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FINLAND. Finland is in north part of Europe. It belong to Scandinavia. Our population is 5,2 millions and capital is Helsinki.

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Finland is in north part of Europe. It belong to Scandinavia. Our population is 5,2 millions and capital is Helsinki.

If you want to travel to Finland you have to think about in what season you are coming. Because in Finland we have four so different and beautiful kind of season and you can’t do always all things.

In Finland we have unique culture things what you can see and what you can do.

Santa claus
Santa Claus

Finland is known about Santa Claus. Santa Claus is really significant in our culture. Santa Claus’s awesome workshop is in Rovaniemi. It’s open all the round year. There you can see real Santa Claus and cute elfs.

Many tourits who come to Finland want see Santa Claus because it is brilliant moment when you get meet him.

Lakes and sauna
Lakes and Sauna

Finland is called country of thousands of lakes. We have many fresh lakes. Almost every Finn has swum in lake. Many finnish people has their own cottage or they rent one for summer.

Cottages are always nearby lake. It is our lovely tradition that we go to sauna and after sauna we swim in the lake.

We have really weird habit. We have vihta which is build for many branches of the bird three. We hit each others lightly with that in sauna ans same time we are throwing water to sauna heater. Hiding with vihta is improving our blood circulation.


Lapland and northern lights

Lapland is one of the most popular and amazing place to visit in Finland. Lapland summer time is almost different country than winter time.

Three months in summer we have light around the clock, there is no sunset at all. Winter time we have short part when sunrise doesn’t happen, we have dark whole day.

Lapland is amazing visit place because you can see there beautiful northern lights. Northern lights mean colorful light effect on the sky. It’s looks like incredible.

In lapland you can see also reindeer. Example when you are skiing suddenly front of you can be reindeer.


Ice swimming

Ice swimming is maybe one of the craziest thing what you can do in Finland.

First you have to do hole in ice and then you go to swim freezing cold water. You can do that with sauna or also without it.

Main cause is get relax and cheery feelings in your body and mind.

You can complete also in that sport. Ice swimming competitions is same kind of than normal swim competition. Only difference is that you do it in ice water.


Snow hotel

Everybody knows that winter time in Finland can be really cold. We have so much snow and ice. And we are put to account it and we built snow hotel in Kemi.

This is definitely one place where you have to go if you are going to Finland winter time. I’m sure that it is unforgettable experience.