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siddhartha gautama n.
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Siddhartha Gautama

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Siddhartha Gautama

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  1. Siddhartha Gautama Aims To chart the story of a Buddhist leader. To explore the implications of this story.

  2. Siddhartha Gautama was born in Northern India. He was born to a King and Queen. He grew up in a loving, happy environment. His father gave him his own palace, with all the servants he needed. Siddhartha was having a really good life!

  3. The King wanted his son to not see any pain so he stopped him from going into the city. He wanted to keep his son secure and live the happiest life possible. This could have been because Siddhartha’s mum died when he was young and the King did not want his son to see suffering.

  4. One day, Siddhartha asked Channa, the man who drove the King’s chariot to take him into the city. At first, Channa said “no”. However, after some persuasion, Channa took Siddhartha.

  5. On his first visit, Siddhartha saw an old man. He asked Channa what was wrong with him. Channa said, “He is old. One day we shall all be like him, both prince and ordinary people.”

  6. Then Siddhartha saw an ill man at the side of a road. Channa told him that illness happens to everybody and we could not escape it.

  7. Then Siddhartha saw a dead man on the side of a road. Siddhartha was shocked but also confused as to why his father had hidden these truths from him.

  8. Siddhartha was really confused now. However, he now saw a bald man, carrying a bowl and wearing a simple robe ( An Ascetic). Channa told him that this man was a holy man and he had given up everything for the cause of truth.

  9. Siddhartha was inspired and when he returned to the palace, he decided to give up all his luxuries. He decided to leave the palace in search for that truth which his father had stopped him from seeing.

  10. Siddhartha now spent his time thinking and meditating. He wanted to clear his mind. At the age of 35, Siddhartha found enlightenment. This means “awoken one”. It is the idea of complete peacefulness. This is where the name Buddha comes from.

  11. Task An A4 piece of paper, you are going to create a storyboard of Siddhartha Gautama’s life. You need to break the story down into 6 boxes.