Master schedule development in high schools
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Master Schedule Development in High Schools. Meeting Needs and Accessing All the Curriculum Kerry Fannin Interim Assistant Superintendent Shelby County Public Schools OVEC Presentation November 18, 2008. Essential Question #1. Which Scheduling

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Master schedule development in high schools

Master Schedule Development in High Schools

Meeting Needs and

Accessing All the Curriculum

Kerry Fannin

Interim Assistant Superintendent

Shelby County Public Schools

OVEC Presentation

November 18, 2008

Essential question 1
Essential Question #1

Which Scheduling

Format Will Give At-Risk Students the Greatest Opportunity to Succeed?

Thoughts leading toward a 7 period day schedule
Thoughts Leading Toward a 7 Period Day Schedule

  • 90 Min @ day X 94 days @ semester=8,460 min = 141 hours of instruction

  • 53 min @ day X 187 days @ year=9,911 min = 165 hours of instruction (27 additional 53 min periods)

  • Eliminate the loss of time if a student or teacher is absent from school (1 absence = 2 instructional days)

  • Every day intervention for students At-Risk,

  • Revisiting new learning within the first 24 hours,

  • Having enough staff members / course offerings for students to have access to the entire curriculum,

Epas requirements effective 2008 2009 school year
EPAS Requirements;Effective 2008-2009 School Year

Scheduling strategies to address interventions and enrichment
Scheduling Strategies to Address Interventions and Enrichment

  • Reading Labs for 9th, 10th grade students needing reading interventions and 12th Grade students who don’t meet minimum EPAS scores on the ACT.

  • Math Labs that uses manipulatives and hands on, concrete activities of the theory & concepts learned in Math that day

  • Technical Applied Math III for 12th grade students not meeting minimum EPAS scores on the ACT

  • Accelerated courses at all levels

Need for intervention
Need for Intervention Enrichment

Targeted Assistance students:

  • Think in concrete-sequential modalities.

  • Have difficulty in visualizing an equation in 3D.

  • Require significant intervention for a maximum impact

  • Assessment for Learning

High School Math Requirements:

  • Think in abstract-theoretical modalities.

  • Convert numbers into a mental model.

  • Will progress with minimal interventions, ESS…

  • Assessment of Learning

Math lab activities
Math Lab Activities Enrichment

  • Build concrete models with Algeblocks, Algetiles and other manipulatives.

  • Practice using graphing calculators to build skills.

  • Use classroom sets of marker boards to draw graphic representations of equations.

  • Access GMADE like materials with which to build skills.

  • Contract a Math Coach to model the use of materials and equipment for Math Lab.

Reading lab activities
Reading Lab Activities Enrichment

  • Use a Diagnostic Assessment to determine the specific skills a student needs.

  • Access materials and activities that target those specific skills.

  • Use Empirical Research in selecting a Reading Program for intervention.

  • Monitor the effectiveness of your Reading Program, “Is it working?”

  • Partner with a Reading Consultant

  • GRADE is my program of choice…

Scheduling Enrichment

  • Before and After School ESS Program

  • Implement a Math Lab for Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry (Taught by those teachers).

  • Implement a mid-year Math Lab using Daytime Waiver ESS.

  • Requires a partnership with the counselor to make schedule changes.

Math labs
Math Labs Enrichment

Reading labs
Reading Labs Enrichment

Essential question 2
Essential Question #2 Enrichment

How Could Transforming

Our Course Sequencing

Play a Role in Improving

Student Achievement?

Scheduling strategies to address a h pl vs and social studies
Scheduling Strategies to Address A&H, PL/VS and Social Studies

  • 11th Grade History of Visual and Performing Arts;

    Visual Art, Drama / Music , Dance

  • 10th Grade PL /VS; Consumerism, Jobs & Careers / Advanced Health , Lifetime Physical Activity

  • Social Studies; 9th Grade World Civilizations, 10th Grade US History, 11th Grade Integrated Social Studies

  • Literacy course for 12th grade students with a focus in Reading and Writing Skills, students needing English interventions

Practical living vocational studies
Practical Living / Studies Vocational Studies

Schools implementing this model
Schools Implementing StudiesThis Model

  • Buckhorn HS October of 2006; 2 0f 38 Targeted Math Students failed 1st semester; KCCT scores improved +8, +11 and +7 points. Reading +11, +13, +21 points in the last 3 years.

  • Breathitt County HS began the move toward this scheduling model in December 2006 in Reading, +23 point jump. Fall 2007 began implementation in Math, +17 point jump. Implemented the model fully Fall 2008.

Schools implementing this model1
Schools Implementing StudiesThis Model

  • Letcher Central began full implementation of this scheduling model in Fall 2008 to address Reading and Math needs for At-Risk students.

  • Perry Central began near full implementation of this model in the Fall of 2008 to address Reading and Math needs for At-Risk students.

Other high schools partially implementing this model
Other High Schools Partially Implementing this Model Studies

  • Lawrence County High School

  • Lincoln County High School

  • Todd County High School