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A T reasury of N atural S tren g th

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A T reasury of N atural S tren g th. The Old Mountain Treasury. In the good old days , nature was not a mystery for man; it was his home and his “dining” table, a space where he could find his shelter and his medicines. The friendship between man and nature probably began instinctively.

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the old mountain treasury
The Old Mountain Treasury

In the good old days, nature was not a mystery for man; it was his home and his “dining” table, a space where he could find his shelter and his medicines. The friendship between man and nature probably began instinctively.

Trying different herbs, man began to gather practical experience about their beneficial effects. This skill followed its way invisiblyfrom generation to generation.

Nowadays it is part of folk tradition, a forgotten knowledge hidden in a natural oasis, the Old Mountain Treasury, far away from bustling everyday modern life.


The Old Mountain Treasury

Clear spring water, carefully produced extracts of medicinal herbs, love and care - are all woven together in our products, made in the traditional way, exactly as it was done in the olden times. The Old Mountain Treasury range is produced in small series keeping the excellence of the natural features.

Using our products you will enjoy the richness of nature, its fragrances and senses that will create a long undisturbed harmony of your body and soul.


The Old Mountain Treasury already consists of 15products for:

  • Hair Care
  • Face and Body Care

New Products:

  • Ramson Elixir Drops
  • Anti-Cellulite Gel
hair care
Hair Care
  • Herbal Shampoo against Hair Loss, Seborrhoea and Dandruff(200ml)

Nettle, Garlic, Indian cress, Lemon-balm

Thanks to the active ingredients of nettle, garlic, Indian cress and lemon-balm,

this shampoo stops and permanently removes the biggest three enemies of

healthy hair. Beneficial effect of these herbs returns the natural balance to the

scalp, prevent drying out and scaling, feeding and promoting faster and stronger hair growth, producing thick,

strong and luxurious hair.

hair care1
Hair Care
  • Herbal Lotion against Hair Loss, Seborrhoea and Dandruff(200ml)

Nettle, Garlic, Indian Cress and Mint

Effective ingredients of the extracts of the nettle, garlic, Indian cress and mint,

penetrate into the hair, deeply regenerating the scalp and the structure of the hair.

Regularly used, it can solve even severe hair loss problems, seborrhoea and dandruff, with the added benefit of thicker and shinier hair.

hair care2
Hair Care
  • Herbal Shampoo for Young Hair Care(200ml)

Nettle, Mountain Herbs, Camomile and Rosemary

This special combination of nettle, mountain herbs, camomile and rosemary extracts penetrates into the structure of the hair, hydrates it and returns its natural balance. Regularly used, it restores shine to the hair and makes it resistant to the harsh urban environment.

hair care3
Hair Care
  • Herbal Lotion for Young Hair Care(200ml)

Nettle, Camomile and Sage

This mild and tender lotion keeps the natural balance of the scalp and makes hair shiny, soft and easy to shape. The extracts of nettle, camomile and sage feed the hair, make it resistant to

harmful external environment.

face and body care
Face and Body Care
  • Refreshing Good Morning Bath (250 ml)

Rosemary, Sage, Nettle, Sweet Basil

The active ingredients -rosemary, sage, nettle, and sweet basil - wake up the

sleeping senses, improve concentration and reduce stress. Beneficial

effects of the herb mixture give the sense of freshness

during the day, stimulate the circulation,

smoothen the skin and control perspiration.

face and body care1
Face and Body Care
  • Shower Natural Oil-basedScrub for Skin Regeneration (150ml)


An extremely tender scrub, for all skin types, removes dead cells, leaving it smooth and silky. Active qualities of marigold improve the circulation, soothe and regenerate the skin.

face and body care2
Face and Body Care
  • ShowerScrub Salt for Skin Regeneration (150ml)

Sweet Basil

Salt crystals, enriched with a sweet basil extract, are ideal for polishing your skin. It removes dead cells, regenerates and moisturises the skin.

