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Physical Education In-Service

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Physical Education In-Service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Physical Education In-Service
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  1. Physical Education In-Service October 2013 Hilltop High School Kim Butler

  2. Agenda • Housekeeping • Fitnessgram Benchmarks • New District Fitness Plans • Promising Practices Share Out • Middle/High Meetings • Play60 Roll Out

  3. Housekeeping • Hello and welcome to Hilltop High School! Thank you for coming to our site for the district physical education in-service. • Meeting today in rooms 301 (high school) and room 302 (middle school). • Don’t forget to sign in! • Mr. Rolando Enriquez will be available to help with login or other computer challenges. (Use your Sweetwater Login to access the computers, see Rolando for iPad logins). • At 10:00 we will transition to the gym for the Play60 informational roll-out. • Free to return to your site after the meeting today.

  4. Fitnessgram: Options to Challenge your Students • President’s Challenge: • Traditional Fitnessgram (California’s benchmark test to waive out of PE) ~ 38th percentile. Failure = “at risk of sedentary lifestyle disease”. Does not mean student is fit or healthy if pass at 38th percentile. • National Fitness Award = 50th percentile for all 5 categories. • Presidential Fitness Award at or above 85th percentile for all 5 categories. • Awards include patches and/or certificates. Ideas how to receive funding for awards?

  5. Fitness Plans Revised for 2013 • Updated fitness plans based on feedback from CIA meetings. • Two options: traditional word document with web URLs provided for students to enrich experience (but not required) and fully online and interactive project. • Content and standards the same for both fitness plans. • Grading rubric the same for both fitness plans.

  6. Traditional Word Document District Fitness Plans Pros Cons Wastes paper: 11 pages per copy. Not challenging for students who have strong computer skills and or curiosity about subject. Not able to differentiate for students as can with the online project. Hard for students with special needs (a packet with limited pictures can be problematic). Not good use of iPads or inline with higher order thinking skill development. • Teachers and students familiar with this type of project. • Individual project for students (work at own pace). • Teachers don’t need computer experience to explain the project. • Students do not need internet access to complete the project.

  7. WebQuest District Fitness Plan Pros Cons Teachers and students need a basic comfort level with PowerPoint, Word and the Internet. Need access to computers (high school) and internet. A learning curve for transitioning from teacher directed instruction to computer supported instruction. There will be glitches as this is the first run through…let Kim know when you come across them. • Fun and highly interactive for students. • Students create a project they will present which involves creative and higher order thinking. Holds students accountable. • Able to differentiate. Pictures and graphics more suitable to students with special needs. • Students can easily work at home. • Possible to complete project with no papers printed.

  8. Fitness Plan Links: Traditional Fitness Plans Web Based Fitness Plans 7th Grade Fitness Plan WebQuest 8th Grade Fitness Plan WebQuest HSCI Fitness Plan WebQuest HSCII Fitness Plan Webquest • 7th Grade Fitness Plan (word doc) • 8th Grade Fitness Plan (word doc) • HSCI Fitness Plan (word doc) • HSCII Fitness Plan Doc

  9. Fitness Plans Review • The MyPlate and Supertracker sites are down due to the government funding issue. We expect these sites to be up soon…..If not, we have alternate sites we will load into the Fitness Plans. • Please…take a few minutes to explore the Fitness Plans. • Questions? Feedback….

  10. Promising Practices Share Out and Discussion • Please share a promising practice and/or activity you or your department has done so far this year that you would like to share out. • Take away: make a note of the promising practice shared out today that most gave you the “hmmm….I think we could do that at our school or I could do that with my classes….moment.” • Bonus: send the teacher who shared the promising practice that got you to think a “kudos” email.

  11. Middle and High School Meet Up Please meet with you’re your middle/high school counterparts and discuss curriculum strategies. • Discuss ways your two programs can work together and or get better in sync to help support student achievement of standards based instruction. • Sample topics: skill development for tumbling, dance, orienteering, track and field, racket sports and sport specific skills. • Take Away: Leave the discussion with a plan for improved skill development for at least one skill point for 7th/9th and one skill point for 8th/10th grade. • Bonus: Follow up with an email to your middle/high school counterpart to discuss strategies to improve this skill point.

  12. NFL Play 60 Roll Out • Information session regarding the NFL Play 60 Roll Out • Speakers from The American Heart Association and The Chargers • Meet in the gym at 10:00 • After the meeting, free to return to your school sites.