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Things To know from the Simulation….

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Things To know from the Simulation…. ** The more notes you take the better you will do on the quiz tomorrow. Why the hurry to colonize the Americas?.

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things to know from the simulation

Things To know from the Simulation….

** The more notes you take the better you will do on the quiz tomorrow.

why the hurry to colonize the americas
Why the hurry to colonize the Americas?
  • The Main Reason to establish colonies in the Americas was to add land and economic resources as well as strengthening military control from the European nations.
    • Reasons why individual people came over was for economic, religious and more freedom away from the King
places where people settled
Places where people settled.

The Puritans settled in the New England Colonies

The Quakers settled in Pennsylvania because William Penn was a Quaker.

The Pilgrims settled in Plymouth Mass.

reasons colony s started
Reasons Colony's started.
    • Southern Colonies
  • Georgia- for people in debt to go from England to pay off their debt.
  • South Carolina-Profit
  • North Carolina-Profit
  • Virginia-Profit
  • Maryland-Freedom of Religion
    • Middle Colonies
  • Pennsylvania-Religious freedom
  • Delaware-Profit
  • New Jersey-Profit
  • New York-Profit
    • New England Colonies
  • New Hampshire-Religious freedom
  • Massachusetts-Religious freedom
  • Connecticut-Religious freedom
  • Rhode Island-Religious freedom
why did the new colonies need a type of government
Why did the new colonies need a type of Government?

They were way far away from England because of this they needed a way to uphold laws and keep order. This led to the creation of representative government. They wanted everyone (except women) to have a say in the rules and laws of the colony. So the distance away from England led to the creation of Colonial Government.

early forms of government
Early forms of Government…
  • Mayflower Compact (1620)
    • Created in Plymouth (A Democracy **1st Self Government in America)
  • House of Burgesses (1619)
    • Virginia Jamestown
    • People were Elected by the colonist to represent them.
    • Fundamental Orders of Connecticut (1639)
      • Created by Thomas Hooker in Connecticut
      • All men could vote (not just church members)
      • 1st Constitution in the Colonies
  • Town Meetings
    • Group of people gathered and talked and decided issues of local interest.
why were the early governments important
Why were the Early governments important?

They represented colonists’ participation in government and set up the precedents for future governments based on democracy and representatives.

what was the main cause of the economic differences among the colonies in north america
What was the main cause of the economic differences among the Colonies in North America?

Ans. Geography

North can’t grow crops but the South can. So the North had to do other things to make money like ship building, fur trade building things.

why would slavery be more important to the south than the north
Why would slavery be more important to the south than the north?

Ans. The economy was based on agriculture so they needed more cheap/free labor to be more profitable.

what is mercantilism
What is Mercantilism?

It is when a country or place (the Colonies) get raw materials (lumber, cotton, etc) then they send it to the mother country (England) who then turns it in to finished goods (a desk, chair or t-shirt) then sales it back to the place it came from (The Colonies)

All to make lots of $$$$$$$$$$

what is enlightenment
What is Enlightenment?

A movement during the 1700’s that used reason and logic in order to improve the world.

John Locke stressed the idea that there was a social contract between government and citizens. (He believed that people had natural rights such as liberty and equality and that it was the Governments job to ensure that these were protected.)

the great awakening of the 1730 s
The Great Awakening of the 1730’s
  • Widespread Christian movement.
    • Involved sermons and revivals that stressed faith in God.

Why was it important?

It had an impact on social and political life (The way the Government ran was starting to change now).

People started to question the authority of church and government leaders.

articles of confederation
Articles of Confederation.

Well we’re kind of busy Can you call Arkansas instead?

Hey Oklahoma!

I need some help quick.

First Government over America.

Closely resembled a treaty or agreement between the states.

what was wrong with the aoc
What was wrong with the AOC?
  • Had 5 big weaknesses.

(Remember the Hand)

    • No Court system
    • No Laws
    • No taxes
    • No military
    • No leader

All these added together means no power or Control for the Government.

why was the constitution convention called in 1787
Why was the Constitution Convention called in 1787?

Everyone thought or at least a lot of people thought that the Articles of Confederation (AOC) was too weak and needed to be replaced.

So they went to the Convention of 1787 and ended up creating the Constitution.

