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The past ...
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  1. And The Present ..... The past ... Of Photography.... By Shani O’Connell

  2. Cecil Beaton.... Background Information...... • Cecil Beaton was an English fashion and portrait photographer, as well as an interior designer. • He is an Academy Award Winner for ‘Stage’ and ‘costume designer for films and theatre’. • Beaton learnt the professional art of photography at the studio of Paul Tanqueray. • In 1927 Beaton was given the opportunity to work with vogue, who took him on regularly. • Beaton is best known for his fashion photography as well as his society portraits. He worked for ‘Vanity Fair’ and ‘Vogue’ in addition to taking photos of celebrities in Hollywood. Cecil Beaton was born January 14th 1904 and died January 18th 1980. • His first ever camera was a Kodak 3A folding camera. However over the course of his career he used large format cameras and smaller rolleiflex cameras.

  3. Beaton’s Work and Techniques...... • During the second world war, Beaton was posted for ministry of information. He was given the task of collecting images from the front line. During the assignment he captured one of the most memorable images of British suffering. This image was on a three year old girl called Eileen Dunne who was injured during the blitz. The image was of her recovering in hospital clutching her teddy bear. This image was then released into the paper over Britain, the American press then got sight of it and plastered it all over the US media, this is one of the images that encouraged American civilians to push there government into helping Britain in there hour of need. • Beaton often photographed The Royal Family for official publication. • He took the famous wedding photos of the Duke and Duchess Of Windsor. • Beaton influenced high profile photographers in his era, including Angus McBean. McBean worked post war, his work was clearly influenced by Beaton. • Beaton is a fashion photographer so focuses on capturing the art of the fashion and the models wearing it. Aged 3, Eileen Dunne • Most of Cecil Beaton’s pictures are in Black and White. • When photographing portraits Beaton focus on space and light to ensure he can get the best picture possible.

  4. A few Images of Beaton’s Work Twiggy Queen Elizabeth II Marilyn Monroe

  5. Pascal Molliere..... Background information... • Pascal Molliere is a London photographer, who mainly focus’s on portraits and headshots. He also does still shots for theatre and film. • Molliere’s first ever camera was a Nikon D70 and progressed onwards from this. • He is currently looking to open his own studio. • He has done work for ‘The Nation Gallery’ and is currently doing work with ‘The Royal Shakespeare Company’. • Pascal Molliere was born July 10th 1966 • When Pascal Molliere was young he started taking pictures and developed a fascination for photography. His father was an apprenticeship photographer in Paris before moving to include, and before that his grandfather was a street photographer along the beach front in Brittany, France. So photography has been in the family a while.

  6. Molliere's Work and Techniques..... • Molliere’s main love is for black and white images as well as arty shots, he has an eye for beauty, style and composition. • Pascal Molliere works with actors to take their headshots. A headshot is a very important thing in a celebrity world. • Molliere has worked with well many well known actors and many productions in the West End. Also some screen actors from TV shows like Hollyoaks and Eastenders. • He has worked with people such as, Dame Judi Dench, Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. • Pascal Molliere shoots front of house stills for many West End theatres including, ‘The Fortune Theatre’ ‘The Novello Theatre’ ‘The MacOwen Theatre’ and many other in and out of London. • Molliere did some training with John Haynes, initially a photographer at ‘The Times’. Haynes is one of London’s most well known theatre photographers.

  7. A Few Images of Molliere’s Work