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The Distant Past

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The Distant Past. Archaeology. Do Now. Take out your vocabulary sheets. What is archaeology ? Why might people who do this for a living be careful in their work? (Hint: turn to page 9 of your textbook to look at archeology). Chapter Objectives.

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the distant past

The Distant Past


do now
Do Now

Take out your vocabulary sheets.

What is archaeology? Why might people who do this for a living be

careful in their work?

(Hint: turn to page 9 of your

textbook to look at archeology)

chapter objectives
Chapter Objectives

In this chapter, you will discover ways in which scientists study the lives of early humans.

You will learn how early humans depended on each other and their environment for survival.

essential question
Essential Question

How do people today learn about the distant past?


Studies things earlier people left behind, such as campsites, shelters, other buildings

Artifact examples: art, clothing, pottery, tools, weapons

Fossil examples: animals and humans

Research leads to theories


Scientists excavate archaeological sites by digging up artifacts and fossils.

radiocarbon dating
Radiocarbon Dating

Tells how much carbon remains in something that was once alive.


Write the significance of each of the following tools an archaeologist uses:





Radiocarbon Dating

wrap up
Wrap Up

List 3 things that you learned today about archaeology