art and society
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Art and Society

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Art and Society - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Art and Society. Europe After WWI. In one person’s lifetime…. Analyzing Art. Realism, Early Modernism or Late Modernism? rough dates? How does this painting reflect historical and ideological change?. Realism (Victorian Era). Gustave Courbet (1850) “A Burial at Ornans”.

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art and society

Art and Society

Europe After WWI

analyzing art
Analyzing Art
  • Realism, Early Modernism or Late Modernism? rough dates?
  • How does this painting reflect historical and ideological change?

(Victorian Era)

eilif peterssen 1889 the salmon fisher
Eilif Peterssen (1889)“The Salmon Fisher”
  • How does this painting reflect the thinking of the Victorian era during the realism period?
changes in the victorian age
Changes in the Victorian Age
  • Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
  • Strauss’ book about the Historical Jesus
  • Marx’s ideas about Communism

(and post-Impressionism)

monet grainstacks 1891
Monet: Grainstacks, 1891 
  • Part of a series of paintings – the same grainstacks were painted at different times of day to explore the use of lighting.
1. Realism, Early Modernism or Late Modernism? rough dates?2. How do these paintings reflect historical and ideological change?
post impressionism gauguin 1892
Post-ImpressionismGauguin 1892

“My canvases terrify me — the public will never accept them. They’re ugly in every respect…”

einstein s theory of relativity
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Video clip on time dilation

the 20 th century
The 20th Century
  • WWI in 1914
  • Communist Revolution in Russia, 1917

Political and Social Change

marcel duchamp the fountain 1917
Marcel Duchamp, The Fountain 1917

Raoul Hausmann, Untitled, undated

Theo van Doesburg Kleine Dada Soirée, 1922


Put paintings in order
  • Explain how these three paintings show a change in ideological thinking. Include:
    • time periods of each painting
    • brief definition of Victorian ideology
    • brief definition of modernist ideology
    • any historical events that influenced the ideological thinking shown in each painting
    • one piece of evidence from each painting that shows the ideological thinking