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Unit 9 Saving the earth PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 9 Saving the earth

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Unit 9 Saving the earth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 9 Saving the earth. What can we do to protect the environment?. We can help more people to know the important of protecting our earth. We should not use the things that pollute the environment, such as plastic bags, air-conditioners and so on. The Earth Summit.

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Unit 9

Saving the earth

what can we do to protect the environment
What can we do to protect the environment?
  • We can help more people to know the

important of protecting our earth.

  • We should not use the things that pollute

the environment, such as plastic bags,

air-conditioners and so on.

the earth summit
The Earth Summit
  • The Earth Summit is a meeting held

by the United Nations to discuss

environment issues. The First Earth Summit

was held in Sweden in 1972. In 2002,

the Earth Summit was held in

Johannesburg, South Africa.

fill in the table
Fill in the table

Definition of the Earth Summit.

Major problem facing the world.

Problem 1 (maybe water pollution)

2(maybe air pollution)

3(maybe poverty)

What we can do to

solve the problem

choose the best answers
Choose the best answers:

1.”Sustainable development” was brought forth___.

A. at the Stockholm Summit

B. at the Johannesburg Earth Summit

C. by the World Health Organization

D. by China’s former Premier Zhu Rongji

choose the best answers1
Choose the best answers:

2.What do the “big three” refer to

according to the passage?

A. Contaminated drinking water,

poor sanitation and air pollution.

B. Poverty, war and violence.

C. Food, clothing and shelter.

D. Clean water, good environment and

easy transportation.

choose the best answers2
Choose the best answers:

3.Which of the following is the main cause

of millions of deaths in rural areas?

A. Lack of drinking water. B. Poor sanitation.

C. Air pollution. D. Freezing cold.

4.The first paragraph mainly tells us_____.

A. where the Earth Summit was held

B. when the Earth Summit is held

C. how people discuss the most important problems

D. what is the function of the Earth Summit

choose the best answers3
Choose the best answers:

5.Which of the following best expresses the

main idea of the passage?

A. Different countries have different opinions

about development.

B. Equality and fairness are badly needed

in the today’ world.

C. The Earth Summit, a way to save the earth.

D. Sustainable development,

the future for the world.

choose the best answers4
Choose the best answers:

6. The third paragraph suggests that ___.

A. It is not too late for us to do something

to save the earth

B. we needn’t be so worried about the

environment of the earth

C. there are problems facing the earth,

but not serious enough

D. we will change our way of life sooner or later

choose the best answers5
Choose the best answers:

7. The Earth Summit is important mainly because_____.

A. It helps people realize that many of

the things they do every day are bad

for the environment

B. it is a place to discuss problems and find

solutions for the future

C. most of the important leaders from

different countries come to attend it

D. it spreads messages across every

part of the world

choose the best answers6
Choose the best answers:

8.The key to solving the major problems

facing the earth is _____.

A. to educate the people of the world

B. to improve the living conditions of the people

C. to treat people equally and fairly

D. to hold conferences like the Earth Summit frequently

detailed information to the outline
Detailed information to the outline

Introduction: introduce the Earth Summit to

the readers. Tell readers when and where it is

first held and what it is about.

Body: give more detailed information about

the problems discussed at the meeting.

Conclusion: tell readers what we can do to

protect our earth.

answer the questions
Answer the questions

1.What are the “big three”? Do you know of any other

major problems facing the earth?

The big three refer to the three biggest killers

in the world: contaminated drinking water,

poor sanitation, and air pollution. Other problem

include deforestation and desertification, AIDS,

war and so on.

2 why are conferences like the earth summit important
2. Why are conferences like the Earth Summit important?

Conferences like the Earth Summit are important because

they teach people about serious problems. They also bring

together people who are interested in finding solutions to the

problems and do something to protect human beings.

3.What issues are discussed at the Earth Summit?

Contaminated drinking water, poor sanitation,

air pollution, poverty, wars and violence.

4.Which do think is the most important? Why?


1.representative n. People chosen to present

another or others

adj. Serving to show a class or group

  • He was the first representative to Japanese.
  • This painting is representative of his work.

2.access n. (to)

(1) means of entering a place

(2) opportunity or right to use something or

approach somebody

  • The only access to the farmhouse is

across the fields.

  • Students must have access to a good library.
3 stress vt put stress or emphasis on something n special emphasis or significance


3. stress vt. Put stress or emphasis on somethingn. Special emphasis or significance
  • I stressed the importance of coming early.
  • My parents lay great stress on honesty.

4. take action:

do sth in response to what has happened

  • Immediate action must be taken to stop

the fire spreading.

5. in harmony with… : agreeing, matching

  • His tastes are in harmony with mine.
6 put an end to stop sth from happening any more
6. put an end to… : stop sth from happening any more


  • We must put an end to this foolish behavior.

7. Wipe out:

clean the inside of something by rubbing

it with a cloth.

  • Have you wiped out the bath after using it?
fill in blanks with words you have learnt in this unit
Fill in blanks with words you have learnt in this unit:

1.there is no other ____ . You must finfish the

work within two days.

2. You have stated your argument, but you

have given no reasons to _____ your argument.

3. He ____ the importance of protecting the water

resources in his speech at the Earth Summit.

fill in blanks with words you have learnt in this unit1
Fill in blanks with words you have learnt in this unit:

4. We hope that women will have true

__ of opportunity with men.

5. During the interview, the young man

asked about the job ___as a shop assistant.

  • Find out the useful expressions

and take notes.

  • Listen and read the text as more

as you can. Remember:

practice makes perfect!