***They knew the Government needed to be stronger so that’s why they met.

whiskey rebellion
Whiskey Rebellion
  • What was it?
    • Congress (led by Alexander Hamilton’s economic plan ) passed a tax on American Made whiskey.
    • Farmers that produced small amounts of whiskey for trade didn’t like this (They couldn’t afford it)
    • So a small group of farmers who didn’t like it refused to pay the tax and even started tarring and feathering the Tax collectors.
whiskey rebellion continued
Whiskey Rebellion continued…
  • President Washington saw them as a potential threat to the federal government and quickly assembled 13,000 soldiers to take care of the rebellion.
  • As the army approached most of the rebels fled and the Whiskey Rebellion ended with out a battle.
    • Why is this important?
      • ANS: It proved that the (NEW AND IMPROVED) federal government could enforce the laws,
what do you need to know about the nw territory
What do you need to know about the NW Territory?
  • So All the states have finally approved the AWESOME (Not!!!) Articles of Confederation.
  • Well we have all this land you just saw and we need to find out what we should do with it.
    • The Government needed to raise money to pay off it’s war debt from American Revolution.



To raise money Congress passed the Land Ordinance of 1785 which set up a plan to sell off the land to the public. (They did give some of the land to War veterans to pay off their debt as well.)

The 2nd thing the Congress did was pass the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 this ordinance created the Northwest Territory and also a system for bringing new states into the Union. Slavery was banned in the new territory. **All of this led to the rapid westward expansion of the U.S.

marbury v madison
Marbury v. Madison
  • What it was….
    • A court case that resulted in Judicial Review being established by the supreme court (Legislative Branch)
    • What is Judicial Review?
      • It gave the supreme court power to review all laws passed by Congress to make sure that they are Constitutional or Fair

Question. What is the most important factor the supreme court uses when conducting a Judicial Review?

Ans…...The laws of the US Constitution.

federalist papers and those who were in favor of a stronger central government
Federalist Papers and those who were in favor of a stronger central Government

What were the Federalist Papers??

Popular essays written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay that tried to convince the general public that the Constitution was a good thing. It argued that the new federal government would not overpower the states.

first political parties
First Political Parties.
  • Federalist Party-Supported a strong central government. Promoted industry and trade. (Popular in the New England Area)
    • Led by Alexander Hamilton and John Adams
  • Democratic Republican Party- Supported limiting the power of the Federal Government. Promoted Agriculture and was more popular in the South and West
    • Led by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Aaron Burr
presidents and when they served
Presidents and when they served…

George Washington (1789-1797)

John Adams (1797-1801)

Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809)

James Madison (1809-1817)

James Monroe (1817-1825)

george washington s presidency
George Washington’s Presidency
  • As nations first president he set several Precedents (He showed the later guys what to do)
    • Began being called “Mr. President”
    • Warned against Political Parties
    • Served two terms of 4 years =8yrs total
    • Warned against Foreign ties (Stay Neutral!)
john adams presidency
John Adams Presidency

Beat out Thomas Jefferson to become the 2nd President of the U.S.

In 1790’s France started attacking our ships in the Atlantic Ocean. (John Adams was the current president)

Adams had to get involved to avoid a full scale war with France. (XYZ affair Remember???)

thomas jefferson
Thomas Jefferson

Key writer of the Declaration of Independence.

Jefferson was all about protecting the powers of the individual states as opposed to giving to much power to the central government.

He believed in farmers and agriculture and didn’t want to depend on business and manufacturing.

Jefferson believed in a strict construction of the Constitution. (Follow very closely no bending of rules)

Bought the Louisiana territory (From France) while President.

alexander hamilton not a president
Alexander Hamilton (not a President)
  • Served as Secretary of the Treasury under Washington
  • Hamilton believed in a strong central Government and loose construction of the Constitution. (Bend the rules when necessary)
  • Promoted business and manufacturing.
  • Created the National bank.
    • Did not get along with Thomas Jefferson as far as how the Government should be ran.
important dates
Important Dates.

1215-Magna Carta


1619- House of Burgesses

1620-Mayflower Compact

1754 French and Indian War

1763-Treaty of Paris (Ended above war)

1770-Boston Massacre

1773 Boston Tea Party

1775-1783 American Revolution

1776 Declaration of Independence

1783 Treaty of Paris (Different one) (Which officially ended the American Revolution)

1787 US Constitution written

1803 Louisiana Purchase