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Update Finland. TF-EMC2 16-17.10.2006 Mikael Linden CSC, the Finnish IT Center for Science. Finnish higher education overview. 20 universities, 29 polytechnics (=universities of applied sciences) Small units spread all over the country 300 000 degree students, 40 000 employees

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update finland

Update Finland

TF-EMC2 16-17.10.2006

Mikael Linden

CSC, the Finnish IT Center for Science

finnish higher education overview
Finnish higher education overview
  • 20 universities, 29 polytechnics (=universities of applied sciences)
    • Small units spread all over the country
  • 300 000 degree students, 40 000 employees

CSC, the Finnish IT Center for Science

  • Non-profit company owned by the ministry of education
  • 140 employees
  • to provide centralised IT services to higher education and research
    • Scentific applications, supercomputing
    • Funet – the Finnish national research network (NREN)
    • Haka identity federation
status of haka federation
Status of Haka federation
  • Pilot federation operational 12/2003
  • Production level federation operational 8/2005
    • running Shibboleth (mostly, ver 1.3)
  • Current members: 11/20 universities, 8/29 polytechnic
    • coverage: 60% of edupersons (in universities: 80% of edupersons)
  • Current partners: 2
  • Several universities have Shibboleth in intra-organisational use
  • Haka is only for higher education and research institutions
  • 3 persons FTE at CSC
11 identity providers idp 11 service providers sp
11 IdPs

University of Helsinki

Jyväskylä Polytechnic

University of Kuopio

University of Oulu

Lappeenranta University of Technology

Pirkanmaa Polytechnic

University of Tampere

Tampere University of Technology (TUT)

Helsinki University of Technology (HUT)

University of Turku

Åbo Academi

(No home for the homeless!)

151 000 end users

5 library services

Nelli portal (Ex Libris: Metalib)

HUT Library database (Endeavor: Voyager)

Univ of Helsinki Library database (Voyager)

Univ of Oulu Library database (Voyager)

Univ of Lappeenranta Library db(Voyager)

3 learning management systems

Moodle /TUT



CSC’s own services

Scientist’s Interface

Funet extranet

Student administration


114 000 logins in September

11 Identity Providers (IdP)11 Service Providers (SP)
hot topic getting asp services shibbolized
Hot topic: Getting ASP services shibbolized
  • ASP = Application Service Provisioning
    • universities are outsourcing administrational services
    • software run by commercial companies
    • at the moment, each outsourced service means an extra username/passwd
  • Competence management sw: Personec hr
    • Shibbolized and used in production in one university since 2/2006
  • HR Registry sw: Personec f/ESS (Employee self-service)
  • Travel administration sw: Personec Travel
  • Circulation of incoming invoices: WM-data Rondo
recent areas of development
Recent areas of development
  • AAIEye: monitoring, reporting and configuration management of a federation (part of GN2/JRA5)
    • how to make sure that all the IdPs and SPs are up and running
  • demonstrated a cross-federation login with FEIDE and DK-AAI in Nordunet conference in September
    • IdP In Denmark and Norway, SP in Finland
  • funetEduPerson 2.0 released 5/2006
    • Adopts schac and eduPerson200604
    • New national attributes
    • more specific interpretation of vocabularies
  • the WAYF moved to a commercial 24x7 machine room
    • Running the SWITCHaai’s php implementation
  • trying to find companies that provide ’Shibboleth as a service’
    • Shib IdP hosting, Shibboleth consulting
  • Shib IdP and strong user authentication (PKI/smartcards)
aaieye a separate talk in gn2 jra5 meeting on friday
AAIEye: a separate talk in GN2/JRA5 meeting on Friday

IdPs monitored

”Traffic lights”

SPs monitored