face and body care3
Face and Body Care
  • Moisturising Cream for Face Care (60 ml)

Hairy Willow Herb/Marvel-of-Peru

Hairy willow herb extract softens the skin, moisturises it and slows down the aging process, restoring the natural balance and regulating cellular metabolism. As it works it revitalizes the skin reducing existing wrinkles and reducing the formation of new ones.

face and body care4
Face and Body Care
  • Glycerine Hand Care Cream (100ml)

Marigold, Camomile, and Nettle

Thanks to the ingredients of marigold, camomile and nettle in combination with glycerine, the cream regenerates and softens hands, protecting them from drying. At the same time, it makes the nails stronger and prevents breakage.

face and body care5
Face and Body Care
  • Nourishing Face and Body Cream (150ml)

Sweet Basil and Camomile

The combination of the extracts of sweet basil and camomile improves the skin circulation, maintains its natural moisture level and soothes irritation. This makes the skin beautifully silky and slows down the aging process.

foot care
Foot Care
  • Cream for Chapped and Rough Skin and Heels (100ml)

Marigold and Yarrow

The combination of marigold and yarrow extracts produces beneficiary effects on the skin of very dry feet, producing a protective cover that prevents inflammation processes and fungus infections. It moisturises and regenerates chapped and rough skin, preventing repeated drying out.

foot care1
Foot Care
  • Lotion against Foot Odour and Sweating (150 ml)

Menthe, camomile and sage

Based on extracts of menthe, camomile and sage, this lotion for foot care, reduces sweating, removes and prevents foot odour. It produces a deep sensation of freshness throughout the day.


General Health Care

  • Ladies tea (20 g)

This special herbal spice helps alleviate the discomfort of irregular and painful periods, heavy bleeding and a wide range of vaginal infections. It is recommended for women of all ages.

general health care
General Health Care
  • Ramson Elixir Drops

(Allium ursinium, lat.)

Ramson Elixir drops is a completely natural product, containing a pure extract of ramson, without any preservatives, sweeteners and artificial

colours. It reduces the level of triglycerides

and cholesterol inblood andhigh blood pressure.

Improving circulation, it has a beneficial effect on the

heart. Theantimicrobial and antioxidant effects purify the

body from toxinsreducingtendency to arteriosclerosis,

gastrointestinal problems,respiratory system diseases,

hematomas and hard-to-heal open wounds.


General Health Care

  • Anti-Cellulite Gelfor Regenerated and Healthy Skin

Juniper Berry, Rosemary, Mother of Thyme, Mint, Marigold, Nettle, Sage

Anti-cellulite gel from the Old Mountain Treasury collection is an absolutely natural, effective combination of juniper berry, rosemary, mint, nettle, lemon- balm, marigold and thyme extracts. Acting in the intercellular spaces thegel purifies and

feeds the skin, improves the circulation

and accelerates healthy cell production.

As a result,the skin looks younger,

smoother and healthy.

general health care1
General Health Care
  • Antibacterial Liquid Soap (250ml)

Carline Thistle and Sage

A strong antibacterial soap, based on carline thistle and sage that opens the pores and deeply cleanses the skin, its essential oils calm difficult skin and prevent acne breakout. Extremely mild, it is suitable for intimate care.

