architect to one DB Develop Standard IITS Catalog of Services Develop IITS Strategic Plan Provide Disaster Recovery Consolidate Servers Develop Standards Based Data Integration Adopt Standards Based Services Oriented Architecture Standardize Server Platform & Operating System Develop Standard Workflow Processes Move to standard Development environment Sample Focus Area Value Map Ability to Execute Value

    10. Position DISD to be the thought leader in K-12 Maximize DISD ROI on Oracle technology and applications investment Develop DISD IT architecture to accommodate short term and future growth Improve end user experience with Oracle applications DISD Focus Area Value Map Ability to Execute Value

    11. Executive Invite Solution Design Solution Presentation Strong Management = Good Use of DISD Resources Discovery Methodology: Project Plan Activities* 9/8-29 10/3 8/24 9/6 Project Kickoff Obtain DISD Executive Sponsorship and Formulate Hypothesis Conduct Senior Level Project Team Interviews Confirm key business requirements and inhibitors via Web Conference call Conduct Focused Workshops Refine Hypothesis & Collect Data Synthesize/Integrate Workshop Findings Review Findings with Business & IT Leaders and Executive Sponsors Formulate Solution based on Findings Final Presentation Final Detail Planning & Solution Deployment * Timing is based on availability of Oracle and DISD resources 11

    12. What does DISD get out of this? Examples: • Detailed analysis of business requirements • Roadmap on technical solutions • Part of a highly visible strategic program • Access to best resources in Oracle • Hardcopy documentation - Solution Recommendation • Discovery map • Solutions map • Key business requirements & priorities • Solution Architecture - application, data, & technology • Phased implementation roadmap • Final presentation 12

    13. How are Insight results used? Examples: • Part of a strategic plan • Budget justification process • Identify and prioritize business initiatives • Justification for grant money • Roadmap for deploying funds • Blueprint for leveraging technology to achieve business goals • Proof of Concept initiatives • Visibility into industry best practices 13

    14. DISD Executive Sponsor Plays A Key Role DISD Resources • Executive Sponsor – Arnie Viramontes • Obtain Stakeholder buy-in and commitment • Support discovery process • Program Manager – Julius White • Manage and coordinate discovery & assessment process • Secure DISD resources • Participate in presentation • Stakeholders • Participate in interviews and validation • Provide required information • Review and provide input to final report • Attend final presentation 14

    15. Oracle Resources • Executive Sponsors – Diana Richie, Industry Director – K-12 • Commitment & support from Oracle • Account responsibility • Program Manager – Keith Wallace, Director • Coordinate discovery & secure Oracle resources • Lead executive focus sessions & interviews • Coordinate discovery & recommendations deliverables • Solutions Architect and Specialists • Define solution map • Technology Architect • Define technical infrastructure & architecture 15

    16. Next Steps • Confirm Executive Sponsorship • Identify & Prioritize High Value Initiatives • Explore Goals and Key Business Requirements, and Discuss Potential Joint Initiatives to Achieve Results • Identify Availability of Personnel for Joint Initiatives • For Each Initiative, Develop a Joint Plan and Schedule to Meet Your Expectations 16

    17. Timetable (proposed) • Secure executive sponsorship (8/24) • Discovery workshop (9/6) • Validate discovery findings (9/7) • Solution development complete (9/29) • Present findings to DISD (10/3) 17