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Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Professional Development Plan. By Jing-Ling (Genie) Yang. The question comes from this…. What you would like to be known for/as in 10 years? An experienced Marketer that helps the company expand market share, boost the sales, and refine the reputation of the company.

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Professional Development Plan

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    1. Professional Development Plan By Jing-Ling (Genie) Yang

    2. The question comes from this… • What you would like to be known for/as in 10 years? An experienced Marketer that helps the company expand market share, boost the sales, and refine the reputation of the company.

    3. Knowledge – Skills, Concepts, Contexts, Issues • Academic – Complete MBA program with Marketing Concentration. • Plan: Try to take Strategy courses • Soft skills – Improve communication in English – writing / speaking / presenting • Plan: Continue joining Toastmaster. Take opportunities to make presentations in MBA program.

    4. Practice – Problem-Solving, Advising, and Evaluation • Participate marketing project courses – • selected by school professor, supervising instructor, real world experiences and networking opportunity • Participate Case competitions – • Real world experience, networking opportunities, good for resume.

    5. Learning –Awareness and monitoring of news and resources • Marketing Association • American Association of Advertising Agencies, American Marketing Association, Marketing Research Association. • Publications – • Wall Street Journal • Website for B-2-B marketing • B2B marketing trend , BtoB online • Plan: Subscribe the newsletter and enroll the organizations.

    6. Dialog – Experience with professional discussions and debates • Mentor Program in Katz MBA School – • Meeting the professionals in the Pittsburgh area, valuable insights about both the MBA program and sharing information in real world marketing practice. • Attend marketing events – • gaining insights about latest marketing topics, asking questions during the lecture • Attend Marketing club– • good speakers, in school, great practice

    7. Networking –Developing and maintaining professional relationships • Attend Job Events – • Good chances to meet people outside of Pittsburgh Area. Corporate meetings allows us to network with corporate staff from Chicago or New York • Attend networking events – • Meeting Katz Alumni, or the companies interested in Katz MBA students. • Keep in touch with my old colleagues and old friends from work – • Job Referral, keep updated with the practice in similar industry.

    8. Reputation – Visibility and credibility within target communities • Keep good relationships with my teammates and professors – • Reputation comes from good performance and good attitudes while working with others. • After graduation from MBA program – • Good attitude and successful campaign will make one’s reputation better.