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Master Production Schedule

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Master Production Schedule - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Master Production Schedule. Overview. Define M aster P roduction S chedule Explain MPS Discuss How MPS Works Example From “Real Life” Brainstorm: How Can MPS Help Your Firm? Practice MPS Logic. What is MPS?.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Define Master Production Schedule
  • Explain MPS
  • Discuss How MPS Works
  • Example From “Real Life”
  • Brainstorm: How Can MPS Help Your Firm?
  • Practice MPS Logic
what is mps
What is MPS?
  • Master Production Schedule – States the requirements for individual end items by date and quantity. -APICS
mps explained
MPS Explained
  • Breaks down, or disaggregates, the production plan into product families
  • Promotes valid order promises
  • Provides a communication medium between Marketing/Sales and Operations
explanation continued
Explanation Continued
  • Proactively control ability to deliver goods to customers
  • Resource availability control
  • Proactively control inventory levels
disaggregate the sales and operations plan
Disaggregate the Sales and Operations Plan
  • The production plan is broken into product families
promotes valid order promises
Promotes Valid Order Promises
  • By validating the capacity for the MPS through rough cut capacity planning, alterative plans can be made when there are more orders than production
marketing operations
Marketing  Operations
  • Marketing communicates demand through customer orders and forecasts
  • Operations communicates capacity through inventory levels and constraints
resource availability control
Resource Availability Control
  • Production shortfalls will be known ahead of time and alternative plans can be made.
customer service
Customer Service
  • Proactively control ability to deliver goods to customers
inventory control
Inventory Control
  • Proactive approach to inventory control
    • Items are scheduled to arrive when needed
    • Safety stock has less importance
how mps works
How MPS Works
  • Information needed for MPS logic
    • Lot Size
    • Lead Time
    • Product Demand
    • Starting Inventory
how mps works cont
How MPS Works Cont.

W2 Inc. MPS for Widgets

Lot Size = 25 units

Lead Time = 0 periods

jet spray corp example
Jet Spray Corp. Example
  • Jet Spray Corporation
    • Markets dispensers for hot & cold beverages
    • Uses an integrated system that includes:
      • MRP
      • Capacity Planning
      • Shop floor control
      • MPS
      • Inventory Management
brainstorming exercise
Brainstorming Exercise
  • How can an MPS system be used in your Firm?
you re the master scheduler
You’re the Master Scheduler…
  • W2 Inc. is scheduling production for a new product called the Widget 5000
  • Starting Inventory = 0
  • Lot Size = 50
  • Lead time = 0
  • MPS breaks the Sales & Operations plan into product families
  • Maintains Desired Level of Customer Service
  • Allows proactive control of inventory
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