medicinal herbology
Medicinal Herbology
  • Garlic is a greatantibiotic and antiseptic and has bactericidal effect on streptococci, piogenes, coli-bacillus, typhus and dysentery bacilli. It is used externally and for skin stimulation. It is recommended for curing dermal diseases, hair loss and dandruff.
  • Sweet basil contains essential oils, tannin, saponin, vitamins B1, Cand carotene. It has antiseptic effect, as well as effect of preservative because it prevents development of many microorganisms by destroying them. It is used as tranquilizer; it stimulates blood circulation in skin, cleans it, improves its elasticity and helps regeneration.
  • Indian Cress has antibiotic effect. It is used against hair lossbecause itacts as a tonic on skin and roots. It has distinctive antibacterial influence and is used in healing respiratory organs. Its leaf, flower and ripe seed are used.
  • Yarrowhas strong bactericidal effect.It is used against wound festering, it heals inflammations, dry hands, nipples injured from suckling, rashes, psoriasis.
  • Camomileprevents inflammations, skin and mucous membrane inflammations, calms and refreshes skin, heals rheumatism, fatigue, oversensitivity, insomnia. It is used against dandruff and hair loss. Chamomile essential oils are very suitable for kids.
medicinal herbology1
Medicinal Herbology
  • Clamath Weed contains plenty of carotene and vitamin C, so those and other ingredients act as antibiotic. It has a tranquilizing effect on nervous system. It is used in creams for problematic and greasy skin, and preparations for greasy skin. It heals acne and rheumatism.
  • NettleVitamin herb that contains plenty of calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C, A, B2, K, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids. It is used against hair falling and dandruff, it nourishes hair, skin and nails and heals rheumatism and ankle ailments.
  • Mother of Thymeprevents development of pathologic microbes, lessens headaches, calms pains in cases of nerve inflammation, sciatica and rheumatism; it is used in bath soaps, against dandruff and hair loss. It is also used for oral rinsing and in tooth pastes.
  • Lemon BalmIt is mild and harmless substance for calming the nerves, has favourable effect on insomnia caused by fatigue. It is used in bath soaps against neuralgia and rheumatism, for massage – it refreshes and removes physical and mental tiredness.
medicinal herbology2
Medicinal Herbology
  • Mentheis used for calming down, it removes headache, mental tiredness, has anti-depressive effect. Essential oil contains menthol with strong bactericide effect, it is used for disinfection and as aromatic substance, stimulates nerves in skin, easily evaporates and cools the skin and has an effect of mild anesthetic.
  • Marigoldhas antiseptic effect, against inflammations, helps healing wounds, improves circulation and stimulates new tissue growth. It helps curing dermatitis, eczema, herpes, sun induced erythema, psoriasis.
  • Marvelof Peru/Hairy Willowhas antioxidant attributes – neutralizes free radicals and slows down aging process. Hairy Willow oil helps with irritated skin, neurodermatitis, acne, eczema, lichen, psoriasis, festering skin inflammations, ulcers and wounds.
  • Agarimonyit is an astringent – it causes astringency and tissue contraction. Aerial part of the herb with its flower or the whole herb with a root is used. Externally it is used against bleeding of wounds and cuts. It helps curing dermal ailments.
  • Satureamontanais recommended for elders and convalescents because it improves overall state of organism. Because of its strong antiseptic attributes it is used externally for irritations of skin and mucous membrane.
medicinal herbology3
Medicinal Herbology
  • Rosemaryhelps in curing rheumatic problems, neuralgia, ankle pains. It stimulates circulation in the skin, has the antioxidant effect, is unavoidable ingredient of facial wash products, lotions against hair loss, for greasy hair, eau de toilettes, aromatic bath foams, massage oils.
  • Ramsonis great for cleansing the entire organism, lowers the increased quantity of triglycerides and cholesterol in blood. It has beneficial effect on arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, liver and lung diseases. It is used for cleaning wounds, stomach and intestines cleansing.
  • Common Thymeis used for curing skin and mucous membrane inflammations.It increases physical strength and boosts spirit. Timol is an excelent preservative.
  • Carline Thistle It is used for oral rinsing. Externally it is used for curing dermal ailments, wounds that are difficult to heal and ulcers. The root is given to diabetes patients as dietary food because on account of insulin.
  • Sagedecreases sweat gland excretion and regulates sweating, heals rheumatism, acts as stimulant and lifs tonus. It is recommended against inflammations. It helps in curing influenza and flu.