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self esteem n.
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  1. Self-Esteem By Meghan Williams

  2. Second GradeLesson Overview • Define self-esteem as a class. • Talk about why it is so important. • Learn ways to boost your self-esteem. • Read It’s Okay to Be Different. • Class creates a word wall. • Create a self portrait. • Share art.

  3. Materials Needed • Sketch Book/Paper • Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils • Word Wall (Chalkboard, Poster Board, Bulletin Board, Computer)

  4. What is self-esteem? • How important you think that you are. • How you feel about yourself and the things that you do.

  5. What’s so important about self-esteem? • High self-esteem allows you to be proud of yourself at all times. • It allows you to recover after you make a mistake. You won’t be too scared to try again. • You will be able to make your own decisions. • It makes you believe in yourself enough to try new things.

  6. How can you boost your self- esteem? • Try your best at everything that you do. • Think about all of the things you are good at. • Love yourself just the way that you are. • Remember that you cannot fix everything. • If you start to doubt yourself, stop. • Compliment yourself at least once a day. • Example: I was a good friend today.

  7. It’s Okay to Be Different •

  8. Word Wall

  9. Activity Time! • Draw a picture that shows how you see yourself. • Use four words to describe yourself positively. • Use your own words or words that we came up with as a class.

  10. Positive Power
An Upbeat Motivational Song
Jack Hartmann If the road is long and its turns and winds
I’ll just keep on walking, I’ve just got to try
If the river is wide and the water is rough
I’ll just keep on swimming, I won’t ever give upAnd if the rain falls down and the sun won’t shine
I’ll just keep on searching for that rainbow of mine
And if the mountain is high and the mountain is tough
I’ll just keep on climbing til I make it to the topI know I can do it, got to go and try
Feel that I can make it, reach up for the sky
I’ve got power (echo), power (echo), 
I’ve got positve (echo), positve (echo) power

You’ve got power inside of you and there’s so much that you can do
Think and feel, learn and choose, make new friends and tell the truth
Laugh and play, dream and share, tell someone how much you care
There’s so much that you can do , you’ve got power inside of youNow let’s sing, I can do it (echo), I can do it (echo)
Power, I’ve got power, I can make (echo), I can make it (echo)
Power, I’ve got power, I can do it (echo), I can do it (echo)
Power, I’ve got power

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