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My Self Esteem PowerPoint Presentation
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My Self Esteem

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My Self Esteem - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Self Esteem
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  1. My Self Esteem Sara Riley

  2. Strengths and Weaknesses Education: Strong Work: Strong Friends: Normal Family: Very Strong Physical Self: Normal Emotional Self: Normal Strengths/Talents: Normal Spiritual Self: Strong Personality: Normal • Some things that need work: Shyness and public speaking

  3. What my Friends would describe me as: Humorous Laidback Creative What do I like best about myself?: My sense of Humor Most positive message my parents told me: Don’t care what everyone else thinks; be your own person

  4. Self Esteem Evaluation My overall score: 117 • My positive outlook on life I think is what majorly contributed to my score

  5. Masking low self esteem I don’t normally mask my low self esteem, instead I talk with my mom or friends when I'm feeling down Usually, I have low self esteem if I am tired and don’t feel like talking to anyone that day

  6. Who am I? • What are three words that describe you? • I am humorous, laidback, creative • How would you describe your current level of self esteem? • Moderate • What factors in your life have contributed to your self esteem? • How my parents raised me and what they told me when I was younger • What was the most positive message your parents gave you? • Be yourself and not care what others think

  7. Self Improvements • If I could improve three things about me: • Increase my fitness • Visit weight room 3 times a week to build up strength and run after school • 2. Take risks • Join in on class discussions and share my opinion • 3. Public speaking ability • Take a speech class and become more comfortable speaking in front of classmates

  8. NEGATIVE Attitudes Life: Positive outlook Job: Don’t have a job School: Happy with school Friends: Happy and confident with friends Opposite Sex: I avoid guys Family: I LOVE my family School Mates: Could be a little more talkative around classmates Myself: I like who I am Society: I don’t really like society

  9. Myself • Traits and Qualities I like about myself My moral values Cheerful Sense of humor Modest Good Grades Respectful Healthy Honest

  10. Taking Action • Three things I can do to raise my self esteem: Take risks Express myself more Exercise • Quote      You'll always miss 100% of the shots you don't take.  ~Wayne Gretzky

  11. Affirmation • I am an amazingly good person and can overcome any challenge or obstacle that comes my way

  12. Letting Go • I want to let go off all the stupid things I’ve ever done • I want to let go of all the hurtful things others have said to me or that I have said to others