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CHANGING THE CULTURE. NOTRE DAME PREP HOCKEY. What NDP hockey was. Lack of pride Lack of control Lack of commitment or dedication Just an activity Thought process of players and coaches. What NDP Hockey is now. Family Brotherhood Fraternity. How the culture was changed.

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changing the culture



what ndp hockey was
What NDP hockey was
  • Lack of pride
  • Lack of control
  • Lack of commitment or dedication
  • Just an activity
  • Thought process of players and coaches
what ndp hockey is now
What NDP Hockey is now
  • Family
  • Brotherhood
  • Fraternity
how the culture was changed
How the culture was changed
  • It all begins with the coaches
    • Role Model
    • Commitment
    • Organization
    • Behavior
    • Strong Coaching Values
    • Good Communication Skills
    • Fairness
    • Vision
    • Passion
And then each player
    • Attitude (including Pride and Respect)
    • Work Ethic
    • Commitment
    • Behavior on and off the ice
    • Passion for the sport
    • Sense of NDP hockey history
begin laying of the foundation
Begin laying of the foundation
  • Sell the program
  • Athletes stronger mentally and physically
  • Building the program to a competitive state
  • Instill sense of pride in the team including the dressing room
  • Promote team and players
things not part of the program in the beginning but are now key factors
Things not part of the program in the beginning but are now***Key Factors***
  • Commonality
    • Common goals/Shared vision
  • Power
    • Coach should always be in control
  • Group Boundaries
    • Team rules
  • Rewards & Punishments
    • Be consistent
  • Ideology
    • Who we are as a unit/Pride/Attitude/Belief
life lessons building lasting memories
Life Lessons & Building Lasting Memories
  • Expected to follow rules-running a tight ship
  • Maintain Eligibility
    • Emphasize how important it is to maintain academics if they want to attend college much less play at the next level
    • It’s more than just being academically eligible to play high school.

Sports are one of the reasons that the majority of H.S. athletes graduate and carry with them a sense of pride and respect for their school that is not seen in many other graduates.

Wanting to play for your school team and with your friends
  • Memories
    • Bus rides
    • Overnight trips
    • Tournaments
    • Playing for a packed rink
    • Doing things together off ice
A sense of fraternity
    • A belonging even after graduation
    • Pride that contributions to the team helped lay foundations & future successes
    • Continued support-coming back to see the team after graduation
our culture ndp hockey
Our Culture (NDP HOCKEY)

Being part of a great program is to know an atmosphere that fosters commitment, pride and respect, while challenging everyone to outdo their past accomplishments.

It’s also about collaboration. To be better together than apart. And that’s why this program is built the way it is.

Bad Habits and laziness are scarce. Team work isn’t. Passion can churn through the dressing room and pick up steam. We all might have a different number on the back of our jersey, but at the end of the day we all are Notre Dame Prep Hockey.