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Service Oriented Architecture E-Gov Conference PowerPoint Presentation
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Service Oriented Architecture E-Gov Conference

Service Oriented Architecture E-Gov Conference

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Service Oriented Architecture E-Gov Conference

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  1. Service Oriented Architecture E-Gov Conference May 23-24, 2006 Phil Cooke, Vice President, Federal and Southeast Kash Badami, Senior Systems Engineer

  2. Agenda • Getting to SOA is complex • An innovative approach to SOA enablement • Kapow’s unique business value • Demonstrations

  3. Service Oriented Architecture Enablement • SOA is an architectural style that supports service orientation - The Open Group • How does Kapow accelerate Service Orientation: • Visual point and click development and transformation environment • Leverages existing web front ends on legacy applications • Seemless deployment to existing enterprise architecture environment • Wizard-based transformation of existing systems into services • Leverages existing application platforms, middleware, portal, CMS, IDE, etc.

  4. An Innovative Approach to SOA Enablement RoboSuite Internal Systems Web Sites or Applications UI Corporate Portal Enterprise Application CMS Database Integration Middleware Web UI Presentation Web Robots API SOA Web Service API Function Web Service Data Database SQL Data Integration Points

  5. Business Benefits of SOA Enablement • Speeds time-to-market • Avoid the complexity common in traditional data and application integration projects • Our unique approach enables more applications to be delivered with the same investment • Build powerful integrations at lower risk • No coding and quick incremental deployment • Leverage investment in existing applications • Lowers development and deployment costs • Point & click visual dev environment • Tightly integrated with portal and CMS architectures • Leverage existing IT investments • Complements your existing application platforms, middleware, portal, CMS and IDE • Open, standards-based – consumes and creates web services, portlets, Java objects, MS.NET, etc. • An enterprise-class solution • SOA enabler of existing apps in a fraction of the time Lower Cost Application Presentation Logic HTML API Application Logic Web Service Data Database SQL Increasing Cost And difficulty

  6. Kapow Drives Dramatic Business Results Faster time-to-market Intel used Kapow to migrate content from legacy web sites into new customer information system in less than 10% the total time Lowers cost of development and deployment Visa used Kapow and Attachmate/WRQ to reduce project cost by 80% and development time from 36 months to 6 months Unique, powerful applications ChoicePoint has developed over 500 robots each with its own business rules, data structures, etc. and has enabled them to completely transform its data collection processes Leverage Existing Investments Audi used Kapow to dramatically expand functionality on its IBM WebSphere-powered corporate intranet and extend it to mobile devices Enterprise-class solution Deutsche Post / DHL used Kapow to integrate 28 separate web applications into a unified enterprise-wide customer portal