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Chorleywood Cricket Club

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Chorleywood Cricket Club. Long Term Objectives and our Development Plan. Presentation to Members at 2007 AGM – 8 th November 2007. The Clubs Mission and Vision (as declared in the 2007 Development Plan).

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Chorleywood Cricket Club

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chorleywood cricket club

Chorleywood Cricket Club

Long Term Objectives and our Development Plan

Presentation to Members at 2007 AGM – 8th November 2007

the clubs mission and vision as declared in the 2007 development plan
The Clubs Mission and Vision (as declared in the 2007 Development Plan)
  • Chorleywood Cricket Club will strive to provide great cricket and social opportunities for all its members, in an outstanding environment, supported by excellent facilities with which its members and the local community can be justifiably proud
  • In short, our Vision is to achieve a sustainable quality growth in our cricket, facilities and members
chorleywood cricket clubs long term objectives
Chorleywood Cricket Clubs Long-term Objectives
  • To play cricket at the highest level
  • Youth development
  • Community development
  • Sustainable future growth
why and what do we need to change
Why and What do we need to change?
  • We need substantial changes to our facilities
  • Clubmark – requires us have an annually reviewed development plan
  • Clubmark gives us best chance for grants from ECB
  • The ECB Model Development Plan showed us areas needing improvement e.g. coaching initiatives, school partnerships etc.
  • Members are needed to strengthen these and other areas of Club activity
  • Currently Club tasks get done casually or not at all
  • A small involvement is needed from many more members mostly at their own convenience
  • We would like to establish a bottom-up culture with Teams who work OFF as well as ON the field of play!

We want to CHANGE from

a LITTLE who do a LOTto a

LOT who do a LITTLE

how do we achieve these changes
How do we achieve these changes?
  • A new organisation with informal teams of Action Groups (AGs), of 2-10 members with agreed leaders
  • Members involved in one or more AGs as they wish, using their individual strengths in different areas
  • We elect Action Group Area Chairmen for Cricket, Facility and Membership Operations, and Club Development and Funding
  • We establish an Executive Committee consisting of the three standard Officers, the Area Chairmen, the Welfare and Colts Leaders
  • We try to have all elected positions with nominated deputies

Executive Committee

Club Chairman, Club Treasurer

Club Secretary, Cordinating Chairmen,

Welfare Officer, Colts Chairman

Functional Areas

1. Cricket & Cricket Development

2. Facilities Operations

3. Membership Operations

4. Development

& Funding

4.1 Facilities



3.1 Membership Administration

2.1 Pavilion

1.2 Coaches & JDD

4.2 Annual Clubmark & Development Planning

Action Groups

2.2 Ground and Equipment

3.2 Club Welfare

1.3 Colts/Youth Cricket

4.3 50-Club & Fund Raising

2.3 Bar Management

3.3 Communications

and Publicity

1.4 Leagues and Fixtures

4.4 Sponsorship opportunities

1.5 Strollers

4.5 Fund Raising Event Planning


Executive Committee

Club Chairman, Club Treasurer

Club Secretary, Cordinating Chairmen,

Welfare Officer, Colts Chairman

Coordinating Chairmen


Simon Dare

3. Membership Operations

Brian Mulholland

2. Facilities Operations


4. Development & Funding??

4.1 Facilities Development

Denys Downing

3.1 Membership Admin

Brian Mulholland


Ryan Hodgkinson

2.1 Pavilion


1.2 Coaches

Steve Dunning

4.2 Clubmark & Annual Development Planning

Owen Edis

2.2 Ground & Equipment

Mick Rose

3.2 Club WelfareHelen Smithson

Action Group Team Leaders

1.3 Colts/Youth Cricket

Patrick Ryan

4.3 50-Club & Fund Raising Peter Smithson

2.3 Bar Andy Orange

3.3 PublicityOwen Edis

1.4 Leagues & Fixtures

Nick Rice

4.4 Sponsorship


1.5 Strollers

Adam Smethhurst

4.4 Fund Raising Event Planning



We are now focused on all Important aspects of our Clubs development over the next 12 months in Cricket, Youth, Community, and Sustainability

Change can only be through people, and their support for the Club.

We can only do what has to be done and achieve our goals with your involvement.

 Let’s Do It Together


If you are not already involved

in one or more Action groups,

please do not leave today

without letting me know

where you feel most able to contribute