dicom and iso tc215
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DICOM and ISO/TC215 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DICOM and ISO/TC215. Hidenori Shinoda Charles Parisot. Scope of ISO/TC215. Formed in January, 1998

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dicom and iso tc215


Hidenori Shinoda

Charles Parisot

scope of iso tc215
Scope of ISO/TC215
  • Formed in January, 1998
  • Standardization in the field of information for health, and Health Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to achieve compatibility and interoperability between independent systems. Also, to ensure compatibility of data for comparative statistical purposes (e.g. classifications), and to reduce duplication of effort and redundancies.


WG1: Health records and modeling coordination

WG 2: Messaging and communication

Direct Liaison with DICOM Strategic Committee

WG 3: Health concept representation

WG 4: Security

WG 5: Health cards

AHGs: Consumer Policies


Mobile Health

what iso tc215 would try to cover
What ISO/TC215 would try to cover?





Country Border










wg1 health records and modeling coordination
WG1: Health records and modeling coordination
  • Scope
    • Standards for the Trusted Management of Information Concerning Health and Healthcare Process
    • Health Record Standards
    • Health Information Modeling
  • Current Work Items
    • Country Identifier Mechanism in Healthcare
    • Requirements for an Electronic Healthcare Record Reference Architecture
    • Health Indicators Conceptual Framework
wg2 messaging and communication
WG2: Messaging and Communication
  • Scope of Effort Defined in:
    • A General Statement of the Types of Standards to Be Considered
    • The Specific Domains of Activity
    • A Set of Additional Tasks or Working Principles that Will Guide the Effort
  • Specific Domains
    • Clinical Messaging
    • Medical Device Communication
    • Business and Financial Messaging
  • Current Work Items
    • Point-of-Care Medical Device Communication Related Items
    • Method for the Development of Messages
    • Key Characteristics for Interoperability and Compatibility in Messaging and Communication Standards
wg3 health concept representation
WG3: Health Concept Representation
  • Scope
    • Standards for the Representation of Health Concepts
      • Formal Models of Representation and Description of Health Concepts
      • Principles of their Organization within Terminologies and their Related Systems
      • Issues Concerning the Context of their Use in Electronic Health Record
  • Current Work Items
    • Vocabulary on Terminological Systems
    • Controlled Health Vocabularies – Vocabulary Structure & High-Level Quality Indicators
    • Integration of a Reference Terminology Model for Nursing
wg4 security
WG4: Security
  • Scope
    • Technical Measures to Protect and Enhance the Confidentiality, Availability, and Integrity of Health Information
    • Accountability for Users
    • Guidelines for Security Management in Healthcare
  • Current Work Items
    • Public Key Infrastructure
    • Directory Services for Security for Communications and Identification of Professional and Patient
    • Security requirements for Archiving and Backup – Archiving of Health Record
wg5 health cards
WG5: Health Cards
  • Scope
    • Healthcare Usage of Machine Readable Cards
    • Technology Independent Data Structures Leading to Interoperability and Compatibility
    • Identification for Patients and Healthcare Providers
    • Patient Data Cards to Convey Healthcare Data Set
  • Current Work Items
    • Patient Healthcare Data
    • Health Cards – General Characteristics
    • Machine Readable Cards – Health Care Applications – Numbering System and Registration Procedure for Issuer Identifiers
brief history of interaction between dicom and iso tc215
Brief History of Interaction between DICOM and ISO/TC215
  • TC215 decided not to establish an imaging WG at Berlin meeting in 1999.
  • ISO/TC 215 established a peer liaison with DICOM
  • Close cooperation established and now have a yearly joint meeting between DICOM WG10 and TC 215 WG2
  • DICOM has agreed to respond to TC215's interest to standardize the means for referring images from EPRs.
pilot project s
Pilot Projects
  • DICOM and ISO agreed to begin a pilot project to attain an ISO status to DICOM standard.
  • ISO has a process of approving standards developed by the third standard development organizations (SDOs) as ISO standards.
  • IEEE already started to use this process for Point-of-Care devices. HL7 started this pilot process for gaining ISO standard status for HL7 V2.4.
next steps
Next Steps
  • DICOM plans to:
    • negotiate with ISO/TMB (Technical Management Board) to start the pilot project,
    • obtain approval of DICOM 2002 by ISO/TC215
    • also discuss an specification for referring medical images in EPR.
  • ISO/TC 215’s main role is to facilitate the consolidation of existing standardization efforts such as IEEE, CEN, HL7 and DICOM
  • DICOM has a responsibility of developing international Medical Imaging and Communications Standards and jointly harmonizing them with other healthcare standards with TC215.