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Essay Feedback

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Essay Feedback
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Essay Feedback

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  1. Essay Feedback Easy things to fix! New line for evidence (with quotation marks) There, They’re and Their! Capital letters.

  2. Essay Feedback Slightly harder things to fix! Analysis Retelling the story.

  3. Analysis involves the deconstruction, or breaking down, of a text to reveal: • its individually effective parts • how these parts work and how they contribute to the whole • its writer's methods used to create particular effects • the reasons why the writer wanted to create these effects.

  4. You must avoid giving a simple description of what happens in the text (i.e. retelling its story). Instead, focus on working out and discussing the messages 'behind' the text and aim to show how these messages are created, developed and revealed through, for example, aspects of the writer's uses of form, structure and style.

  5. In your comment; explain how the quotation you have chosen helped you develop your overall point of view. This means showing how the text - its language, structure and style - led you to your interpretation of it. This means discussing the writer's methods, effects and purposes.

  6. Many students fail to do this because they... tell what the writer 'says' by giving a description or a kind of 'translation' of the writer's words into their own version ('rewriting' rather than interpreting the text).

  7. Retelling the story “the conch exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist.” (quotation) Here we can see that the conch is destroyed when Piggy dies.

  8. Analysis When the conch is smashed during Piggy’s murder it is very significant. The conch symbolises power and democracy and it’s state represents the status of social order. Throughout the novel the conch loses power and the colour of the conch fades to show this. At this point when the conch is broken it represents the fact that the boy’s society is completely broken too. There will be no more democracy from this point, only Jack and his tyranny.

  9. Description “don’t you want to be rescued? All you talk about is pig, pig, pig.” (quotation) Here we can see the differences between Ralph and Jack. Ralph wants to be rescued but Jack only wants to hunt.

  10. Analysis The differences between Ralph and Jack become more apparent as their priorities on the island become clear. Ralph wants to create a society on the island and is concerned with building shelters and keeping the fire going. His main goal is t be rescued. Golding uses the character of Ralph to represent the civilized nature within people. In contrast to Ralph and his civilized needs Golding creates the character of Jack, whose priorities are hunting and killing. Jack represents the primal or animalistic nature within us all.

  11. Task 1 Describe the following quotation from Lord of the Flies. “Bollocks to the rules! We’re strong – we hunt”

  12. Description “Bollocks to the rules! We’re strong – we hunt” This is Jack telling Ralph that he does not care about the rules anymore as he has his own tribe and they do what he asks.

  13. Task 2 Analyse the same quotation “Bollocks to the rules! We’re strong – we hunt”

  14. Analysis “Bollocks to the rules! We’re strong – we hunt” This shows that Jack does not need to follow rules anymore, they are not important to him, and his tribe. This highlights the key differences between the two boys characters, while Ralph tries hard to create a civilised society Jack is concerned with hunting and savagery. This is important as Ralph will be the last boy to become savage and he is ultimately hunted by Jack and his tribe who represent the evil within people.

  15. Task 3 Choose another 2 quotations from Lord of the Flies and first write a description followed by a detailed analysis. You could choose two from your essay.