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Chinese Studies in North America Project Update Haihui Zhang March 27, 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chinese Studies in North America Project Update Haihui Zhang March 27, 2009. B ackground B ook Structure C hapter Contributors P rogress and Project Results. Background. Development of Chinese Studies in N. America -- Rapid development since 80s

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Chinese Studies in North AmericaProject Update

Haihui ZhangMarch 27, 2009

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Background Book StructureChapter ContributorsProgress and Project Results

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Development of Chinese Studies inN. America

-- Rapid development since 80s

-- Extended research disciplines and new


-- Significant research accomplishments

-- Key issues, puzzles, debates, and challenges

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Background (cont.)

Needs from Chinese scholars

-- Centers of Chinese studies abroad in


-- Publications on China studies abroad

-- Translations of English academic


-- Expectations for scholarly exchanges

and cooperation

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Background (cont.)

The project aims at:

-- conducting a comprehensive academic

review on Chinese studies in North America

on the past decades

-- assessing the scholarship of Chinese

studies in North America

-- discussing future trends

-- opening up academic cooperative


-- reviewing and presenting unique sources on

Chinese studies in N. America

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Book Structure

北美中国学研究 - 学术、教学与文献资源Chinese Studies in North America: Research, Teaching and Resources

Part one: Academic

Part two: Teaching and programs

Part three: Resources


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Book Structure (cont.)

How the structure is formed

-- literature review

-- faculty recommendations

-- cooperative opportunity between

scholars and librarians

-- publisher’s inputs

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Chapter Contributors

Editorial team

Haihui Zhang (University of Pittsburgh)

Zhaohui Xue (Stanford University)

Shuyong Jiang (University of Illinois at

Urbana Champaign)

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Chapter Contributor (cont.)

Preface one

Cho-yun Hsu, Professor Emeritus,

Department of History, U. of Pittsburgh

Preface two

Eugene Wu, Librarian Emeritus, Harvard-

Yenching Library, Harvard University

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Part one: Academic Anthropology Dru Gladney (Pacific Basin Institute,Pomona College)Art

- Art historyCary Liu (Princeton U.)

- Modern art Minglu Gao (U.of Pittsburgh)

China classics studiesDongfang Shao (Stanford U.)Drama Min Tian (U. of Iowa)Economics - Pre-modern Christopher Isett (U. of Minnesota)   - Modern and contemporary Thomas Rawski (U. of Pittsburgh)

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Education Xuelan Rong (U. of N. Carolina Chapel Hill)

History - Early ChinaPaul Goldin (U. of Penn) - Early Medieval ChinaCynthia Chennault (U. of Florida) - Tang studiesLu Yang (U. of Kansas) - Song and Yuan studiesHilde De Weerdt(U. of Oxford)

- Ming studies Martin Heijdra (Princeton U.)

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  • - Qing studiesEvelyn Rawski (U. of Pittsburgh)- 20th centuryWin-hsin Yeh (UC Berkeley) - City historyLiping Wang (U. of Minnesota)

  • Law

  • - Legal history of Qing and MinguoMatthewSommer (Stanford U.)

  • -Chinese law studiesWei Luo (Washington U.)

  • Linguistics Victor Mair (U. of Penn)

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Literature - Early ChinaMartin Kern (Princeton U.) - Middle periodTian Xiaofei (Harvard U.) - Song-Yuan Ron Egan (UCSB) - Ming-Qing Wilt Idema (Harvard U.) - Modern Wang Ban (Stanford U.)

Music Bell Yung (U. of Pittsburgh)

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Political science - China politicsWenfang Tang (U.of Pittsburgh) - China's foreign and security policiesDavid Shambaugh (George Washington U.)Religious studies- Buddhism Huaiyu Chen (Arizona State U.)

- Popular religion and DaoismShin-yi Chao(Rutgers U.)

