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Self-Concept. Grade 12 Family Studies. Self-concept. Self-Concept : The perception you have of yourself

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self concept


Grade 12 Family Studies

self concept1

Self-Concept: The perception you have of yourself

We tend to categorize individuals according to the way we perceive their behavior. If you stop to think about it, you realize that you categorize your own characteristics, as well. You may think of yourself as a competitor or as a person who hates competition, as an outgoing and sociable person or as someone who is basically shy.

self concept2

Self concept is developed early in life and affects the way that person functions in his/her environment. Children develop self-concepts through what they believe the important people in their life feel about them.

self concept3

“As I See Myself” is formed largely by our own perception of what others think of us. This influences our actions. Our actions in large part determine how others actually do see us and directly influence their reactions to us in return. Their actions again, influence the way we see ourselves.

factors influencing self concept
Factors Influencing Self-concept
  • Hereditary Factors
    • Genes determine height, proportions, facial features, basic mental capacity
    • Physical and intellectual development can depend on prenatal and postnatal care, diet, rest and exercise  Parental responsibility
factors influencing self concept1
Factors Influencing Self-concept
  • Environmental Factors
    • Family you live with
    • Friends you keep
      • Peer Pressure
    • Where you live
factors influencing self concept2
Factors Influencing Self-Concept
  • Cultural Factors
    • Society
      • Sexuality  gender roles
    • Role Models
      • Movie stars, politicians, humanitarians, athletes, musicians.
    • Independence
      • 16 to drive, 18 to vote, 18-21 to drink
      • Your degree to conformity to those ideas affects your self-concept
threats to self concept
Threats to Self-Concept




Mixed Messages in the Media regarding how you should look, act, feel, etc.

value and self concept
Value and Self-Concept

To develop a positive self-concept you need to focus on your strengths and your values as a person

Our values are an important part of who we are. They provide us with an important set of personal standards.

values auction
Values Auction

Take the 3 pages of Dirks Dollars you have received. Cut them out so you have a stack of 18 $50.

This = $900.

values auction1
Values Auction

One way to find out what you value is to assign a dollar amount to it. Therefore, we will be having a values auction.

Read through the items up for bid and put a small check in the column beside the items you would like to bid on. After the bidding is over, write the amount that item went for in the second column.

values auction2
Values Auction
  • Rules:
    • You have to bid in multiples of $50
    • You cannot make fun of anyone for what they do or do not decide to bid on.
    • If you make the highest bid for an item you pay for it. Once you have run out of money you can no longer bid for items.
follow up questions
Follow-up Questions

Which items were most important based on the auction? Which were the least important? Why?

Did the bidding differ between the girls and the boys? If so in what way?

Was there an item you really wanted but could not purchase?

Were there any items no one seemed interested in bidding on? Why?

How would your parents / guardians have bid on some of these items? Would they have spent more or less money on certain items? Which ones?