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Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

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Chicago Coalition for the Homeless - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. Tatiana Goncalves Kristina Johnson Lizbeth Silva Bryan Wood. The company. Non-profit organization based in Chicago, IL Advocate, prevent, and end homelessness in Chicago and rest of Illinois

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Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

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chicago coalition for the homeless

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Tatiana Goncalves

Kristina Johnson

Lizbeth Silva

Bryan Wood

the company
The company
  • Non-profit organization based in Chicago, IL
  • Advocate, prevent, and end homelessness in Chicago and rest of Illinois
  • Advocate public policies & execute strategic campaigns and community outreach
  • Outreach to more than 30 shelters and 4,500 people through street programs
  • Rated 4 Star Charity by Charity Navigator
  • Can be found on Facebook and Twitter or on website

Since 1980, the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) has had mission:

“We organize and advocate to prevent and end homelessness, because we believe housing is a human right in a just society.”

e thics social responsibility commitment
Ethics/social responsibility commitment
  • Commits to social responsibility of betterment of people in poverty
  • Dedicated to fighting homelessness
  • Works for community justice and are changing the face of homelessness by speaking to people of all ages, religions, and economic levels
personnel involved in the marketing effort
Personnel involved in the marketing effort
  • Over 25 Board of Directors that oversee the organization as a whole
  • Regular staff members
    • - administration, development, community organizing, advocacy and public policy, law, and support
  • In 2014, 16 interns from various institutions to promote CCH’s effort
market demographics
Market demographics
  • Low-income individuals and families consist of 60% of housing needs
      • - “Nearly two-thirds of people suffering from homelessness are individuals and the other third are people in families”
  • In Chicago, African Americans consist of 78.1% of homeless population
  • Based on findings, our targeted user would be low-income, African American individuals in Chicago area.
market needs
Market Needs
  • Chicago Coalition for the Homeless works to provide people in poverty with basic needs such as food, shelter, and work.
  • Major services in this industry include providing temporary and transitional housing for the homeless
market trends
Market trends
  • Poverty rate
      • -Increase in poverty will increase demand for housing services
  • National unemployment rate
      • -Unemployment usually leads to decrease in income, making housing less affordable
  • Federal funding
      • -Affect revenue
  • Per capita disposable income
      • -Increase in disposable income will decrease demand
      • for housing services because more likely to afford own
      • housing options
market growth size
Market growth & size
  • 2008-2009 recession caused industry growth
  • As economy recovers, market is declining as employment is slowly increasing
  • IBISWorld forecasts continued demand through 2018 and expects revenue increase at average annual rate of 0.7% to reach $12.7 billion in 2018
key success factors
Key Success Factors
  • Provide goods/services in diverse locations in Chicago communities
  • Access secure revenue
  • Integrated operation to improve logistics and administration
  • FUNDING-more funding, ability to help more homeless
proposed new service offering
Proposed New Service Offering

Online personal profile for homeless individuals and families

- feature story and picture

- direct link to donate to specific person or family

- separate secure accounts for funding

Marketing position

- heart felt marketing to solicit donations

- advertising on social media sites and mobile devices

Sweepstakes rewards

- every $25 donated, donors name entered into monthly drawing for a prize or cash reward


- increase contributions by $400,000 in first year

- total contributions over $2 million/year

- as many people to affordable housing as possible

within the profile
Within The Profile
  • Picture of the person or family in need.
  • Background information.
  • Fundraising goal.
  • Reasoning for why they are struggling.
  • Skills and future plans.
  • Multiple donation buttons throughout the profile.
how we plan to reach our target audiences
How we plan to reach our target audiences
  • Use multiple social media platforms.
  • Heartfelt marketing to encourage donations.
  • Paid advertising in order to spread the word.
  • Encouraging donations by offering sweepstakes.
  • Posters posted throughout Chicago with a QR code to access our website.
  • Giving our homeless individuals or families business cards with the direct profile QR codes to pass out.
donation information
Donation Information
  • Money will go to individuals or families directly instead of going into the organizations account.
  • Profiles will let donors know exactly what the donor is using the money for.
  • Donors will be able to see the direct impact of their donations.
  • When fundraising goals are achieved, profiles will be updated to let donors know how that individual is succeeding.
  • Donations will be held in secure accounts allowing only appropriate usage of money for the individual or family.
benefits of our new service
Benefits of Our New Service
  • Increased donations.
  • A more well known organization.
  • Social responsibility taken to the next level.
  • More comfortable donating.
  • Increased awareness of the homeless situation.
  • A way to give back to donors.