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Science history Benjamin Elman (Princeton U.)Sociology Xueguang Zhou (Stanford U.)Women studiesLu Weijing (UCSD)

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Part two: Teaching and ProgramChinese language courses in U.S.T.C. Yao and K.T. Yao (U. of Hawaii)

Survey on Chinese studies programs in N. AmericaHong Xu (U. of Pittsburgh)

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Part three: Resources

A Short History of the Chinese Libraries in N. America

Tai-loi Ma (Princeton U.)

Resources on Buddhism studies in U.S.Chi-wah Chan (Yale U.)

Resources on Daoism studies in U.S.Li Wang (Brown U.)

Observation on Research and Resources of Modern Chinese Social,

Economic and Cultural History in North AmericaHong Cheng (UCLA)

An Overview of Research Resources in North America for Studies of

Modern and Contemporary Chinese historyYuan Zhou (U. of Chicago)

Resources on Ancient Asia History in N. AmericaXiaohe Ma (Harvard U.)

Study of China’s Minorities in North America: Survey of

Programs and Resources Grace Weirsma (Fairbank Center for

Chinese Studies, Harvard U.)

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Chinese Local History and Research Resources Zhijia Shen (U. of Washington)Resources on Chinese Immigration to N. AmericaLiren Zheng (Cornell U.)Review and Summary on Resources of Chinese Immigration to S. America

Xiuying Zou (U. of Pittsburgh)Guide to U.S. Resources on Missionaries in ChinaM .Y. Poon (Library of Congress) Materials on Chinese YWCA Held in N. AmericaSu Chen (U. of Minnesota)Resources on Chinese Women Studies in N. AmericaKaren Wei (U. of Illinois Urbana Champaign)Introduction to China Law Collections and Resources in the United States

Nongji Zhang (Harvard U.)

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A Content Analysis of Research on Chinese Education (1990-2007)Chengzhi Wang (Columbia U.)

Zao Liu(Texas A&M U.)Resources on History and Criticism of Chinese LiteratureShuyong Jiang (U.of Illinois Urbana Champaign)Chinese Linguistics in the United States: A Literature AnalysisPeter Zhou (UC Berkeley)Translation of Chinese Classic and Modern Literature in the USGuoqing Li (Ohio State U.)Independent Thought, Independent Camera, and Independent

Record-Chinese Independent Film and Its Collections in North America

Jim Cheng (UCSD)Resources on Chinese Art History in North AmericaMin Xu (Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY)

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Electronic Resources and Chinese Studies in North America: Application

and ImpactJidong Yang (U. of Michigan)Chinese Rare Book Project in Princeton UniversitySoren Edgren (Princeton U.)An Introduction to China Data Center and the Data Resources on

Population, Economy and Environment of ChinaShuming Bao (U. of Michigan)Scholarly Communications on Chinese Studies: An Analysis of English

Serial Publications 1977-2007 

Su Chen (U. of Minnesota)Chengzhi Wang (U. of Columbia)The Development of Chinese Studies in the U.S. in the Perspective

of Dissertation ResourcesTao Yang (Rutgers U.)

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Analysis of Reference Books on Chinese Studies in N. America Application Xian Wu (Cornell U.) Review on Two Publications about Chinese Studies Scholars

in N. AmericaHaihui Zhang (U. of Pittsburgh)Appendix:Zhaohui Xue (Stanford U.)Directory of Chinese studies institutes in N. AmericaList of academic journals for Chinese studies in N. America

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Progress and Project Results Application

One book

北美中国学研究: 学术、教学与


Chinese Studies in North America - Research, Teaching and Resources




Progress and project results cont l.jpg
Progress and Project Results (cont.) Application

Two related conferences




co-organized by

East Asian Library, University of Pittsburgh

Center for China Studies Abroad, Chinese Academy of Social Science

Center for Chinese Studies abroad, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Progress and project results cont24 l.jpg
Progress and Project Results (cont.) Application

北美中国学研究国际学术讨论会International Conference for Chinese Studies in North America

(Summer, 2010)


Center for Chinese Studies Abroad

East China Normal University


Asian Studies Center, University of Pittsburgh

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Thank You! Application 谢谢